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Audien Hearing Aids Reviews [May] Read It Before Order!

Audien Hearing Aids Reviews 2020

Audien Hearing Aids Reviews [May] Read It Before Order! -> In this article, you get to know about an online store to buy Hearing Aid.

Are you’re looking to buy Hearing Aid online? Get a look at Audienhearing.

Now you can place your order for your hearing aid, which is rechargeable. We can find that many online websites are emerging, trying to sell products like this online. Audien Hearing Aids Reviews say that the product is the most comfortable one of the year, 2019.

People prefer to buy things online rather than going from shop to shop. It also gives them a better experience by helping them order the best products from around the world.

The website claims that it’s a company is based in the United State. Any company could gain attention from more audience by shifting itself into an online platform. We can find that many companies are turning themselves into the online platform.

It is difficult to find hearing aids that are rechargeable by using the traditional way of shopping. The rechargeable Hearing Aid found in the site can help you to save money that you spend on buying batteries for your aid.

Surely, you will have several doubts about the website and its product. Read this article till the end and get your doubts cleared.

What is Audien hearing aid?

Audienhearingcom is a website where you can buy Hearing Aid. The price of the product is low when compared to other brands. 

Audien Hearing Aid Reviews says that it is the most comfortable one to wear. The product is rechargeable; hence it will help you to save money that you spend on batteries. 

People won’t be able to spot the Hearing Aid at first since it is minimal in size. So you don’t have to bother about people teasing you. Three sizes are available such as large, medium, and small to fit right on your ear.

It will help you to hear sounds present in the environment in a much louder way without much distortion.

Specifications of Audien Hearing Aid:

  • URL:
  • Email
  • Contact number: 2052551112
  • The time required for shipping: Varies from place to place 
  • The time required for delivery: not mentioned
  • Returns or exchange: 30 days
  • Refund within: 5-7 days after receiving back the product
  • Payment method: Credit Cards

Is Audien Hearing Aid worthy? 

We can find that a lot of people have expressed their opinion on the website. Also, many people have commented on the site online. The website is SSL secured, which means it is safe to do transactions using it.

It has been less than seven months that the website has been functioning. That’s why it is still gaining recognition among the customers. We found less Audient Hearing Aids Complaints.

The company has also mentioned its contact number and email address to which the customer can contact at any time in they have any queries regarding the product.

Moreover, the company claims to give 30 days money-back guarantee to the first customer to find the product unsatisfactory.

Hence, the site seems more to be worthy of buying products.

Advantages of buying from Audien Hearing Aid:

  • The price of the product is reasonable when compared to other brands.
  • The hearing aid is available in three different sizes. 
  • The site is SSL secured.

Disadvantages of buying from Audien Hearing Aid:

  • It has been less than seven months that the site is functioning. 
  • Cash on delivery facility is unavailable.
  • Shipping charges applicable to deliver products to other countries

Opinion by the customers of Audien Hearing Aid:

We can find that a lot of customer reviews about the product on the company’s website. Many people have also stated that feedback online. Customers satisfied with the quality of the service that the site is providing.

People live mostly rated above 4 out of five stars for the product, which shows their satisfaction. The price of the product is something that attracted most of the customers.

Final verdict:

The website is SSL secured and has been functioning for about seven months, which means the site is safe to do transactions and to order products. We found a lot of reviews from satisfied customers on the website as well as online.

The company aims to provide 30 days money-back guarantee if the customer finds the product unsatisfactory. Hence, we think that the product is worth buying.

We would recommend you to place your valuable feedback below if you wish to share any further information.


  1. The site states a 30 money back guarantee but from date of order, not date of delivery. It is approaching
    30 day since my order and still have not received my shipment or even a date of shipment. Should I cancel
    my order and demand my money back before 30 days?

  2. I also ordered hearing aids from Audien, on April 29, 2020. Didn’t reveive them until June 01/2020. Dutifully tried them as instructed. One does not work at all, the other doesn’t work unless the volume is turned to the max level, both are too large for my small ears. Now, it turns out, that I most likely cannot return them & get my money back because they have to be returned “un-used”, in the same condition as I finally received them . This whole scheme is a rip-off. If a person does not receive the order till a month or more after the order is placed, and cannot try them out as instructed for the 30 day trial, how can someone return them and get their money back?
    Your return/refund policy is so flawed, it is unlawful. I believe the only way to get some companies to stand behind their products and be fair to their customers is to file a complaint to Consumer Protection at both State & Federal levels.

  3. Forgot another problem with the hearing aids, the adjustment controls are minuscule , and too small for my arthritic fingers.

  4. The company is a rip off, scam! Bought mine with idea of at least a 30 day guarantee…it took 2 months to arrive…1 partially worked, other dead on arrival…contacted company 3 days after receiving, gave them plenty of time to charge..,still worthless…company is a scam…will only give back 50 % of what I paid…and have to pay to return… 30 day guarantee is if you do not open them according to the fine print…Chinese rip off and scam. DO NOT BUY !!!

  5. I agree with your remarks…..luckily I read their refund policy before considering trying a pair and did not order……..I cannot believe a company will put out a 30 day return policy but not be honest with the buyer about how it works……very deceiving . You should be allowed an opportunity to try a product and determine its worth….

  6. I got mine after three weeks one dose not work and I tried to call and spent 15 minutes on hold ,then was told to press 1 to leave message pressed 1 then it said to call back during business hours. Tried to find a return address no luck . Was told $89 was charged $153
    Not a reputable company

  7. Not only did I not receive my order in a timely order but the hearing aids are too big to fit in my ears. So they got my money but I have no hearing aids to use or try out. What a scam , ATTENTION: DO NOT ORDER OR BUY.

  8. I bought 2 hearing aids from this company, tried them and they were terrible. Seeking a full refund. I recommend staying away from this company and their products. They advertise 30 day money back guarantee but add a great deal of fine print so they do not have to refund customers hard earned dollars. I will be filing a Commer complaint.

  9. I have had my Audien EV3 aids for about one month, I haven’t been able to wear them that long because one aid started to work intermittently. I have tried to contact the company by e-mail at least twice, to no avail. I liked the EV3’S, but based on their customer service I can’t recommend them!

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