g7 Smartwatch Review [April] Shopping Here Is Risky or Not

G7 Smartwatch Review 2020 Smooth

G7 Smartwatch Review [April] Shopping Here Is Risky or Not? -> Searching for a watch that will help you and your old parents keep track of their health and heart-related ailments? Then you must read this post.

In today’s digital era, you can see a revolution in the watch-making industry. Every individual is familiar with the latest smartwatches. Are you familiar with G7 Smartwatch? G7 Smartwatch is more than a tech smartwatch as it plays music, counts your number of steps, shows time, and also do extraordinary things. G7 Smartwatch Reviews will help you to know about this latest tech smartwatch.

If you are reading this post, then you too like many others are wondering what the g7smart watch is. This g7 Smartwatch Review shall give an insight into the workings of this watch. 

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Smartwatches have become a rage and no longer are they un-affordable! The market is flooded with brands that are selling them for throwaway prices. So, what sets the g7 Smartwatch apart? The demand for the G7 smartwatch is high across the globe, and people who are living in the top countries like United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Singapore, Ireland, New Zealand, South Africa are buying this techwatch due to its standard features.

Read this post to the very end to find out! 

What is g7 Smartwatch? 

It like the name suggests a digital smartwatch brought to you by a European tech company that deals with health. The company claims the watch monitors your heart rate and give you alerts in case of an abnormality. 

This comes in handy if you are a long-time sufferer of heart-related ailments. Apart from this, the g7 Smartwatch promises to provide you with the generic things associated with smartwatches such as prompting you of the calls or notifications. 

The watch has a round dial with faux leather straps. These will go perfectly with any outfit giving you no reason not to wear it. Let’s find out the specifications of this watch. 

Specifications of the g7 Smartwatch

You do not need to be a tech-savvy individual to figure out how to use this watch. The points below shall give you some insight into what the watch shall provide you with. 

  • The g7 Smartwatch is battery operated so you can say goodbye to extensive amounts of time spent on charging the watch. It has a 380MAH Li-ion battery. 
  • The dial is about 1.3 inches in diameter. It ensures that you can easily read the information as well as a controlled touch. Did I mention that the display is HD? Well, yes, it is. 
  • It acts as a personal assistant that always encourages you to be on the move instead of sitting for long hours. 
  • It is water-resistant! This ensures that you can quickly wear it while swimming or taking a bath.  
  • This Smartwatch comes fitted with a pedometer that tracks the steps you take and even your fitness data. The display will pop up with your personal best record to keep you motivated. 
  • An ECG on the watch will monitor your heart rate as well as blood pressure 24/7. 
  • Like other smartwatches, the g7 too can be easily synced to your iOS or Android devices. 
  • The g7 watch will keep track of your sleep schedule. Sleep too plays a significant role to ensure perfect health. 
  • Now keep track of your calorie’s intake with the help of the g7 watch
  • It tells time and performs necessary activities associated with a usual watch.

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Why is G7 Smartwatch Better than Other Smartwatches?

No doubt! Smartwatches are in trend, but all the watches do not have extraordinary, and top-notch features like G7 Smartwatch and G7 Smartwatch Reviews is the proof.  You can find several smartwatches in the market that only allows controlling music, calls, videos, still when it comes to tracking health services, then G7 digital smartwatch comes on the top in the list of prominent and distinguished smartwatches.

The G7 tech smartwatch can count and track your calories, heart rate, and BP as well. The lithium-ion battery of this watch is durable. Feel free to read G7 Smartwatch Review and buy a valuable watch for yourself. Exclusive Offer 50% Discount is available for you.

What are the customers saying about the g7 Smartwatch? 

The official site of this digital Smartwatch boasts of some assuring reviews. However, there are no reviews available on any social media site or online! The brands editorial team gives these reviews I must add. 

Review 1- the person writes that they were very impressed with the build quality and price of the watch. 

Review 2- the person comments that it is the most stable watch that they have used and has the most accurate step counter.

We could possibly blame the missing reviews on the product is newly launched. So, if you have purchased the g7 Smartwatch then do share your experience in the comments below. 

Where to Buy G7 Smartwatch?

If you are a smartwatch lover and looking for the latest trendy digital smartwatches online, then this is a one-stop destination for you. You need to visit the official website. And you can also avail of huge discounts on G7 smartwatch. 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee is another offer for you. It’s time to change your lifestyle with a high-tech smartwatch.

