A 30 Second Explainer Video, Is That Even Possible?

Complete Guide to 30 Second Explainer Video Creation

It’s no secret that explainer videos are a godsend for your site. This is because they provide you with a huge number of benefits and conversions. Many people ask how to make such a video? In this article, we will find out.

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Step 1 – Study the topic and take notes.

Even if it is a subject in which you have extensive knowledge, it is advisable to do some research beforehand, perhaps something has changed, or you will find explanations that you can use as a reference for writing your screenplay.

You usually start with the problem or need of your prospect or your target audience, so you need to know what they are looking for.

In all your research, remember that whatever you want to include in your video presentation, make sure it’s not copyrighted. If the content is protected by copyright steam, then make sure that it is used in a legal way.

Every time you see something important, write it down on a Word sheet or notepad.

Step 2.- Write the script for your future doodle commercial.

The script is the backbone of animated videos, making them is very similar to producing any explanatory video, and you can also add a few drawings next to certain phrases, so you can get ready and start having more or less images.

Tell a story with your script. As humans, we live for stories, we can’t help but be attracted to them and feel identified with the characters. Remember that for your story or explanation to be successful, your story must be centered on your audience and their problems.

Once your script is ready, read it out loud and change as many times as necessary until you feel comfortable.

Step 3. Make a storyboard by hand.

Maybe you are not the best cartoonist, but it doesn’t matter, even if your drawings are little monkeys made of sticks and balloons, try to make your own storyboard. This way you can improve your script. A storyboard describes the actions and visual aspects of your video.

Step 4.- Tell your script

Once you’ve finished your script and decide it’s ready, start telling. To do this, it is fashionable to use various audio editing programs.

Here are some tips for making your storytelling good:

* Choose a microphone: Prepare your professional microphone or make sure that the sound is high quality and good.

* Record each part of your monologue several times: this way you can choose the version you like best, try different volume, intensity, speed, rhythm, etc.

If you don’t want to voice your script, you can pay someone to voice it for you.

Step 5.- Programs for creating commercials

Regardless of which tool you are going to use, the steps above are the same. At the last stage, you need to choose a software tool where you will create your video. It can be any program convenient for you.

Now you know how to create 30 second explainer videos. If you want to make your work easier, you can always contact the experts in their field, namely https://explain.ninja/video-for-children/.

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