Audien Hearing Aids Reviews [Jan 2021] Read It Before Order!

Audien Hearing Aids Reviews 2020

Audien Hearing Aids Reviews [Jan 2021] Read It Before Order! -> In this article, you get to know about an online store to buy Hearing Aid.

Are you’re looking to buy Hearing Aid online? Get a look at Audienhearing.

Now you can place your order for your hearing aid, which is rechargeable. We can find that many online websites are emerging, trying to sell products like this online. Audien Hearing Aids Reviews say that the product is the most comfortable one of the year, 2019.

People prefer to buy things online rather than going from shop to shop. It also gives them a better experience by helping them order the best products from around the world.

The website claims that it’s a company is based in the United State. Any company could gain attention from more audience by shifting itself into an online platform. We can find that many companies are turning themselves into the online platform.

It is difficult to find hearing aids that are rechargeable by using the traditional way of shopping. The rechargeable Hearing Aid found in the site can help you save money you spend on buying batteries for your aid. Indeed, you will have several doubts about the website and its product. 

We have done in-depth research so that you get only the best and decided to share hearing aid brands like- Digital Hearing Amplifier, Williams Sound PockeTalker Ultra Duo Sound Amplifier, Rechargeable Pocket Amplifier, and many more.

What is Audien hearing aid?

Audienhearingcom is a website where you can buy Hearing Aid. The price of the product is low when compared to other brands. 

Audien Hearing Aid Reviews says that it is the most comfortable one to wear. The product is rechargeable; hence it will help you to save money that you spend on batteries. 

People won’t be able to spot the Hearing Aid at first since it is minimal in size. So you don’t have to bother about people teasing you. Three sizes are available such as large, medium, and small to fit right on your ear.

It will help you hear sounds present in the environment much louder without much distortion.

Specifications of Audien Hearing Aid:

  • URL:
  • Email
  • Contact number: 2052551112
  • The time required for shipping: Varies from place to place 
  • The time required for delivery: not mentioned
  • Returns or exchange: 30 days
  • Refund within: 5-7 days after receiving back the product
  • Payment method: Credit Cards

Is Audien Hearing Aid worthy? 

We can find that a lot of people have expressed their opinion on the website. Also, many people have commented on the site online. The website is SSL secured, which means it is safe to do transactions using it.

It has been less than seven months that the website has been functioning. That’s why it is still gaining recognition among the customers. We found less Audient Hearing Aids Complaints.

The company has also mentioned its contact number and email address to which the customer can contact if they have any queries regarding the product. But the address is not mentioned, which creates some doubts.

So there can be a possibility of being a scam. Also, the content is plagiarized, and the site lacks a social media presence, which is also the reason to worry.  Hence we suggest you choose from some other better option we are going to share now: Britzgo Premium Rechargeable Hearing Aid, Sawyer Doctor’s Mini Sound Amplifier Aids, and Pocketalker Ultra 2.0 Platinum Package

Features of this product:

  •  Dimensions : 5.55 x 3.86 x 1.3 inches; 5.15 Ounces
  • Batteries: 2  Specific batteries are included
  • It has an extra-long rechargeable battery.
  • It has two frequency mode Program 1 and programs -2
  • Program1- It is for High-frequency range
  • Program2- It is for Low-frequency range
  • The company offers a year warranty, a 90-day money-back guarantee, and free replacements.
  • It is simple to use and comfortable to wear
  • It has Smart Noise Cancellation.

Pros of buying Britzgo Premium Rechargeable Hearing Aid
  • Amazon has ranked #68,969 in Health & Household
  • Ranking on Amazon #52 in Hearing Amplifiers.
  • Two rechargeable batteries are fee.
  • It allows you to be fully engaged.
  • It’s entry-level noise reduction capabilities helps to reduce unwanted noise.
  • There are many positive reviews seen on Amazon.
  • It could be fit in either ear.
Cons of buying Britzgo Premium Rechargeable Hearing Aid
  • You need to pay an extra $19.95 shipping fee.
  • This product is not available in every country.

Features of the product:

  •  Dimensions : 5.7 x 4.2 x 1.1 inches; 
  • Weight 4.8 Ounces
  • It will work for 10 hours after charging.
  • It is portable.
  • It has two key switches. The long press is for turn on/off, and the short press is for Volume.
  • It can effectively restore sound.
  • It could fit anyone’s ears.
  • It is comfortable.
  • It has an ergonomic design.
  • The company provides a 30-days unconditional return service.

