Xtreme Time Rubberized Earbuds {Oct} Is It A Legit Buy?

Xtreme Time Rubberized Earbuds 2020

Xtreme Time Rubberized Earbuds {Oct} Is It A Legit Buy? >> Looking for great wireless experience, just grab your nose into this article for best experience.

Due to COVID, we’ve been at home for like 8 months or something. I’ve lost track of time, honestly. While working, we’ve obviously got calls to attend, and it does not end well if kids are home. 

While you could use a green screen, let’s face it, not everyone will buy a green screen for working from home. You could use a good set of headphones, which is why we have for you, Xtreme Time Rubberized Earbuds.

In the United States the people are best listener for the trendy music and they keep on switching from the wired ones to ear buds.

The same way, we will share information about a product which you can buy and it has an impressive design and it is in your creative practice. 

What is the Xtreme Time Rubberized Earbuds?

Xtreme is a newly designed headset which is well-suited and can be paired with all Bluetooth empowered devices. You can do a load of things with this product. You could go about doing chores while you listen to your favourite songs. 

With Xtreme Time Rubberized Earbuds one could do the best with listening to melody conversing over the mobile, deprived of the annoyance of taking the mobile around. It seems very cool and appealing and apt for the go getters.

What is unique about the Xtreme Time Rubberized Earbuds?

The quality of lesser power feasting, integral microphone is the catch for the device. Case doesn’t slip.

  • Can pair two buds to the same device.
  • Sound quality is good.
  • Designed to not hurt ears, even after prolonged use.
  • Uses Bluetooth 4.2 for good connectivity.
  • Mic not sold separately.
  • As per Xtreme Time Rubberized Earbuds reviews Bluetooth remains active in a 33 foot radius.
  • Can be used for 3 hours per charge.
  • Can standby for 40 hours.
  • Charges in 2 hours, tops.
  • Inline controls are available, so you don’t need to pick up your phone to do stuff.
  • Box contents:
  • Two ear buds.
  • Charging cord.
  • Box
  • Instruction book


  • It is a wireless headphone like ear buds and has an rubberized anti-slip cover
  • The product has variation of colours like white, black, blue, teal, green, and charcoal, coral.
  • It has Bluetooth version 4.2
  • The range of Bluetooth is up to 33 inch
  • The device can be used for 2-3 hours
  • It can be charged with in 1-2 hour as per Xtreme Time Rubberized Earbuds reviews.
  • It comes with a USB
  • The size of the Product is 4.2”x2.2 “x4.2”
  • The weight of the Product is 0.8 lbs
  • The cost of the Product is $79.99

Pros of using these Xtreme Time Rubberized Earbuds:

  • The standbuy time of forty hous is great.
  • It is very decent and handy to operate.

Cons of using these Xtreme Time Rubberized Earbuds:

  • The backup is not advisable.
  • The size is not suitable to all ear sizes.
  • The blue tooth range is less.

Customer reviews-

We have customer reviews for Xtreme Time Rubberized Earbuds, so you know whether or not it is viable to buy these. These aren’t that expensive, and are just as good as any crazy-expensive ear buds.

You can do a load of things with this product. You could go about doing chores while you listen to your favourite songs. Chill on the couch, listening to a podcast. Xtreme Time ear buds are very viable for people who like exercising, since you can listen to great music while you work out.

Product is good, recommended. You can listen to music while working, 5m away from your phone. And that is good. It has a built-in mic, so you don’t have to worry about buying a microphone separately. They’re also battery-efficient, so you can really be efficient with these things. Xtreme Time Rubberized Earbuds helps you to use them for phone calls too.

You can connect both of them to a single device for a G O L D E X P E R I E N C E.

You can reject calls, pause and play things and even skip music, without having to ever unlock your phone. 


Battery lasts long. Product works well. One side stopped working after a month. I ordered T H R E E pairs.

 “Product is good. Does what it is supposed to. A bit too large for comfort and don’t connect to the same device, eventually, I stopped trying”- Reviewer. So, just make your research and grab it.

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