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Dragonsdojo Com Review {May} – Read it before order!

Dragonsdojo Com Review

Dragonsdojo Com Review {May} – Read it before order! >> First take proper information about this ecommerce store then think about placing an order! Know about its consumers’ reviews and about its services now!

Lots of online shopping are selling products directly from China with good quality and with affordable price. China sells products like clothes, fashion wears, household products and toys at very cheap price. If you compare the product price with other countries, China is providing products at a low retail price. And if you buy in bulk that price range may go down.

In this article, we would like to introduce, which is a Chinese online store of selling varieties of products at low cost. But what if any same Chinese company scam you and do fraud? There are several articles related to Dragonsdojo com Review, where people are confused about its legitimacy.

Most of the time, the Chinese website hides their identity and promote their website as it is a United State brand. They will copy the product images from any foreign site and using foreign models image. It puzzles consumers about the origin of the website. But it doesn’t mean that all Chinese online store is not legit, several sites are serving on online for many years.

You can too rectify about the legitimacy of the website by checking its web address, domain name, images and the return policy. Most of the time the fake website will ask you to purchase and then will send you any wrong product or damaged product if you ask them for a refund they will either deny or ask you to concern with your bank about the return.

What is is an online e-commerce store having products for men’s fashion wear like hoodies, kimono, hat, bracelet, boots, jackets and pants. You can get any product at a cheap price, and company is giving up to 60% discount on different products.

In there are several varieties of designer pants like joggers, lowers, parallels, three-fourth and many more. The company is giving free shipping offer to all the customers, but due to covid-19 Breakout, is not delivering products in a few of the middle-east countries and Balkan countries.

The company will take all the return products if you receive any damaged products and wrong products. Otherwise, the company will not accept any return once the order is placed for the destination. You can also make an account and can register for the weekly newsletter by which you will get facilities like a flash sale, new arrivals and discounts. The good thing is that the website is having its Facebook page and having over a thousand likes and follower. Few people reported that they receive the product in good condition and matched with the price. And according to the Dragonsdojo com review by a few people, they received the product, but the product is made with very cheap quality.

Features and Benefits (Pros and Cons of

Pros of

  • You can take advantage of flash sale where all the apparels are available at a very cheap rate as compare to any retail store.
  • The company is giving free shipping on a purchase of any product without any limitations.
  • If you received ay damaged, wrong products or faulty products then you can return it to the company within 30 days.
  • Accepts in few countries the company is taking orders to form worldwide
  • Customers can also check out their FB page for more updates

Cons of

  • You cannot return the product if you don’t like it
  • Few people reported about the bad quality of the products
  • The only way to contact is by calling customer care number; there is no address available on the website, which is not good from a trusted view of point.
  • Website is hiding its identity by not mentioning address and whole information
  • It is an SSL encrypted website which means safe for purchasing
  • It is having only one social media account and that to not having comments and reviews

Exchange and Return Policy

  • Free shipping to all destinations but if you put incorrect address then the company will take shipping charge from the customers
  • Company is liable to make the product if it is damaged, tampered or mismatched product within 30 days
  • All the orders are placed by standard courier services and will take around 7-10 days to reach
  • The company will provide the tracking receipt by which you can keep track of the product
  • Cancellation of the product is not acceptable after placing the order. No refund will be given.


From our research, we found that the company is taking and delivering the product, and it is a Chinese company. But there is a mixed reaction of the people about the website although they don’t have enough foreign customers. It is unbiased information based on Dragonsdojo com review given by the customers.

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    1. DO NOT BUY FROM THIS COMPANY!! A complete scam! Still waiting for money back after receiving a cheap, different, and wrong sized version of the one I ordered (after 2 months waiting!) If you see the same products elsewhere, avoid completely!! I want my money back as promi

    1. DO NOT BUY FROM THIS COMPANY!! A complete scam! Still waiting for money back after receiving a cheap, different, and wrong sized version of the one I ordered (after 2 months waiting!) If you see the same products elsewhere, avoid completely!! I want my money back as promi

  1. They have essentially taken 130$ from me, by not delivering two products and refusing to refund my money. Absolute scam!

  2. I played $50 for Tshirt and Kimono. All 100% polyester. It’s worth maybe $5. One big scan with this company :/

  3. Thank you for sharing! I was about to order some tees but decided not to once knowing they are from china.

  4. I ordered a month ago and still have not received my goods.
    The site gave me a tracking number which has been sat on ‘goods leaving China’ for the last week.
    On facebook I see various adverts for new sites selling the exact same items I ordered under different names, but using the same product photos.
    I would avoid this site and any related site as I have received very poor customer service so far.

  5. ABSOLUTE SCAM. I ordered 3 products. They arrived from China. Their quality was terrible and they looked nothing like the website images. I spent $80+ and what I received would cost about $5 🙁

  6. I purchased a cute Butterfly Windbreaker in a Men’s 2XXL, it took almost 2 1/2 months to get to me and it was a child’s large! I couldn’t even zip it up! I emailed them and they sent me a $40 credit, the jacket was $64 total! Just beware what you buy on that website!

  7. I saw the flash sale on FB and ordered some exceptionally competitively priced garments for me and my son. They did take some time to arrive and getting concerned I alerted my credit card company and the very same day I received a message from Dragons Dojo advising that I would receive the items within a few days
    When the garments arrived my son was pleased but I wasn’t and wished to return my items.
    I contacted the company and they said that sale items could not be returned but as a measure of good will offered to provide a credit note to the full value without the need for me to return the items, in view of the COVID-19 epidemic
    My son now has a credit note to order some additional items.
    No complaint here.

  8. They just stole my money. I bought a couple a tshirts back in march, and today (august 3rd) thay even lose the track and they don´t answer any email. Please avoid to go to this place.

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