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Spaklingyou Reviews [April] Shopping Here Is Risky Or Not

Spaklingyou Reviews

Spaklingyou Reviews [April] Shopping Here Is Risky Or Not -> This article talks about the online women clothing store and helps to clear all doubts of women shoppers.

Currently, women-oriented shopping website ‘’ has managed to establish its name in the world of fashion. If you are also thinking to order something, then you might be searching for spaklingyou reviews first. 

We appreciate your wisdom to do little research before buying a product because there are too many fashion stores available on the web. 

Women love fashion. It doesn’t matter what they need in their daily outfit. It can be a casual, formal, traditional or part wear; they only want to look classy and stylish. 

As we have researched, is becoming popular in the United States. They claim to provide best women clothing as compared to other e-commerce sites. But, you surely want to know every aspect related to this fashion store such as shipping terms, money-back policy or other.

To clear all such doubts of the shoppers, check out our research-based reviews which will give you satisfactory answers at the end.

What is is an online clothing store for women. It provides hoodies, sweaters, jumpsuits, rompers, jeans, dresses and trendy skirts. Currently, they are selling items on big sale start with zero. 

The shipping time takes one to two weeks. However, shipping time varies as per the customer’s location. They provide dresses with 30 days return policy. Also, you can exchange defective items.

Now, you have familiar with the, let’s move further to understand spaklingyou reviews in a better way.

How to Use

Please follow the below-mentioned steps to order dresses or other cloth items from this website:

  • First, you have to select your preferred dress.
  • Choose the number of items and the right colour.
  • Add items in the cart by clicking on ‘ADD TO CART’ option. When you click on it, the cart status will turn from zero to one.
  • Next, you have to proceed further by filling details like shipping address and payment details.
  • After doing all these steps, the invoice will be sent on your mail. You will get an SMS regarding the placed order.
  • Thus, you will get your ordered item within one to two weeks after placing the order.

Advantages of Buying From spaklingyou?

  • Currently, they are selling products at zero selling price. That means you do not need to pay anything for ordering items.
  • They own SSL certificate, which indicates your transaction is secure.
  • They’re promise to deliever product within one to two weeks. So, you do not need to wait long to get your order.
  • If you have found any damaged item, then you can return within 30 days of the time period. The company will credit the money back to your bank account.
  • Also, if you are not satisfied with the dress, then you can claim an exchange. In this case, you have to bear the shipping charges. 

Negative Remarks 

We have found the following negative elements while analysing spaklingyou reviews:

  • Contact detail is missing on the page. There is only one e-mail ID is available While other e-commerce shopping sites provide 24*7 customer care solution to shoppers. 
  • We have not found any company information and owner details on the site.
  • The brand is not linked with any social media applicatons.
  • The company only allow online payment mode. People prefer ‘cash on delivery’ are not able to access the services of spaklingyou.
  • Customer reviews are not mentioned on the website.

Final Conclusion

To conclude spaklingyou reviews, we want to convey the following points:

  • The website has an attractive design, proper graphics, good images with full of required details. Therefore, it is quick enough to maintain trust in visitors.
  • They only allow online payment methods like debit card, credit card and others. So, if you’re looking for cash on delivery option, they this website is not for you.
  • The company is not having any social media account. Therefore, it is not a good sign.
  • People need customer care service to get instant solution for their queries. They want to deal with the company’s owner in case of any crises. People want to know about the company profile to get authenticity. Whether you need to ask questions related to service or product, there is only a single e-mail option where you have to drop a mail on it.
  •  This website has SSL certificate. It means your transactions are completely secure.

Hence, We have presented both positive and negative aspect of the spaklingyou. In the end, you have to make the correct decision as per your understanding.