According to the reviews research, it is found that the positive feedback has been recorded from the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Singapore, Ireland, New Zealand, South Africa. The users highly appreciated the quality and work functions of the G7 smartwatch. Limited Stock Available With Free Shipping now! Place your order soon!

They deliver worldwide, and the Smartwatch can be purchased off its official site. In case of queries and inquiries, you can reach out to them on the following customer care numbers.

The United States- +1 (347) 7081493

United Kingdom- + 44 (20) 36086701

Spain- +34 911988049

Make sure you give their shipping and return details a thorough read before making a purchase. 

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Final Verdict- 

The g7 watch sounds like a good purchase. It may seem like a scam because the site isn’t properly built, but if you look closely, it contains a DMCA protection or digital millennium copyright act. 

To conclude, the Smartwatch would make a good purchase as it promises to help keep track of your fitness and diet. Not just that it will monitor your heart rate and blood pressure. After reading the analysis, you can choose to or not make a purchase! If you want to walk or live with the latest technology, then try the G7 smartwatch and improve your health.


What is G7 Smartwatch?

The G7 smartwatch is one of the latest and revolutionary tech smartwatches made in Europe, which is well-known for its advanced and top-notch features.

Is the company provides any money-back guarantee or satisfaction guarantee?

Yes, the company provides 30-Day Money Back Guarantee & Satisfaction Guarantee as well.

How do G7 smartwatches work?

Install the app that comes with G7 smartwatch. Turn on your Bluetooth and synchronize your smartwatch with your smartphone.

Are cheap smartwatches good?

Most of the cheap smartwatches are of older versions thus don’t have the latest and advanced features. Buy G7 Smartwatch and Get up to 50% OFF.

What should I check before buying a digital smartwatch?

Firstly, confirm whether the smartwatch is working with your phone or not. Check whether your smartwatch has a heart rate sensor and GPS or not. Confirm the battery life of your watch.

15 thoughts on “g7 Smartwatch Review [April] Shopping Here Is Risky or Not

  1. I couldn’t tell you about its capabilities. I purchased a G7 Smartwatch 5 weeks ago and still have not received it. Calls to support are a joke. Recommend passing on this offer.

    1. Same here! I paid $185.00 and 30 days later, STILL NO WATCH! All the telephone numbers and email address’s are FAKE! People, DO NOT use this or any other website claiming to sell this watch or ANY other watch. This site and others similar are FAKE!!!

  2. I purchased a Pro G7 online from ecomerz. I think the price was $114. The model is Pacific 5 and it was made in January 2020, so it is the latest model. There are other sites that sell them, too, but be careful. The store mine came from is in Las Rosa, Madrid, Spain. I absolutely love it. I cannot believe how they got that much technology into such a small space. The phone works great, crystal clear. I figured out the setup myself because the manual is useless; it’s in 2 pt. type.
    However, a link to a good online manual can be obtained from ecomerz at support@ecomerzpro.net.

  3. I have received mine after waiting weeks for delivery. Its rubbish and I will try and return it. I don’t expect my return request to be successful after reading some of the feedback. Even the app that you are supposed to connect to has the worst feedback I have ever seen.

    1. We bought 3 from ecomerz. The BP, heart rate, and ECG features don’t really work even close to right at all. The camera functions don’t work either. One of them just totally stopped working at all the day after we got it. We are very disappointed.

  4. This website and any OTHER website claiming to sell a G7 smart watch or ANY other watch is FAKE people! Don’t fall prey to these EVIL BASTARDS. This website has a different name but it’s the same as the others. ALL fake!!! don’t buy anything from these ASSHOLES!!!!

  5. It took 6 weeks to get my watch because of the Covid 19 issue. I have used it a couple of days and am quite impressed. I was not able to link my phone yet. The instructions are a little lacking in detail. It appears that this is an excellent smart watch for the price.

  6. I have just received my smart watch after waiting many weeks. Instructions are a joke. took a day and a half to set it up and after one day it froze. have managed to unfreeze it but I have now got to go through the set up again. Battery life seems very poor. I paid for 2yrs warranty but if it goes wrong again I don’t suppose I will get any help from the customer service. The web site is not who it is advertising as.