Pros of buying Sawyer Doctor’s Mini Sound Amplifiers Aids
  • It has received 5-star ratings from Amazon.
  • Many positive reviews could be seen on Amazon.
  • It helps the listener to hear missed sound with clarity.
  • The company offers a warranty.
  • It could be taken anytime and anywhere.
Cons of buying Sawyer Doctor’s Mini Sound Amplifiers Aids
  • The product is available in the US.

Features of this product:

  • Product Dimensions : 4.9 x 2 x 1 inches; 3.04 Ounces
  • Batteries: It has 6 AAA batteries (included)
  • The new version 2.0 is more comfortable.
  • It is slim.
  • It has an ergonomic design.
  • It can work for up to 105 hours.
  • It has T-coil for better hearing.
  • It gives you superior sound quality.
  • The platinum package offers clothes and extra batteries.
  • It gives a 5-year warranty and 90 days for other accessories.

Pros of buying Pocketalker Ultra 2.0 Platinum Package
  • It is ranked as #90 in Amplifiers on Amazon.
  • The reviews show that the customers are delighted with this product.
  • It has received a 4.3-star on Amazon.
  • The company offers a warranty, even for accessories.
Cons of buying Pocketalker Ultra 2.0 Platinum Package
  • The product is intended for sale in the US only.
  • It is Not for children under 3 yrs.

Pros of buying from
  • The site has a trendy outlook.
  • The company offers a 30-day money-back guarantee.
  • The company offers free worldwide shipping.
Cons of buying from
  • The site has plagiarized content.
  • There is no contact address available.
  • The domain has a short life expectancy.
  • It has a trust score of 8% only.
  • It lacks a social media presence.

Opinion by the customers of Audien Hearing Aid:

We can find that a lot of customer reviews about the product on the company’s website. Many people have also stated that feedback online. Customers are satisfied with the quality of the service that the site is providing.

People live mostly rated above 4 out of five stars for the product, which shows their satisfaction. But the site lacks reviews on any social media site or any other platform, which could be a cause of concern. 

Final verdict:

To conclude, we can say the site has a valid HTTP connection, a trendy and useful product, a customer review section on the site, email id, and contact number. But there are some red signals like the absence of contact address, plagiarized content, social media absence, and reviews on other platforms. Although it’s a newbie, it will take some time to adjust to online culture. But many domain-related issues can’t be ignored. 

We recommend you go for another better option we have discussed in the earlier section as the site seems to be potentially a scam.

Feel free to reach out to us and share your views in the comment section below. 

0 thoughts on “Audien Hearing Aids Reviews [Jan 2021] Read It Before Order!

  1. The site states a 30 money back guarantee but from date of order, not date of delivery. It is approaching
    30 day since my order and still have not received my shipment or even a date of shipment. Should I cancel
    my order and demand my money back before 30 days?

  2. I ordered my hearing sids over a month ago and still havent received them. When can I expect them

  3. I ordered my hearing aids over a month ago and still havent received them. When should I expect them

  4. I also ordered hearing aids from Audien, on April 29, 2020. Didn’t reveive them until June 01/2020. Dutifully tried them as instructed. One does not work at all, the other doesn’t work unless the volume is turned to the max level, both are too large for my small ears. Now, it turns out, that I most likely cannot return them & get my money back because they have to be returned “un-used”, in the same condition as I finally received them . This whole scheme is a rip-off. If a person does not receive the order till a month or more after the order is placed, and cannot try them out as instructed for the 30 day trial, how can someone return them and get their money back?
    Your return/refund policy is so flawed, it is unlawful. I believe the only way to get some companies to stand behind their products and be fair to their customers is to file a complaint to Consumer Protection at both State & Federal levels.

    1. BUYER BEWARE. They didn’t work at all – except as ear plugs – couldn’t hear a thing other than static/white noise. Their support didn’t get back to me for days & then just sent links to troubleshooting tips like charge them up and turn them on (duh). When you click to message them on Facebook messenger, you immediately see a statement saying ‘Oh no, you’ve received a defective pair’. And they never replied to the message I sent.
      I was sceptical but the ads & all over the website it said “30 day money back guarantee” “see for yourself”. And there were lots of reviews saying how great they are. What you don’t see until you try to return them is unless you haven’t opened the box you have to pay at least $8 plus a $29 restocking fee – oh, and the box must be intact with no damage.
      They are probably sending out the returned items over & over and making at least $37 each time.

