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Finbox Reviews [April] Is It Secure to Buy From It?

Finbox Reviews [April] Is It Secure to Buy From It

Finbox Reviews [April] Is It Secure to Buy From It? -> This article is for readers who would like to learn more about

Are you conscious about the investments, you make financially? For example, investing in stock markets, shares or mutual funds, the riskier it is, gains are more, that’s an irony.

Here, with the word risk I mean the quantitative monetary investment. People dislike taking uncertainities, when it comes to growing money, so they approach or hire advisors for showing them the right avenues for investment.

However, hiring a reputed share adviser is not a child’s joke. The expense is huge and the results may or may not match. The outcome is losing money at times.

Here, we will discuss about, which has originated in the United State, and has gained reputation bit by bit.

What is Finbox? is the brain child of Andy Pai and Matt Hogan, who were investment bankers initially, before they took up ‘Finbox’ as their pet project.

 In collaboration with the robotics engineer Brian Dentino, the bright idea took a form and shape and is now one of the most soughted analystic tools for investors worldwide. includes all those supportive details and investor tools like stock screener, idea generator, fair value estimates and so on. In short, it works as a framework or a personal advisory for an investor.

How does it work?

As a beginner, one can start by a small amount of $10 for a month and that includes data boost, fair value estimates, Unlimited screeners, online financial models and upto 5k free data points in spreadsheet.

For the professionals, it’s $58 per month and the features are expanded. Apart from this there are three options of billing, which are $15/month yearly, $25/month quarterly and $39/month monthly.

You can choose your region of residence in the options provided at and avail the data pertaining to the exchanges enlisted therein.

Every handling and probable queries from the customer’s end are explicitly explained so that as a newcomer in the field, one doesn’t feel lost. 

Who should buy from here?

Well, anybody who is distressed and wants somebody to handle his decisions playing a virtual data assistant for him or her, must utilize The services are promising and quite affordable.

Instead of losing your head into datasheets and spreadsheets, you can just relax and refer to for information and based on that, decide to invest your finances.

The contact details of the controllers of the website are important and build trust. So, here it goes, Finbox Inc. 420 W Huron, Chicago, IL 60654.

Owner contact email:

Why is it famous? is created keeping in mind a layman, who has no knowledge about the stock markets and shares. The language is easy to understand and every financial term is explained lucidly throughout the web pages.

One can surely bank upon the company and owners because the ‘About Us’ page is a self testimony by them. Every detail about the creators is mentioned and there’s total transparency about the pricings, offers etc.

The website is accessible to all internet viewers, free of cost and the basic information is shared.

What are the negative remarks about it?

I could find only a single drawback here, which is doesn’t sport any membership fees; otherwise it could have made a hell lot of money. Reviews

The tool is excellent for confused traders and is a workable platform for any kind of investor, may it be a small time one or a big fish. Here are few of it’s advantageous features,

  • focuses only on furnishing fundamental and quantitative analysis of stocks.
  • The platform is a base supporting market portfolio researches and algorithms for a close analysis of the stock markets.
  • Individuals can take their independent decisions by viewing pictographs and other statistical representations of companies and can manage their investments on their own.
  • is a huge repertoire of data that’s designed intuitively and simply for every new investor entering the market.
  • Another unique and useful feature is the ‘How to Guide’ classroom. It’s a virtual class, where you get to learn about using through ‘youtube’ videos and tutorials.
  • states very clear policies regarding payments because they value your money. There are no overcharges or hidden costs. So, you are completely in tow of the spending you make here as well as the earnings.


No matter what, you need to grow your money. In this demanding world where nothing but money rules starting from the birth of a child till it’s eternity, we can’t just stick to our savings.

A regular job won’t grow your money as much as careful, planned investments would. Nor a business would flourish if investments and risks are not undertaken.

So, clearly and consciously one should play smart and utilize such prudent tools for stock investments like

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