  7. This watch is a piece of junk. After about 2 months wait (supposedly due to Covid-19) I received the watch. I charged it for the 70 minutes the poorly written manual suggested. As I went to setup the Bluetooth, I discovered that the watch language was in Spanish. I don’t speak Spanish. It turns out that the language will change to match your phone AFTER you set up the Bluetooth. It didn’t matter. By this time the watch had totally blacked out and wouldn’t restart. I charged it all night and the next morning I was able to start the watch. I set up the Bluetooth and everything seemed alright. I experimented with it for a while and found that the various functions appeared to work. The blood pressure reading was way off from actual. I decided to try the sleep monitor. Big mistake. I woke up the next morning with a dead watch and a sore hole in my wrist. The watch had died after about two hours. I charged the watch for several hours and it started up again. I wore it the rest of the day and all seemed well. In evening I took it off to charge it again and the sore on my wrist right under the watch was worse. The magnetic charging cord attaches under the watch and the bare charging pins are right against your arm while wearing the watch. I believe the watch discharges itself through my sweaty skin. I live in Florida! I charged the watch several hours again and put a sliver of electrical tape over the charging pins. I started it up and it immediately stopped. The screen was lit but the hands were not moving and I could not restart it. After about three hours, it turned off and I had to charge it again.

    The watch will have to be charged at least twice a day, maybe more if you want to use the sleep monitor. I used to charge my phone once a day. The companion app that came with the watch uses so much power that I now have to charge my phone twice a day. Remember, the life expectancy of a phone and watch depends on the frequency of charging. A typical watch battery is only guaranteed for about 500 charge cycles.

    My correspondence with the seller convinces me there will be no support (or refund). If I can’t get the watch to perform satisfactorily in a couple more days it will be thrown in the garbage and another life lesson learned.

  8. I ordered a SMART WATCH G-7 in early March 2020, at the cost of $109.00.
    This amount was charged to my American Express Card.
    Weeks later on March 31, ECOMERZPRO advised me by e-mail, of unspecified delivery delay.
    On April 2, 2020, I cancelled my order in return e-mail to ECOMERZPRO, as not happy with the unspecified delivery delay. No response from ECOMERZPRO.
    On April 6. I filed a dispute with AMERCAN Express, and told them that I cancelled the order with ECOMERZPRO. AM Express is investigating as of May 21, 2020.
    But here comes the scam. On or about April 25, 2020, a small package was by USPS. There was no information about the sender on the outside of the package. I opened it, including the box inside.
    A few minutes later I find a letter in the package from ECOMERZPRO
    informing me that the merchandise is not qualified for return, if opened. what a clever scam.

    I have attempted to contact ECOMERZPRO for return instructions, but finding anyone associated with the company was not possible.

    Next best thing was to look at the Smart Watch G-7, as long as it arrived inspite of the fact that I cancelled the order weeks ago.
    I found that the product received is not what I ordered.
    They advertised fine leather straps on the watch. But the watch came with a metal band that I could not adjust to my wrist.
    Very uncomfortable on top of it.
    Next I wanted to see how the watch functions.
    The complex user manual print is so tiny that could not make it out with a standard magnifying glass.
    I charged the watch per instructions, but the battery went dead just after a few hours of use, even before I could finish set up.

    I have concluded that his watch is a piece of junk, like other have. In addition, it is not what that was advertised.
    I trust American Express Card will prevail and follow through with my dispute filed on April 6.
    I am pleased to join the long list of consumers who already concluded that ECOMERZ is not a firm to do business with.

    I wish I have been warned before I did my unfortunate purchase.

  9. Dreadful piece of junk.
    HR ‘monitor’ is a joke. Starts at 70 and stays there no matter what you do.
    Emails to company unanswered.
    Instructions almost indecipherable. Extremely sorry I bought before reading the reviews

  10. I just recieved my second watch from this place the first one was replaced under warrantee after I discovered that the blood pressure monitor does not work. It always gave a reading between 120/75 and 115/70 , checked against my cuff readings which were higher and more varied. Tried it on my wife with the same results, then I placed the watch on the kitchen table and took it’s blood pressure and it read 117/72. The new replacement watch does the same thing. I then tried the EKG, heart rate and oxygen functions on the table and got readings on all functions from this totally inanimate object. At the least this thing is garbage, at the worst it is dangerous if you need to monitor your health functions and you believe this thing

  11. I have had the G7 smart watch for several months. Here’s what I have found:
    1. Every few weeks I must reset the watch to get it to connect to my 7S iPhone .
    2. The blood pressure function is inaccurate by 15% or more
    3. The ECG shows the same wave form no matter what
    4. Oxygen seems to be fairly accurate
    5. Pulse seems to be fairly accurate

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