  5. Forgot another problem with the hearing aids, the adjustment controls are minuscule , and too small for my arthritic fingers.

  6. The company is a rip off, scam! Bought mine with idea of at least a 30 day guarantee…it took 2 months to arrive…1 partially worked, other dead on arrival…contacted company 3 days after receiving, gave them plenty of time to charge..,still worthless…company is a scam…will only give back 50 % of what I paid…and have to pay to return… 30 day guarantee is if you do not open them according to the fine print…Chinese rip off and scam. DO NOT BUY !!!

  7. I agree with your remarks…..luckily I read their refund policy before considering trying a pair and did not order……..I cannot believe a company will put out a 30 day return policy but not be honest with the buyer about how it works……very deceiving . You should be allowed an opportunity to try a product and determine its worth….

    1. I ordered them for my husband. It took quite a while to get them and in the meantime I received a notice they will be upgraded because I had to wait so long. When I ordered them I paid for the upgrade so I requested that I be reimbursed for the airstream money I paid at the time I order them. So far I have had no response and they have not credited me back my upgrade charge. Also. The charger does not work correctly. One works very well and charges the hearing aid fully the other one charges but the charge lasts a very short time so you could never get a full charge on both hearing aids. I notified the company of this problem and I would expect to get a replacement of the charging unit but so far no answer to my request. Would not order from them again

    2. Totally agree with you. Do not buy from Audien Hearing. 30 day money-back guarantee is a lie. I told them I was unhappy with the product as all I could hear was back ground noise. They said since they were used I would be given a credit for my purchase less a $29.00 credit. Fine but it’s not the money-back guarantee I was led to believe. I have yet to receive this refund nor will they answer my emails. A VERY UNHAPPY CUSTOMER.

      P.S. One of the chargers did not work upon arrival.

  8. I got mine after three weeks one dose not work and I tried to call and spent 15 minutes on hold ,then was told to press 1 to leave message pressed 1 then it said to call back during business hours. Tried to find a return address no luck . Was told $89 was charged $153
    Not a reputable company

  9. Not only did I not receive my order in a timely order but the hearing aids are too big to fit in my ears. So they got my money but I have no hearing aids to use or try out. What a scam , ATTENTION: DO NOT ORDER OR BUY.

  10. I bought 2 hearing aids from this company, tried them and they were terrible. Seeking a full refund. I recommend staying away from this company and their products. They advertise 30 day money back guarantee but add a great deal of fine print so they do not have to refund customers hard earned dollars. I will be filing a Commer complaint.

  11. I have had my Audien EV3 aids for about one month, I haven’t been able to wear them that long because one aid started to work intermittently. I have tried to contact the company by e-mail at least twice, to no avail. I liked the EV3’S, but based on their customer service I can’t recommend them!

  12. This company is a ripoff. They charged my credit card immediately and then took 2 months to send the hearing aids. I had emailed them and instructed them to cancel my order. They ignored this and sent them anyway. I never received the hearings aids and the tracking number they provided was bogus. Do not deal with this company!

  13. I have not received the hearing aids. They keep sending me emails that they were delivered! & want to know why I don’t like them??? I didn’t receive them!! Thats why.. Horrible experience, very bad customer service. ???

  14. Received them in decent time, a couple of weeks. After ordering the updated model I received email saying they were out of original model and were sending updated model. I e mailed wanting to know if I was going to get my extra $60 back. Received e mail of course I am sending you back $60. Rr dived another r mail saying $53 was being sent back. Still have not received the credit back to my card,

    Now the hearing aids do not fit. Will not stay In ears even using smallest tip. And to add after 2 days one does not even charge.

    Summary total waste of money

  15. According to their website, their refund is only if unused and unopened packaging, meaning you can’t try them and then return if your not happy.

  16. This company offers a refund, but if you open the package, you lose $22.00 because they have to sanitize it. I searched for the address of the company, and it shows in the middle of the desert. No kidding! Then never answer the emails, and their phone line is always busy.
    You buy from them and you end with a terrible product and no returns.
    Audien Hearing, 18790 S. Blossson Ave. Picacho, AZ 85141


  17. Don’t buy these-they have no customer support and will not allow you to return them-You will be stuck!!! I never even tried them on -way bigger than the pictures.So I sent them back and they in-turn refused them and returned them to me.

