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Geechange Com Reviews (August) Is It Legit Or Not?

Geechange Com Reviews

Geechange Com Reviews (August) Is It Legit Or Not? >> The above article is about a website that sells gadgets, fashion apparels, tools and home decor items at the best prices, offering the best qualities.

Are you thinking of ordering home decor, fashion apparels, tools and gadgets online? There are various online stores that one can find in the United States that are a one-stop destination for all these items. Geechange com Reviews are one of them. 

There are various sites made every day for doing scams. But is one of them. Let’s find out in Geechange com Reviews.

Is Legit? is a one-stop destination where the user can find various products related to fashion, home decor, tools and gadgets. The website ships all over the world. Once the user scrolls down on the website, there is also a dedicated page for exchange and return.  

Though there are various doubts about the authenticity of the website, we have tried analyzing multiple aspects of the site to establish whether the website is credible in Geechange com reviews.

There are less than five products available on the site right now. It is too less a variety of shoppers. Also, the website doesn’t have dedicated sections for different types of products available. The domain name of the site is also pretty new and was purchased less than six months ago. All of this indeed raised a lot of suspicion on Geechange com reviews. 

We request our readers to go through the Geechange com reviews as we have analyzed various aspects of the website here.

What is

Based on the description provided on the website, Geechange is a small website that sells the best of gadgets, fashion apparels, tools as well as items of home decor.

The website claims to work 24 hours a day to provide the users with the latest products and the best of quality. The company claims it to be their motto to provide the users with the best of quality and the best of services. Geechange aims to become the online service leader and revolutionizing e-commerce. There are less than five products available on the website.

Once the user opens the site, there are three different sections dedicated to the home page, all products and contact us, respectively. Geechange com Reviews were made only 19 days ago, which is too less to judge. There are doubts about the authenticity of the website. 


  • Website: The website sells fashion apparels, gadgets, tools and home decor items.
  • Email:
  • Address: Not mentioned on the website.
  • Contact Number: (330) 366-6583
  • Returns/Exchange: Within 30 days of the purchase.
  • Shipping: All over the world.


  • Geechange has a dedicated page for returns and exchange.
  • The website has mentioned all the polices on their webpage.
  • The site is SSL Certified.


  • The domain name of the website was purchased only 19 days ago.
  • The site doesn’t have any variety.
  • There are no products available for home decor and fashion on the site as claimed.
  • The site is not user friendly.
  • Geechange doesn’t hold a strong social media presence.

Customer Reviews: 

We tried to find some authentic user reviews for the website on the internet that will help in establishing its credibility. However, we couldn’t find any. There is also no section available on the site where the users can post their reviews on the products that they might have brought. 

The website doesn’t have a strong social media presence that most websites have. A strong social media presence inevitably increases credibility and helps the site gain more business. There are also specific negative reviews of the website floating on the internet. Various users have claimed to received wrong products or nothing at all. 

Also, there is no address of the website mentioned that again raises doubts on the authenticity of Geechange com Reviews.

Final Verdict

Geechange com Reviews website was made less than six months ago. Scam sites usually do it. They purchase new domains and commit acts of fraud with them. 

The website was registered on 2020-07-17. It makes the user doubt its credibility.

Also, there are less than five products available on the website, which is too less a variety to shop from and is usually done by the sites that are not authentic.

We would advise our users to save themselves from being the victims of fraud. We would not recommend this website to our readers as shopping from such a site can cause the loss of money as well as personal information.

There are high chances of receiving counterfeit products or nothing at all as the user shops from such a website.

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  1. this is a fake company – no production has ever been shipped…check all the reviews on Facebook. Report to face book and get these crooks off the net

  2. have not heard from you i ordered a work table and cant even seem to contact you Am i going to get my table or not MC Sanchez camille29@valornet;com

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