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Aguero Reviews [April] > Is It Trust worthy Store?

Aguero Reviews [April] > Is It Trust worthy Store

Aguero Reviews [April] > Is It Trust worthy Store? -> The post will tell you about an online retailer and the products available on it.

This post is about Aguero ReviewsThe post will explore the new website named Aguero, what all it has to offer, and why people are talking about it. 

It is a brand that has been doing well in the United States, Canada, etc. You must read the full interview to find out if this new online retailer is duping you or legit.

What is the Aguero store? 

It is an online retailer that sells products such as gym equipment, furniture, and even gaming consoles. From personal experience, I know that purchasing hefty and bulky products such as furniture and gym equipment comes with massive price tags. Buying online not just saves the time you spend on going out but also helps you find the best discounts!

It is something the aguero store offers, too; for example, you can get an outdoor storage plastic shed for $139, which was previously priced $769.90.

While scouring the site, you will also come across an iPad, which is priced at $78.98- $98.98. There is no mention of the site selling such items otherwise in its category list. There are also pictures of a pair of feet with shoes, a bag, and a car’s bonnet with “man collection” written on it. I believe they plan on coming out with more product ranges! 

However, these are not there on the geoghost store‘s category list. The Aguero store is also called the geoghost store.

Should you buy from this site? Is Aguero store scamming you? 

To begin with, the site seems to have an SSL certificate. Prior knowledge and research will tell you that this certificate will ensure your card/account details are not misused. 

  • They provide a phone number as well as email id in its customer care section. 
  • There is an address provided. This may ease your tension regarding “how will I make a return” question. 
  • The product description is complete with what fabric the thing is made up of to the height, width, and other dimensions necessary before you make a purchase.
  • The aguero website has a recent creation date address, which may cause specific issues. 
  • However, the site seems to be shoddily created! With products popping up that aren’t really mentioned in its product categories. 
  • The site seems to be incomplete, with only four products in its furniture section. The same goes for the gaming console section as well. 
  • When you click on the shipping details section, you are re-directed to today’s deal section. 
  • There are no customer reviews available on this site. 

It is difficult to tell if the site is a scam or not! It is essential to notice that the layout of the aguero website is vaguely similar to websites that offer related products. 

How to make a purchase? and what products are available on this site? 

Let’s find out what kind of products there are offering. There is a total of 4 categories available on the site. 

  • Tools- there are a total of 6 toolsets available. The sets are meant for some heavy-duty construction, such as chopping up wooden planks for kitchen cabinets. A paint sprayer could help you give a fresh coat to the walls of your room! 
  • Game consoles- you will spot a video game machine, Nintendo, as well as PlayStation 4 consoles. 
  • Furniture- 4 products are available in this section of the aguero store, these are a recliner chair, a reclining sofa, an outdoor plastic temporary storage shed, and the last is a Morgan creek console table. 
  • Sports and outdoors- this section will have all your dumbbells, indoor rowing machines, and bench workout machines. 

Coming down to how to purchase the products from the site, I must mention that they do not provide any transparency. There are no shipping details provided. 

However, to get a better understanding, you can call them on- 1-661-7845802 or leave them a mail on- in case of any queries or inquiries.

The aguero website provides free delivery on purchases that are made about $39 since most of its products are price more than that. You can ensure free delivery when making a purchase. 

Final Verdict- 

The Aguero store, to begin with, does not provide a large variety. Purchasing from this site may be a gamble, but it is your decision. You may choose to or not to make a purchase! 

If you have purchased products from this site, then do share your experience in the comments below.

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