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Vivier Store Reviews – What You Need To Know Before Order


vivier store reviews – What you need to know before order > > This post shares answers of all questions about this online store. Read before placing an order.

Are you looking for bags which are complete style statement? Well, there are a lot of women who are always in search of good bags that can complete their overall attire. Bags are becoming very popular among women as well as men as it helps to accentuate the whole look and is a style statement itself. However, every woman’s search can end here with the vivierstore com. It is getting popular in the United States. This post is having answers to all questions which you might not find in other vivier store reviews.

What Is This Vivier Store? 

It is one of the leading online stores in the United States. This store is very popular among the audience of the United States because of the range of bags and accessories it offers. The collection is chic, stylish, and very modern, but it is only for women.

Women who do not want to waste their time at the market store can opt for a Vivierstore, which is quite impressive and easy to shop. However, the prices can be a bit high for some ladies and can be out of their budget. 

Who’s this for? 

The Vivier store is ultimately for woman shoppers. This is clearly a disadvantage to the shoppers who are men and unfair. The collection of different types of bags excites the women shoppers, which boosts the sales of the online store and vivierstore reviews. Online shopping from it can save time on a daily basis and helps women not to get tired as compared to market shopping. Whereas, this store also offers accessories related to bags like strap patel, etc. 

The men who want to shop the collection especially in there style and taste, have to face the disappointment. There is no collection for men, which provides them the enjoyment of shopping by just sitting at home. 

Benefits of using the Vivier Store

There are a lot of benefits which are related to the Vivier store. We have read about this store across social media platforms to have some customers given viberstore reviews. On the basis of that task, some of the benefits are mentioned below: 

  • The Vivier store is made online with the ultimate goal of attracting the woman buyers who want to buy and add great and beautiful bags in their collection. 
  • The collection of bags with Vivier store includes cross body bags, totes, clutches, fanny packs, shoulder bags, backpack bags, mini bags, and travel bags. 
  • The Vivier store has a phone number as well, where the customers can contact whenever in need. 
  • Along with this, it offers accessories that include wallets, bag straps, and bag accessories. 
  • It comes with the complete safety of placing the order online. 
  • The customers who are facing any issues while placing the order or receiving it can think about it easily. The issues get resolved within a short period of time. 
  • The complete address of the website and its warehouse is given on the official website.

How exactly does Vivier Store work? 

The Vivier store is located online. The person who is interested in buying from the very website needs to visit the official website of it. After visiting the website, the person can go through different collections of the bags which the website offers. Also, the homepage of the website shows some exciting things which will attract the buyers on the first go. On the other hand, it can be quite confusing for some people because clearly, it does not portray that it is an online bag store

Thus, after going through different sections of the website the buyer will be able to know that it only sells bags and related accessories for women. This can be quite disappointing for men as well as women who are looking for something else in the Vivier store. 

How to use it? 

According to the reviews, it is quite simple to operate it. The person can visit the website by going through its official link. Once the official link opens, a customer sees the home page, which is quite impressive and eye-catching but it lacks the complete information to guide the customers. 

On the left side of the website, it shows the complete range of the bags and related accessories. Also, there is a separate option to see the new collection individually. The collection includes cross body bags, totes, clutches, fanny packs, shoulder bags, backpacks, mini bags, and travel bags. It also includes accessories like wallets, bag straps, etc. 

To place the order with a Vivier store, the customer needs to have an account with the store; otherwise it could be challenging to go through the whole process. To have an account of a customer, personal information is to be shared like address, phone number, which some people are hesitant to share. 

On the other hand, the method of payment with the website is only PayPal.

What are people saying about it?

The people who are new to the Vivier store find it quite impressive. The deals on the bags are amazing and very reasonable. The women are completely drooling over the collection which Vivier store has to offer. But some customers find Vivier store a complete scam and have faced troubles after placing the order. 

Therefore, the Vivier store reviews are mixed where it becomes difficult to say whom to trust or not. 

What are the negative remarks? 

According to the Vivier store com reviews, people find it fishy. The prices and deals on the collection of bags are unbelievable. This might attract and lure the customers in the first go but is a complete façade.  

The social media and reliable sources have reached to the conclusion that it is a scam to offer such high discounts by Vivier store. The address which is provided on the online store is unverified, which keeps the store under suspicion. 

However, the website is not even a year old and makes it hard to trust and place an order with it. The payment method is PayPal, which is an online payment that bothers most of the customers.  


The mixed reviews about the Vivier store it hard for the people whether to trust the online store or not. The collection of the online store is fantastic and forces one to place the order immediately. But it is suggested to place an order with Vivier store with complete knowledge so that the hard-earned money of customers does not get wasted. 

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