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      1. I placed an order april 13th and have yet to receive my items or a confirmation that they’ve shipped…just a confirmation of my order. Have sent 2 emails now with no word

      1. I placed one huge order With 37 Free items & just paid the 16.99 for 10 day shipping…. I’m very nervous as well Smh

  1. Has anyone ever ordered and actually got there stuff. It says it zero dollars for items and 16.99 for ten? Day shipping . I want to know if it’s legit so I can put in an order ASAP without losing the shipping money cost

  2. I put an order in for $16.99. We will see if it comes in the 10 days. I did receive an email confirmation. Will update when items arrive.

      1. I put in a order for $18.95 they sent me a conformation Emil but now there whole website is down and I can’t check my order i

        1. I placed an order on April 2 and got a confirmation email but nothing since then and emailed them and got an mail back saying they can’t provide tracking number bc it takes 1-2 weeks to complete order and 4-6 week delivery 🙄🙄🙄 lets see if any of us get anything. Fingers crossed we do tho!

        2. Bro my website won’t load too, and it’s the reason why I’m on this page. Tryna figure out if it’s a spam 😔

    1. It’s a scam I ordered twice April 10 An April 11 still haven’t received my stuff and they never answered my emails I was sent confirmation of my order and all never sent a tracking number can’t go back on the cite it’s no longer available

  3. I place a order today let see if I received it hope I don’t get my credit card info stolen I keep y’all posted

  4. I placed an order today and got an email comfirmation. I got a shipment comfirmation a few minutes later and was able to track it. I just went back to my tracking (a few hours later) and it is non existent and they changed their name to Fashion Academy but their site still says spaklingyou. I highly doubt I will recieve anything. I hope nothing happens to my card. Don’t buy from this site.

    1. Same thing happened to me. I waited two weeks for my stuff which is today and it never came and when I try the website or the link they gave me for my shipping the website is now gone and says on the link something went wrong.. so upset. Finally bought myself some stuff and this happens.. wish there was a way to get my money back..

    2. Yeah same thing happened to me.. it’s been a month today and still no word or refund for my 17.99.. tried emailing them and nothing.. I call bullshit And something needs to be done about it because this isn’t cool.

  5. I bought items from them and recieved a text message confirmation. But the next day i went to track my purchase and the site no longer existed . Its a scam . I had my bank card cancelled and replaced just incase they tried to do some fraud with my information

  6. Never receive anything and currently filing fraud charges with my bank as we speak!! Do Not Order From This Company!!

  7. I ordered and payed the 16.99 if I don’t receive the items I want my money back. I also just got an email saying it’s on the way and I hit the tracking link and it won’t open it. I hope this isnt a scam I’m this crises we are all goin through. That would be so wrong.

  8. I bought items for 16.99 shipping on April 1st still haven’t received anything nor have I heard from them

  9. I honestly think we’ve all been had. I guess “if it’s too good to be true” is real. I have contacted their website builder, Shopify, to report that they are supporting a scam business. They cannot do anything to help us money wise but they will investigate the complaints and can prevent Sparkling from launching another site to take advantage of more people. I even reported that the new site is supposed to Beauty Babes….

  10. I ordered from here. Never received items turned out to be a scam they took down their page. I notified credit card company attorney general and google. Do not buy from here and if anyone has additional info on who they are or where they are let the authorities know please. Get this scammer before they get someone else.

  11. I ordered from here a few weeks ago. The link to my shipping information hasn’t updated. So it appears as if my items haven’t shipped. How could I go about getting my money back if/when the items don’t ever arrive?

  12. I wish I had seen these reviews before I bought it. I saw how good it was and placed 2 separate orders paying almost 40 bucks. Both orders were supposed to be five day shipping. This was on the fourth. It is now the 22nd and I have yet to receive anything.

  13. Same situation, I placed an order on April 15th and got an order confirmation, nothing since. After 2 weeks passes I’ve tried emailing them and no response back, the website is down and I’m out of $20 which I should have known that free dresses is never a good sign. I didnt do my research like I should have. I just hope this gets resolved. I also noticed that everyone here ordered around the same time in April and no other orders were mentioned before then 🤔

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