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Givenus Scam [Jan] Read This Review Before You Buy

Givenus Scam 2020

Givenus Scam [Jan] Read This Review Before You Buy -> If you are a student and looking for a trustworthy educational website, then this article will help to know about the legitimacy of the website.

Do you still need some help regarding your education? Do you always find it challenging to find a reliable educational website? Well, this webpage might be helpful for you to get all the information that can be trusted before getting any subscription. However, all the information available on the internet about the Givenus Scam suggests the website to be a big fraud.

Also, this online educational website shows attractive scholarship offers for the students in the starting, but no student has got benefits after getting this website’s subscriptions. Moreover, a lot of students from United State have been trapped by this online website and has significant losses. 

So, it will be better for students to check for the legitimacy of the website properly before making any transactions before getting scholarships.

Let’s get some more detailed information about the website.

What is is an online educational website that claims to provide thousands of dollars to the students as scholarships. However, the number of students complaining about the Givenus Scam is increasing with every passing day. 

This is an online website displaying various motivational blogs to the students and articles involving some money investing techniques. 

Furthermore, the website seems to be trustworthy at the start, but it’s better to read the online reviews of the previous subscribers to be sure of the realness of the website.

Who’s This For?

This online website claiming to provide a large amount of money to the students as scholarships is specially designed for students. This is meant for students who require some financial help for getting a good education.

However, the Givenus Website makes the legitimacy of the website questionable. And the user can get plenty of reasons to prove it to be a scam from the honest reviews of the previous users present online.


  • Website type: educational website providing scholarships
  • Company’s phone number: 305-257-8494
  • Company’s address: 113 Cherry St. #44449 Seattle, WA 98104, United States
  • E-mail address: not mentioned on the website

Pros Of Getting Subscription On Givenus.Com:

  • The website is designed with a fantastic layout and looks attractive to the users.
  • This online website has got a lot of motivational and useful blogs regarding daily life and some money investment decisions.
  • A valid SSL certificate has been found.
  • Alexa has ranked the website high based on the traffic volume.

Cons Of Getting Subscription On Givenus.Com:

Along with some positive facts, the website has got plenty of negative remarks online from various consumers that have already tried the services of the site and are entirely unsatisfied with the website. All these complaints of users who have already got a subscription, and have made initial payments are mentioned below:

  • No reviews regarding the website have found on any popular online review site.
  • The consumer has to make an initial payment in dollars of about $800 as a processing fee.
  • The website sends e-mails to the subscribers that are of no use, and previous users have suggested to delete them immediately.
  • The users who have received the scholarships mentioned that the amount they received was not enough for their expenses.
  • Some users said it to be a total waste of time and money.

What Are The Users Saying About The Website? has an online review section that is loaded with negative comments and complaints. Some of the users have complained that they got a lot of e-mails from the website containing a lot of further links which are of no use. Some users have complained that the e-mails look shady and are fake and useless.

Furthermore, some users have also mentioned that after making the initial payment in dollars, even then they didn’t get any considerable reply and not even a single penny as scholarship. Such reviews prove the reports regarding the Givenus Scam quite right.


Well, there are plenty of red flags in the way to trust the website entirely as there are a lot of reviews suggesting it to be a complete fraud. This website doesn’t have even a single review that shows a student getting his or her scholarship from here.

However, the online Givenus Scam Website reports have marked the website to be fake and can’t be recommended to anyone. And it is not safe for consumers to access.

So, the user must do his checking before making any initial payments.

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