  18. Do NOT waste your time or money , I ordered the $89.00 dollar aids & when I got to the cart there had been an upgrade added that brought the total to $ 129.00 that I did NOT approve , after consideration I went ahead & ordered them anyway ,then I got an e-mail that said I had been upgraded to the EV3 at no extra cost ! I should have known there was something fishy going on but they arrived within 10 days or so .I was happy with the product for a full day before 1 quit working all the time, it worked & then it didn’t I complained to the company & got a form letter that told me how to troubleshoot the aids . I jumped thru all the hoops & still nothing , I complained again & got the same form letter . If they had read & comprehended the letter I wrote complaining they would have known I had done all the troubleshooting that applied to the situation. After another 4 or 5 e-mails ,I sent them back with a note inside the box that told them I wanted them replaced at no cost to me because they were defective ( 1 of 3 options ), instead they sent my money back minus $29.00 for an unsuitable return . Long story short …….. DON’T give them your money it’s a fantasy & you’ll never be happy with them .

  19. I can not recommend purchasing hearing aids from Audien . I ordered the upgraded (scam) set for an additional $60.00. Received the product which never worked. Returned to Audien and they sent me an email stating there was a $29.00 fee if I opened the packaging and or used them. Truth be known I had to open the package and try them on in order to ascertain weather or not they work. In the mean time I called American Express and filed a charge back on the entire cost. Low and behold I receive an email from Audien 21 days later. They refunded me by purchase price minus the $29.00. Three days later I called Amex to verify the refund and there was none. Do not waste your time and energy on this company. Total scam.

  20. ALERT!!! ALERT!!! ALERT!!!In my opinion AUDIEN HEARING AID EV3 is a HEARING AIDE I upgrade to because of the advertisement. I am disappointed in the  EV3 HEARING AID and AUDIEN HEARING CUSTOMER SERVICE  when they heard REFUND customer service could not tell me what is going on with my refund after many tries I took the 50% refund to save me money because you pay for it to be shipped back also in there words  a $29 restocking fee will be applied so that our team can process, sanitize, and test the inventory. it make sense to take the 50% refund and keep the EV3 HEARING AIDE it is more cost (Effective)to just trash them.I think for as long as I have been trying to get a refund with in the 30 day policy I think they are trying to wait until the 30 days has expired !! I am just a (Senior Citizen) I’m  just saying!!! I need my money to go a long way can not afford to lose or have my money held up

  21. ALERT!!! ALERT!!! ALERT!!! In my opinion AUDIEN HEARING AID EV3 is a HEARING AIDE I upgrade to because of the advertisement. I am disappointed in the  EV3 HEARING AID and AUDIEN HEARING CUSTOMER SERVICE  when they heard REFUND customer service could not tell me what is going on with my refund after many tries I took the 50% refund to save me money because you pay for it to be shipped back also in there words  a $29 restocking fee will be applied so that our team can process, sanitize, and test the inventory. it make sense to take the 50% refund and keep the EV3 HEARING AIDE it is more cost (Effective)to just trash them.I think for as long as I have been trying to get a refund with in the 30 day policy I think they are trying to wait until the 30 days has expired !!

  22. I agree this company, Audien is a scam. Should have known something that cheap couldn’t be true. First, its a hearing amplifier, not a true hearing aid- there is no background noise suppression at all, although all sounds and voices are louder, all I heard was background noise- I can’t wear these things. I finally went to a reputable hearing specialist and got real, fitted, programmed for my particular hearing loss hearing aids. Did I spend a lot more? sure did! ALOT more (luckily I only need one side for now) Am I happy ? Yes! After reading all the problems here concerning returns I’ll eat the $89 and chalk it up to a learning experience. My best advise to anyone who thinks you have a hearing loss is go to a reputable Audiologist, get checked properly, spend what you need to ( a lot of the top hearing aid companies offer 0% financing plus warranties and lifetime programming) Ever since this industry was “de-regulated” ie you can buy cheap devices on the internet, its flooded with cheap hearing amplifiers- even my Dr said there are dozens of scam companies out there. Buyer beware-

  23. Check out Guess what? Exact same web page, with a minor variation in the mother daughter story and pcitre. Rip off and scam for sure!!!
    You will see a lot of these ads on Facebook and other places. Most of them are cheap stuff that don’t work.

