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Is Fourshine Legit or Scam – Read Reviews [APRIL]

Is Fourshine Legit or Scam

Is Fourshine Legit or Scam – Read Reviews [APRIL] -> The post will tell you if you should purchase electronics from a new online retailer.

Want to shop your gym gear online? Buy from Fourshine.

Shopping online being the most convenient way, it is now a preferred way of buying things. From groceries to travel essentials, everything is available online. Thus, all e-commerce companies are now shifting their businesses online.

Fourshine Reviewsavailable on the internet are highly read, especially in the United States. But the company delivers its products all around the world. The reviews are not very clear for the readers, and thus here is the detailed review that you will clarify a lot of doubts for the buyers.

Almost every website has mentioned one thing, and that is about the authenticity of the site. What has made people write this? Is fourshine legit? Or is it just another scamming site?

Well, in this blog you will read about that, and you will be able to identify Fourshine is a scam or is it legit.

What is Fourshine?

Fourshine websitesells gym and sports gear and has all the essential equipment. On this site, you will find items, including a treadmill, workbench, boxing bag, etc.

But the website also features home décor items, garden items, and a lot more. Here, we will tell you more about the specifications of this website, advantages of buying from Fourshine, fourshine scam, etc. so, if this is what you want to read them, please read till the end.

At Fourshine, you will find poultry care products and furniture as well. You can buy swings and chairs too.

Specifications of Fourshine:

  • Website- Home décor, furniture, gym, and sports gear
  • Shipping time-
  • Delivery time-
  • Exchange- not applicable
  • Return- applicable if the product returned in 14 days
  • Refund- will be credited in 10 days
  • Email-
  • Mode of payment- credit and debit cards only

Is Fourshine worth the money?

Yes. The website seems wholly well and fine. The information is added to the website except for the address. The products mentioned also look like they are original and authentic. The site is protected with SSL, and this means that your data is completely protected.

As the site is selling all the items by checking them carefully shows that the company holds the responsibilities nicely. And the site is too managed well. If you see the FAQ section, then you would know that the site has answered all the asked questions very well. Here’s sharing all the other details of the site.

Pros of buying from Fourshine:

  • All the products are affordable
  • You can return the item if you are not satisfied with what you have received
  • The details of the company are mentioned, and thus you can directly connect to them
  • You get the refund if you return the product

Cons of buying from Fourshine:

  • The purchased item cannot be returned
  • The refund may be deducted if you return the damaged item
  • A customer has to pay for the return of the product
  • Payment can be made via online processes only

Customer reviews on Fourshine:

No customer reviews are mentioned on the site, and we do not see any customer ratings as well. But there were other sites where the customers had shared their thoughts on buying from Fourshine.

Customers have given a lot of positive response and said that the site delivers the products before time and shipping is done nicely. Customers are happy with the minimal price range of premium-quality products. They had also shared that when they contacted the company asking for a refund, the company was generous enough to help them with the product and refund.

There were very few customers who were not happy with the service they received. They did not like the product quality, and neither were delighted as they could not get a refund from the company.

Final Verdict
As the website uses SSL and is also receiving a lot of positive responses from the buyers, it seems like the site is entirely authentic. Thus, we recommend to our readers that if they want, they can move ahead by purchasing with this company.

For now, the website does not look like it is scamming people, and it can be said that it is an excellent website. But still, if you want, then you can spread a word in your network and ask if anyone has any experience of buying from this site.

You can also share your thoughts on this website by commenting below.

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  1. I ordered a pool from them no confirmation email nothing. I received no product and it been plenty of time to deliver so to me it’s a scam.

    1. I ordered a hot tub from them a month ago and I still have not received it. When I tried to go on there website it said cannot find page. But it did take my money from my bank account. What should I do now

  2. SCAM/ Buyer BEWARE

    We ordered an inflatable pool from them, they gladly took our 100 dollars under the name Adorabelle Boutique. (on our bank staement) yet months have gone by no product… The adorabelle boutique website is not the same site… It is Plus Womens Clothing. SCAM… have alerted Fraud Department of our bank and US Consumer protection agency.

  3. WE ordered a Hot Tub and when my husband checked out Credit Card Statement it was received by a Doctor in CAlifornia, when we called the number that my husband found, the person he called said it was a Scam and also checked with the Bank, They have had lots of complaints and it is being investigated.

    1. I have a business in the UK
      I have been getting lots of emails from people claiming to have bought Inflatable spas from me.
      I don’t even sell them!

    2. I have a business in the UK
      I have been getting lots of emails from people claiming to have bought Inflatable spas from me.
      I don’t even sell them!

  4. I too “bought” a hot tub from them on April 2. I have not received it yet, but they did charge my credit card. Still waiting but looking like a scam

    1. Did you ever receive your hot tub? I ordered one also on April 8th and have not seen it. I have not had any response from emails either.

      1. We also ordered a hot tub about 3-4 weeks ago. They took out money, but we never received an item.

  5. I ordered a hot tub on March 31 and never received. Website gone. No number to call. No email confirmation. TOTAL SCAM.

  6. We bought a Hot Tub from them! No confirmation number and no Hot Tub. They took the money out of my account within 10 mins and no Hot Tub and you can’t get ahold of them!

    1. This site is bulshit don’t order anything you won’t get an email tracking number product you ordered I’m a disabled with fixed income they didn’t mind taken my money I ordered a pool for my 5 yr old grandson thinking just maybe he could have a swimming Birthday party now I have to tell him it’s not gonna happen shame on this company for taking advantage of people !!!

  7. Ordered a hot tub for $100. I should have known that it was too good to be true. No e-mail, no receipt, and of course no product! I reported them to just about everyone that I could and they got taken offline.

    TOTAL SCAM!!!!!!

  8. I ordered a hot tub, a greenhouse and a chicken coop on 3/26/20 and have received NOTHING!!!
    Will file a report with my credit card.

    1. It’s a complete scam I ordered my grandson a swimming pool he’s 5 yrs old an now I have to tell him it’s not going to be here

  9. I ordered a pool haven’t received anything did have a order number can someone tell me how to get ahold of them????

    1. I have a business in the UK
      I have been getting lots of emails from people claiming to have bought Inflatable spas from me.
      I don’t even sell them!

  10. They are a scam, I paid out $128.99 for a 4 person HOT TUB and never got a confirmation, no product, no tracking number ao any other way to be able to contact a customer service person. Facebook should ban them from their social media website ads.
    Beware everyone !!!!!!!!!!

  11. I have a business in the UK
    I have been getting lots of emails from people claiming to have bought Inflatable spas from me.
    I don’t even sell them!

  12. I ordered a chicken coop on 4/23 and it was supposed to arrive in 5-10 business days. Never came and I tried to go online to find a way to contact them, but it says “no website found.” SHAME on Facebook for advertising this product and company on their website!!!

  13. I also bought a 4 person hot tub for 147.00 on April 21st this year. I haven’t received anything .. 😡

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