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Stcoat Reviews [June] – Is It a Fake Scam or Legit?

Stcoat Reviews

Stcoat Reviews [June] – Is It a Fake Scam or Legit? >> The article includes information related to online apparel stores.

An online store is meant for shopping over any device without moving from your place. But what if this service is used for making money by unlawful means? The customer has encountered several fraud websites, although most of the customers who reported about any scam site also knew others to be safe. In this article, we will cover Stcoat Website and its legitimacy.

Sometimes it happens with most of the buyers that they forget to verify the legitimacy of the website. They attract the low-cost tag and offer that they spread it over their site to trap buyers. It is essential to confirm the sellers because it is not necessary that each e-commerce website is genuine and will send you the delivery of the product. Cases have been found in the United States that sellers fool customers without sending the product delivery.

It is not that difficult to identify any online store, and you can check their contact information, number, and email id. You can also try to contact them if you find anything unclear. There are a few websites where you will not find any contact number but email. It doesn’t mean that they are not legit, but if there is no contact information about the online store, it is better to opt for any other genuine website.

In this article, we will talk about Stcoat Reviews and will try to clear the confusion about it.

What is Stcoat? is a regular online store that sells multiple products like Men’s fashion wears, suits, two-piece, and other apparel. The products available in the store are at low range, you can also purchase other products like accessories, watches, and sneakers. The company is offering a 40% discount on all products.

If the customer purchases products of over $30, then they will receive free shipping facilities from We found several confusing articles related to the Stcoat Reviews, but we will clear all the confusion in this article. We found that the website is currently not working during our research. It may be removed from the server.

The website is five years old; according to the expert, the site does not have any consumer reviews or any social media page. It is not a famous site and has no external links. All these points show that the site is suspicious and not fit for our readers.


The website is not working anymore, and that’s why no details are available about it.

Pros of

  • is a regular online store that sells various items like Men’s style wears, suits, two-piece, and different array. 
  • The items accessible in the store is at a low range; you can likewise buy various items like frill, watches, and shoes.
  • The organization is offering a 40% markdown on all items. 
  • On the off chance that the client purchase results of over $30, at that point they will get free transportation from

Cons of

  • There are a few befuddling articles we discovered identified with the Stcoat Reviews, yet we will clear all the disarray in this article. 
  • During our examination, we found that the site is not working, it might be is expelled from the server. 
  • The site is multi-year old; as per the master, the site isn’t having any shopper surveys or any web-based life page. 
  • It’s anything but a well-known site and has no outside connections. It shows that the site is dubious and not fit for our perusers.
  • The website is not available in the public domain now. It is not feasible to buy products from them.

Is legit?

The website is suspicious because it is not working and has no details, social media pages, or any external links. We found no comments or reviews by the buyers. So, it is not possible to determine the site legitimacy now.

What are people saying about

We found no comments and reviews by the customers but found that it is a five-year-old website. It is SSL secured, but currently, it is not accessible, maybe the site is removed from the server.


Our study found that the website is not currently working, and being a five-year-old website does not have any customer reviews. We will suggest that you can opt for any other site, but the choice is yours. You can also write in the comments section and let us know your reviews.

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  1. Abigail I looked up Generac pressure washer that came up for sale on this site for $60.68 and I know that this pressure washer is way more than that it’s a 3100 psi with the 196cc motor these tight pressure washers are not cheap especially being Generac basically number one if not consider number one by all I went on to the website and was able to put this in my cart to see what the total cost would be to have it delivered I back out once I seen it went into the cart it’s not adding no extra money it’s saying the same price $60.68 this is definitely too good to be true that’s when I went to Google and Googled them to find out where they were at and I found your page and read what you wrote so this is what I’m writing back to you cuz you said the website was not accessible Google pressure washers and it will bring up a bunch of pressure washers and you’ll see that it’s in their lineup when you click on it it’ll go right to their site. 06/25/2020

    1. I literally did the same thing with an edge trimmer and it came back on Google on this website for $54 and I know that is not right. I then went to Google to research the company and I was brought to this website just like you. I definitely don’t trust it.

  2. Ripped me off for a electric lawn mower. They sent me an e-mail with fake tracking number and when I tried to click on it my virus protection warned me not to . They have sent me nothing. I went to my credit card company and stopped access to my credit card. I will report it as fraud and try to getmy money back??

  3. I knew better but went ahead and purchased walk behind weed trimmer for$54.75 and paid thru paypal knowing that if it was a scam i could file and sooner or later get a refund. Well got the package today by usps and it says right on the outside of the small package disposable mask, WHAT A SCAM BUYER BEWARE You have been warned

    1. Same thing happened to me with a weed eater. 5 face masks showed up a month later. luckily paypal is getting my money back

  4. Same thing to me, ordered two Lithium batteries for 56.19 got charged 62.19 0n credit card, month later two pack of face masks 10 in a pack.

  5. This is a total rip-off scam. Save time and money and don’t EVER deal with this company. I had the same experience as those who wrote earlier…ordering an item, waiting over a month and a half for delivery, having them indicate that there were problems with the shipping firm but that the item was “on its way”. I was provided a “tracking number” which was worthless. I finally received the small package of disposable masks. Have disputed the charge with my credit card company. Paper work to come to have my charge removed. More work….

  6. Same story, I was fool enough to purchase the Generac pressure washer. I did pay through Pay-pal, then recieved a package of face masks. How ridiculous!!
    This is the first time I’ve been scammed in an on line purchase. Great lesson though. BEWARE!!!

  7. The same has happened to me. Ordered a leaf blower. Received masks. They keep emailing me through Outlook. Found they are based in China not Nebraska as listed.. They even email in chopped english. They love to avoid answering your questions. They have supposedly resent the item I order twice but it never gets here. It always “gets lost in mail”. It has been 6 months of run a round stupidty

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