Decoheal Toothbrush Reviews 2020 【Read This Before Buying】

Decoheal Toothbrush Reviews 2020 【Read This Before Buying】

Decoheal Toothbrush Reviews 2020 【Read This Before Buying】 -> The article talks about the Decoheal toothbrush and if it promises to live up to its claims.

Our teeth are just as important as our hands and feet! But for some reason, we only remember them when there’s a toothache or a cavity! Now I know the teeth’s enamel is one of the hardest but our brushing techniques or completely lacking an oral hygiene regime can cause severe damage to them. 

Let me introduce you to a new electric toothbrush that has been doing the rounds in the market of the United Kingdom, the United States, and Canada! The Deco heal Toothbrush. But the question arises- Is Decoheal scam? Is Decoheal Legit? 

Here is a Decoheal Toothbrush Review that will help you decide whether you should buy it or not! 

What is Decoheal? 

It is essentially a fully automatic toothbrush that promises to give you a substantial 360-degree mouth cleaning. It is U-shaped and looks a lot like a teeth guard you cover your teeth with before sleeping. The device requires charging to give you the hands-free mouth cleaning you deserve. The inside of the product is lined with bristles, and these reaches hard to reach areas in your mouth. 

Is this device better than other Electric toothbrushes that make similar claims? And why should you be spending money on it instead of toothbrushes by brands that have already proved their worth! 

Our teeth are not just responsible for helping in the breakdown of the food we eat! They are also responsible for providing a shape to your face as well as talk and form words. Does it make you recall the time you lost your front tooth, and instead of creating words, you would end up whistling!  

Teeth too are sensitive, and an erosion of the enamel makes it easier for contaminants to cause damage such as sensitivity and cavities! The problem can affect your overall image and health. 

Who should buy Decoheal? 

Giving your teeth a good cleaning, every day is essential as we eat a variety of foods three times a day, sometimes even more. Ideally, brushing after every meal is advised, but since we can’t, a good brush is the next best thing. 

The Decoheal claims to be using the ADA accepted BASS technique, in lay man’s terms, uses frequencies between 5000- 15000 to give you an excellent clean. The frequencies help you get rid of the hardened layer of plaque accumulated on your teeth. 

The product is perfect for people of all ages as cleaning remains a priority, and Decoheal provides that in 45 seconds! It can also make for a great gifting option for birthdays, festivals, or anniversaries. However, the brand misses out on who invented the product, and the fact that there are similarly available makes me question, “Is Decoheal Legit? Is Decoheal scam?”


It is a super easy product to figure out and can even be used by kids!  

  • To start with, give the U- shaped brush a rinse. Apply four dots the mousse/AB toothpaste you get along with your purchase of the product on to the brush heads. You can also use your name brand toothbrush, but the manual, as well as the brand’s website, suggest using the mousse! 
  • Now gently place it in your mouth and choose the vibration settings as well as the mode you want it to be. finally press the on/off button on the device
  • It has 4 modes that you get to choose from. The Soft cleaning that gives a regular cleanse, Strong cleaning mode that ensures you get rid of the hardened plaque. And the Massage gum mode and the Whitening mode that will help you remove the dark stains! 
  • You will have to grip on to the holder of the brush and move it forward and backward! What is the point of calling it an electric toothbrush when all this effort needs to be added? 
  • The last step is to spit out the foam from your mouth and rinse! Don’t also forget to clean your toothbrush and to dry it out. 
  • The product comes with a USB cable and a charger base to charge it! A 3-hour charge will make the toothbrush function sans one for about 15 hours. A memory and timer will tell you when it is time for charging. 
  • It is made up of a silicone material. No other information apart from this is provided about the material it is made up of. 

Decoheal Toothbrush Reviews 

The website shows you promising reviews from its users. 

Kenia says, “I really like this product! It has different settings and after using it, your teeth will have a nice clean feeling. It is very simple to use and would only need to look at the directions to explain the different settings. I would recommend this product.” 

Leighton says, “Received in 15 days to Spain, very fast. Excellent packaging, product such as photos. I’ve tried it once, and I liked it, we’ll see how it goes with daily use. Thank the seller for your service.”   

Camilla, a user who uploaded a bright and shiny image of her teeth, comments, “I’m usually skeptical about whitening products sold online, but this changed my mind. I started to see results in 2-3 uses!”

These reviews show pictures of people using the product as well as images of just the product. A closer look at the product reminds me of another electric toothbrush named Samolike that promises the same things as Decoheal! 


The Decoheal toothbrush is available to be purchased only on its official website. Worldwide shipping is provided, so you shouldn’t worry about not being able to get your hands on it. 


I am a human who, out of habit, wakes up to brush the teeth before anything else. Moreover, cavities and teeth sensitivity are something I do not wish to live with. A quicker option to help give the teeth a good cleaning sounds a great idea, only in writing, though. 

The official website of the product looks bogus! The images are something they could have easily pulled off google. There is no information regarding who made it on the website or even online. A quick search will tell you that many other brands sell products that look like it! So, you may be getting the same product for a lower or higher price. 

But that is something you will have to find out for yourself!

0 thoughts on “Decoheal Toothbrush Reviews 2020 【Read This Before Buying】

  1. I am very unhappy with my Decoheal experience. I paid for 2 tooth brushes over 30 days ago and according to their tracking numbers, they haven’t left the facility. Customer service says they have. I should have known when my PayPal was charged by Wang Yu, that it was a scam.

  2. Well I purchased two toothbrushes on March 21. They have not arrived yet but customer service says they have shipped. The track17 website has said the same thing about my order for the last 30 days.

    This is a scam.

  3. Complete scam. They said they fulfilled the order on March 15th. After attempting to contact them about the order, received the same BS as others. “It has left our facility and is on its way. Here is the tracking number.” When clicked USPS says it hasn’t left the origin country. Go to the tracking site in China and found it is still in Nanning. Asked for a refund, they refused on the grounds that they already shipped it. Escalated to PayPal, which will probably be useless.

  4. I ordered one of these for a bit of fun to try it and maybe use for the evening clean and to use a normal toothbrush in the morning. Sadly I ordered on March 10th and here we are May 1st tomorrow and no sign of it. The tracking ref says “sender is preparing your item” and customer service say it is on the way. After waiting 2 months I’ve had to raise a claim with Paypal to get my money back.

  5. I agree, this company is a Scam. You wait too long to have your product, once they arrived, they don’t work as they claim, the silicon material is very smelly. The toothpaste arrived opened! It’s a nightmare to ask for a refund. No warranty at all. Save your time and money.

  6. Complete scam! They’ve taken the money, it’s been over two months and they keep making excuses. I said I’ll contact the police because this is a scam, they stopped replying, probably waiting to get as much money as possible before their company gets shut down!!!

  7. Very bad service! Waste of money and they never even cancelled the order well before it was shipped. Tracking info was all in Chinese and yet another month later no items!

  8. I can’t believe I fell for this. No product since January and they’ve kept my money! They refuse to return my money.

    1. Absolutely true?..I ordered their toothbrush on March 8, today is August 9, over 5 months!!..can’t get a reply! Probably will never see a refund!!

  9. DO NOT BUY. Awaiting delivery for 3 months and it is still not with me. They will not refund. Horrendous communication.

  10. I ordered my product at the start of March and like all these other people have still to this day may 21 have not received my product. Sounds like a scam to me, they have stopped replying to my emails as well. Save your money and order a similar product of amazon!!

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