Wpsic Invoice Scam (August) Read The Truth And Decide!

Wpsic Invoice Scam 2020

Wpsic Invoice Scam (August) Read The Truth And Decide! >> This article sheds light on the invoice scam and gets to know all ins and outs of this phishing scam.

With the development of the internet, we have blessed with some benefits that make it convenient and easy to access. But it has a hidden side that we need to consider, such as the scams. People need to be careful about the scams happening in the United States.  

Today, we have a Wpsic Invoice Scam that occurs through email, and it is essential to be aware of this scam. 

What is Wpsic Invoice Scam?

In simple words, there is a phishing scam related to WPS health solutions and WPS Health Insurance. This entire scam comes from an email that is As it has reported by a few customers, so they have attached a screenshot of the email sample as on the website.

Getting into the details, the email includes an encrypted message along with a link. The links comprise of the invoice document for saving purposes. Also, it has guided that the customer needs to sign in with the email address and follow the instructions.    

It is advisable not to reply to the email and delete it.    

How does this scam work?

  • A person calls from small businesses and says he or she belongs to WPS. 
  • The person asks about your information and wants to know the address and name. 
  • The caller claims are due on utility payment bill and subject to immediate disconnection.
  • They will further instruct you to buy either a credit card or money order and money pack card. 
  • The caller provides your phone number and told to inform them about the credit card number.   

How to protect against a phishing attack? 

To protect yourself from the invoice scams, you need to keep an eye over the email and consider some essential things. Let us take a peek at some things below.

  • Check out the tone, grammar as well as appropriate language for the sender. It makes a massive difference between the official one and the scammers. 
  • If the email sounds like it has translated with some tools from any foreign language.
  • If it involves any urgent or immediate actions, that mainly includes some financial transactions.
  • Please focus on the tone of the email to know whether it looks to be true. 
  • If the details require confidential or private requests. 
  • Suppose the email has sent from an address that is not usually used by the sender. Be aware of the “from” email as it may be fake. Never think that if it has received from a known address, then it is legal. 
  • If the email involves any international company or individuals.

Have you been scammed? 

If you have received any unsolicited email or invoice from a fake email address indicting Wpsic Invoice Scam, then pay great attention to the trademark, renewal invoice, and patent and contact the official website of WPS health insurance.   

We always encourage reporting scams to the respective authority through the report a scam page of the site. This will be helpful for other people and aware of them about the scams and disrupt scams whenever possible. Do not forget to include all the detail of the fraud from it has received, such as a snapshot of the email or screenshot.    

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