Sciencemart Reviews {2020} Is it worth the money?

Sciencemart Reviews

Sciencemart Reviews {2020} Is it worth the money? >> This article is about spreading awareness regarding People who are not aware of the latter will gain a slight insight into the same.

Shopping becomes a desirable experience when the deals are best for us as a customer. These days online shopping topping the charts, one gets addicted to it quickly, that’s because,

  • You can shop from any place and position you are in.
  • Shopping is made available at our fingertips.
  • No encounter with pestering salespeople, nor queuing up at long lines before the cash counters.
  • A lot of time is saved.

But, there are certain de-merits that are attached to this e-commerce business over the internet. Firstly, you can get cheated big time if the site at which you are transacting is a fraudulent one.

These days, there are many people, who wish to make quick money through e-business. The process is easy, fast and less time consuming to develop duplicate websites that are meant for robbing. One can hide his or her identity completely and there is no fear of getting caught afterwards.

One has to be utterly careful of such suspicious developments.


Science Mart Store is one online store that has originated in the United States and aims at establishing itself as an ornamental accessories store. It claims to deal with science in it’s ‘About Us’ section, but surprisingly there is no relation to science except for a few designs that simulate stars or some astronomical signs.

The name of the website itself sounds inappropriate, if you match it with the kind products it displays. There’s nothing scientific about any of the products, nor they have any aesthetic value then why is it mentioned that the business deals with science?

The make of the pages are amateurish and lack finesse and completion. It clearly cannot establish trust in the visitors. The products exhibited can be images which can be copied from elsewhere. The items don’t even look unique or different. Such wearables can be found in several other online stores.

So, what’s making distinguishable? For me, it’s just the name which doesn’t relate to it’s product line. Reviews

If you look at the ‘Contact Us’ page, it just shows an email, for all queries. There is no information about the company in terms of location, owner(s), and phone numbers and so on. Even if the email looks valid, how can one ensure that in case of discrepancies or misalignments, customers will get proper response?

It’s understandable, that the designs of the products which imitate certain science related structures and symbols might arouse interest in a genre of customers but in the long run the quality and built of the products aren’t that great. They seem to be like any other similar products already available in the market.

Science Mart Reviews do establish that the website with it’s uncommon idea, has an SSL certification and a safe payment methodology. But, it has a poor content and so definitely fails to create a positive impression among it’s readers.

Is Sciencemart a Scam or Legit?

It’s difficult to state as a scamster or a legitimate one as few customers who have already dealt with the site have got poor experience. Some of them claim to have received inferior quality goods while others haven’t received them at all. In both ways, the sufferer is the customer. has emerged very recently as it’s registration shows 24.02.20. Being a new launch, the website has to gain reputation through external links. The latter also seems less in it’s construction. Without extensive external links, a website can’t make it’s presence felt.

Moreover, isn’t surfacing on any of the social media handles. When I searched ‘facebook’, I didn’t find it.

There’s no evidence that this company actually exists, as no return address have been mentioned on the ‘return section’ of the website. This clearly signifies that is built to make money overnight and disappear.


As a layman, I would always suggest that before indulging in any kind of monetary transaction with a new website, do keep your eyes and ears open. Go through the website properly, if the content isn’t right or doesn’t match the kind of products that the business wants to sell, then better to stay off.

Comparing similar products available at other prudent sites will reveal all the truth. Never get lured by huge discounts and low prices. Every product has a definitive market presence with a standard price. The cost can’t be lessened too much. If it seems so, then definitely something is ‘Fishy’. 

Here, are few points that one should look for in scam sites,

  1. Never click links that are displayed within the body of an e-mail or text message.
  2. Always search for the same links in ‘Google’ or your social media account like ‘facebook’.
  3. In ‘Google’ app also, you might find scam companies appearing at the top, because they pay for doing so.
  4. Always create separate e-mail addresses for online shopping transactions. Never divulge your crucial information just like that. On receiving fraudulent e-mails, do mark them as ‘Report Scam’ in your inbox.
  5. Always check URLs carefully. If it contains repetition of letters or unidentified phonetics or if it’s too long then that’s a matter of concern.
  6. Having a green padlock sign with ‘https’ encryption in the URL shows that the website is safe and secure for transaction. This means the website is SSL certified.
  7. Never divulge your credit card details or passwords if any website soughts that. It’s criminal and can lead to severe consequences in the future.
  8. The contact and copyright information mentioned in the website should be verified. The site should show a legal phone number and a social media presence. Apart from that, the copyright should be up to date.

The best way to know about any new online store is to discuss about it among friends and acquaintances, who are into online shopping. If you don’t find any recognition about the said site among them then just forget about it.

Keeping your hard earned money safe and also vital data pertaining to your bank account(s) is something that only you as a person can do.


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  1. DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY. 9 weeks and nothing. I started an investigation/dispute with my credit card issuer – they have not heard either. If enough people complain maybe they will have no credit card company do business with them.

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