Feetify Reviews [March 2021] First Know if it is Legit or Not!

Feetify Reviews [March 2021] First Know if it is Legit or Not! -> This article provides information about the legitimacy of a website that offers a connecting platform for feet lovers.  Do you have a fetish for beautiful feet? Are you on a lookout for buying or selling some fantastic pictures of feet?

Feetify.com connects you with feet lovers and also allows you to post the pictures and videos of your feet. The site is based in the United States. Feetify Reviews tell us that it is quite popular with customers.

We have done our research on Feetify.com and collected some information on the website.

With our Feetify Reviews, we have delved deeper into the authenticity ofFeetify.com.

What is Feetify?

Feetify.com is a social site which displays the pictures/videos of the most elegant feet from both females and men. One gets paid for posting the pictures of their lovely feet on this website. It offers a platform to connect with those who showcase beautiful feet (sellers) or those who admire beautiful feet (buyers)!

One can also buy customized pictures and videos of gorgeous feet at this site.

Specifications of Feetify:

  • Products- High-quality customized pictures and videos of gorgeous feet
  • Website- https://feetify.com/     
  • Email- contact@feetify.com
  • Address- Not mentioned.
  • Contact- Not mentioned.
  • Sign up- No joining fee, free sign up
  • Connectivity- One can connect and communicate by buying tokens
  • Mode of payment- Buyers pay through Feetify secure platform

 Pros of Feetify:

  • Pictures are easy to load
  • There is no joining fee.
  • One can join anonymously.
  • The site provides one of the easiest ways to supplement your income.
  • One can establish a dedicated fan base and earn extra through cash gifts and cash tips.
  • People can buy, chat, and connect on this site.
  • It forms an ideal ground for cultivating long-lasting friendships.

Cons of Feetify:

  • The site is not seen any social media platform
  • The website does not have an About Us page.
  • The site does not share any contact details.
  • One has to upgrade your status to Premier Member to be able to contact buyers or sellers.

Is Feetify perfect for you?

Feetify.com is a web platform with a unique concept. You get paid for posting the pictures of your classic feet. It is a novel way of earning money from the comforts of your home. The sellers get paid just for being active and for posting pictures and, videos of their stunning feet.

This means that sellers can earn even if no one buys from them. Feetify pays some members every month if they are added in the “Featured Members” page.

Buyers pay for pictures only if they can connect and chat with the sellers. Buyers can chat and connect with the sellers by buying tokens.

As a buyer, one can easily navigate the site and browse through the pictures. Feetify.com treats buyers to delicate, ornate, simple, polished, stylish, and classic feet, as per their choice.

The secret of Feetify’s success is that it allures buyers with pictures and videos of feet exactly as their buyers want.

Is Feetify legit?

Many people have a fetish for beautiful and blemish-free feet. In this wake, many online sites offer a platform to sell and buy pictures of elegant feet. 

Feetify.com is also one such site. This site offers complete transparency to its customers. One can contact buyers and sellers of Feetify.com by signing up on their website. 

This shows that the website is legit for an online user.

What are customers saying about Feetify?

  • Feetify.com has a lot of buyers and sellers who actively use the site to sell, buy, and connect. 
  • This gives the site an enormous traffic volume. There are mixed customer reviews about Feetify.com. 
  • The site enjoys an average rating. You can watch videos and pictures before deciding to buy from Feetify.com.

Final verdict:

Feetify.com is almost ten months old with a domain having a .com extension. According to Alexa traffic rank, it has a good flow of traffic.

The website is catchy, cool, and offers an interesting platform to its members.

They have 31,570 active members. You can message their active members; this validates that the site is transparent and honest.

Even though Feetify.com has mixed customer reviews, their site boasts of a lot of views and traffic.

In this light, we recommend that the site is legit and perfectly safe to use.

If you are still in doubt, you can communicate with their active members and then proceed to become a member.

We welcome you to post any comments if you have the experience of visiting this site.

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  1. I join feetify with the upgraded paid 47$ and have never been ae to upload any pictures. I have tried numerous times to email their support team for help and no response. I truly feel that this is highway robbery! Its a scam!

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