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Vancany top Reviews {July} Is It Good Place To Buy Or Scam?

Vancany top Reviews 2020

Vancany top Reviews {July} Is It Good Place To Buy Or Scam? -> This article is supplying online personal and home-based items as per your requirement.

Do you like to change your style of living? Many websites is offering products of the type which will satisfy your requirement. One of the sites is It is supplying a few unique products online for meeting your needs. This analysis is for judging the trustworthiness of 

Our study vancany top reviews will reveal that whether the website is reliable or not? So that you can place orders online for purchasing mentioned items on the site. How will it compete with big websites? For getting the answer do study the website research is done thoroughly. 

The study is detail research to outline many facts generally people outlook while going through the website. Our study will satisfy you with all your queries. Please also note that in the United States, many sites of this kind is gaining popularity and is one amongst them?

What is deals with the online supply of a few of the specific personal and living room items like girls’ shoesclocksdecorative pillows and rugs, and many more. By observing this site, many questions arise in mind. Like why only limited items are being offered? Are these cheaper? Or the suppliers are unique etc.

Our priority of the study is to see whether the website is legit or not? Should you give money in advance for purchasing the dislayed items?

Products are being designed and supplied by the company is as per the specific wants of the customer. This is the Uniqueness of the website.

Based on our study of and comparison with many other websites, we can declare that many pros and cons are associated with the website. Hence it is important to find out if the site is legit or not. To find is Legit, do go through the details.

Specifications of Vancany top

  • Website type: Home essentials 
  • Website ID;
  • Email id:
  • Phone Number: 12563695004
  • Address: 1926 South 67th Street, Suite 250, Omaha, Nebraska 68106 
  • Products Detail: Varieties of home-based items as per your requirements.
  • Shipping method: Via courier services
  • Shipping charges: Free in the UK
  • Delivery Approach: Delivery is within three days for lightweight items for furniture it may take 7 to 10 days 
  • Refund: Refund excluding delivery charges, if any, at actual.
  • Return: Within 30 days
  • The approach of payment: PayPal, MasterCard, Visa, Amex, Discover.

Pros of Vancany top:

  • The company is offering varied products including personal and homecare items. All are based on individual customer needs.
  • All items are being supplied mainly in the UK; hence supply, return, and refund policy is suiting the UK Customer.
  • The delivery cost on the same day delivery is free.
  • The layout of the website is attractive.
  • Different methods to do payments.
  • The provision of affiliation marketing is also made.

Cons of Vancany top:

  • Provision is not made for receiving cash after delivery of items.
  • The website has not made provision of access to Social media like Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.
  • The launching date of the site is not known.
  • Many similar websites exist having same email id, hence website appears to be suspicious.

Is the website legit?

It is essential to observe the negativities associated with the website. No connection with social media, and no customer have sent the feedback so far. The website appears to be recently launched, and many similar sites are being launched with the same email address. Hence we can say that website may be a scam.

The opinion of customer:

From the analysis done, the interface of the website is excellent. Still, there are many loopholes identified like lack of customer reviews. Because of this, it is hard to find legitimacy of the website.

We have done further research with the help of Internet and found that this site is not much famous among online users. But its presence on the Internet so far indicates that domain name is created recently.


To conclude, no review of the customer is given. Also, a dubious company address and suspicious email address has made it clear that the website cannot be relied upon and scammed. 

You are not suggested to buy anything from this website. Make sure you don’t place orders directly by viewing the site.

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    1. I ordered a 13 foot hammock with a steel stand on 6//13/2020. The site did not allow me to choose to “create an account” after I’d entered my information as many do, so I could not return to the site to review my order. The receipt sent quoted only an item number with no item name or description., and no projected delivery date as legitimate sites do. The payment showed up as going to Alberta Connor (which made it seem as though fthe seller was in the UK, but a Chinese name was listed next to this pseudonym. Just when I was sure I’d been ripped off I started getting tracking info, but again with only a number (no description). “My product” arrived in San Francisco 7/12/2020 and was sent throught the USPS, which was hopeful. I looked up how long it should take the USPS to deliver a package from San Fran to my location– 2 to 9 days. I expected the product to travel slowly and be cheaply made because the price was relatively good, but I did not expect to receive a 5″ x 7″ envelope containing 5 paper masks for $65.36 ten days later! I put in a claim with Pay Pal, and am hoping for satisfaction, but they stated I will hear in 30 days! The only reason Pay Pal is in business is to provide protection from scammers, so hopefully they will come through, but I would have expected a more timely response. Meanwhile, in the 5 weeks it took to receive paper masks (which I don’t need or want) from China, the price on my second choice product from Amazon, which I could have been enjoying long ago, has increased significantly! We need to get the word out about this scam, since their site will not allow me to review directly. I will dispute my credit card payment to PayPal, close my account, and stick with Amazon, if this is not resolved appropriately.

    2. You will not. I ordered a patio set and after waiting 6 weeks I received a package of 4 paper face masks. I used PayPal thank God, they don’t have my bank info. They are refusing to give me my money back and said they’ll give me 60% of what I paid. I am in negotiations right now through PayPal. It’s a scam 💯.

  1. I purchased a bar set on June 12 and so far it just says its processing, I used paypal .. I am hoping the status changes from processing to sent for delivery soon. I live in the US. Let me know what you think? It’s been a week with stats “processing”
    Thanks I hope it is not a scam!

    1. Hi GG,

      Yes, it is a scam. Contact PayPal and your charge card at once, for you will never receive what you have paid for. I and my daughter both learned this the hard way. She ordered a tool set for her husband and received a pair of used sunglasses. I ordered a bistro table and chairs set and received 4 face masks. Don’t wait any longer than you have to. If you were give a delivery date PayPal and the charge card will go 20 days past it. If there isn’t a delivery date, then they will gage it another way. Just don’t give up, and demand your money to be refunded.

  2. Daughter ordered a canopy and we still haven’t heard anything about a shipment date , so I sent them an email and have heard nothing from them… thank god I teach her to use a pre paid card

  3. This is a scam site. It’s connected to Turnnacy; search the Better Business Bureau. I filed a report. You’ll find more information under Turnnacy. I believe Vancany is new.

    1. I ordered a 70.00 gravity chair set and received face mask too!!! Called the phone number provided and is no longer in service. Def a scam!!

  4. I order from this place I’m worried that I’m not getting any thing my bank said I have to wait to see if they send something

    1. I’m telling you, you will get a mask. This company is a scammer! We ordered a patio set we waited.for 2 months we received 10 pcs of mask.

  5. I ordered a patio bench on july 7th, sent me shipping info, but all I received was package of mask, which I didnt order. Waiting few more days, then gonna see if paypal will refund my money. 74.00.

  6. This Place is A Big Scam thats 100% a lie.u will not get nothing but Face Mask which is not if u can!!! Hope they caught the person

  7. I ordered a bistro set for my patio. That was on June 16, 2020. Come the end of July all I had received were emails assuring me that it was on its way, and would arrive soon. At the beginning of August I finally turned the case over to PayPal and Costco Citi Bank Visa. Citi Bank refunded my loss, and said that they would handle it from there. On August 11 my bistro set arrived, but it wasn’t what I had paid for, nor was it a bistro set. It was a packet of four face masks, the kind we are wearing because of the virus. I would NEVER advise anyone to do business with VANCANY. They are nothing but a con job.

  8. No you won’t get your order. I read scam reviews unfortunately after I ordered. I just received my masks from them today lol I ordered a 70$ patio set. They send you something cheap instead. Sorry to break the disappointing news to you! It’s angering.

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