  24. What a waste of money. I am disgusted with myself for not researching this scam before I ordered them for my mother. They lasted for approximately four weeks, and the warranty is 30 days. Of course, she does not qualify for any kind of refund. The company and the warranty are both useless. I do not recommend them AT ALL! Disgusting to scam people

  25. I keep telling myself not to fall for shit on the internet…..but I did. Thought I would gamble with
    89 bucks just to see if these hearing aides really work. #1… the feedback just about blew my brains
    out causing severe headaches. # 2, White noise was maddening to the point of insanity. Going to
    simply throw them in the garbage and go back to a real ear specialists. Audien seems to be
    more of a gimmick, especially when they bait and switch you to an upgraded offer TWICE, each at a
    lower price then they upgrade you for free anyway. That tactic only works on car warranty scams.
    Save your money people. Go see a doctor if you need a hearing aide. I never did find out if they
    really worked as a hearing aide. I was afraid to put them in my ears again. Screw the refund.

  26. I really like your blog.. very nice colors & theme. Did you make this website yourself or did you hire someone to do it for you? Plz respond as I’m looking to create my own blog and would like to find out where u got this from. many thanks fГ¶r och nackdelar

  27. WHAT A WASTE OF MONEY! POOR EXCUSE FOR A HEARING AID! SAVE YOUR MONEY! I purchased these so called hearing aids and what a scam. So much feed back and the voices you hear are not clear and not able to understand what someone is saying. The old phrase you get what you pay for it very true in this case. Cheap but all junk!

  28. Was told when purchasing I had 60 or 90 days to return for FULL reimbursement if they did not meet my needs. They advertised that they helped with noise cancelation, they did not. All they do is amplify sound which did not meet my needs. They said they would be delivered in a prompt manner, they were not. I ordered them on Jan. 19, 2020 and did not receive then until August (7 months later). They state in the instructions that you must use them consistently for 30 days to make sure you were fully used to them, I did and they did not meet my needs. I contacted them on and was told to use a specific site to return them. I entered my order number and received a computer generated response stating that I ordered them on Jan 19th and I have exceeded the 50 days to return them. The problem is I ordered them in January and should have returned them by March 9th. BUT I DID NOT RECEIVE THEM UNTIL AUGUST. HELLO problem is the date to return them by was well before I even received them to try for 30 days. Bad advertising, bad customer service. I want my funds returned to me.

  29. I get it. Hearing aids are expensive. Some as low as 3000 for the pair and some as much as 7500 for the pair. But did anyone ever stop and think as to why that is?

    This company claims their product are hearing aids. Correction: they are AMPLIFIERS! The difference between hearing aids and amplifiers? Hearing aids are customized to each individual patient and their hearing loss, difficulties and individual needs. Each person has a different hearing loss and different configuration. When you program a hearing aid, each frequency is adjusted to the patient directly. Not everyone needs the same amount of amplification at each frequency band. Amplifiers do just that. And guess what happens: hearing loss becomes even worse!! Because you are over saturating your nerves with excess sound that is not needed.
    This company claims that you can adjust for your needs. Adjust what? The volume control? Wonderful. This company does not require a hearing test (the one diagnostic measure that is needed to provide proper treatment). The patient cannot be in charge of treatment!

    Question why is it that hearing aids are so expensive and amplifiers like these are so cheap? Because they are made cheaply. You try to save money and purchase for 89 bucks, your results will be 89 bucks and probably even worse.
    I can’t tell you how many patients I see daily that come in this junk begging for help.

    These are custom devices huh? Custom devices require a silicone ear mold impression to create a hearing aids completely custom to the patient with additional acoustical modifications for clarity of sound and reduction in background noise.
    This company gives you a standard piece that is made the same for everyone and claims it will fit your year.
    What about large ears, narrow ears, curvy ears, surgical ears?
    The profession of audiology exists for a reason. Audiologists are DOCTORS who specialize in hearing loss, balance and tinnitus. We go through a rigorous program to obtain the education we have because dealing with hearing loss is so much more than just purchasing devices.

    Please think twice and do your RESEARCH before falling for a scam like this. Please a good blender doesn’t even cost 89 dollars and you’re talking about medical equipment that is supposed to stimulate your nerves for signal transmission to your brain for that price. Cmon!!!

    Go to an audiologist and get the proper treatment and care before you go buying some cheap junk that won’t do anything for you.
    P.S. good job Audien for deleting my Facebook comment and blocking me. A legitimate company would not have to do that if they were confident their product was doing what it was meant to do

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