10 Tips That Helps You Excel at Using Your Mac

Easy Way Top 10 Tips That Helps You Excel at Using Your Mac

Macs are known to integrate some outstanding features and functions that some users might not be aware of. 

This article will provide you with some valuable tips that should make you get more out of your MacBook. 

Take a Screenshot of Selected Screen

Capturing the entire Mac screen is not always required. Mac allows you to take a screenshot of a particular area of the screen. Press Cmd + Shift + 4 to capture a selected portion of the screen. 

Adjust the selection pane, and the screenshot will be saved to your Mac’s desktop by default. You may later save the screenshot at any other location on the computer. Press Cmd + Shift + 3 keys to capture the entire MacBook screen. 

Open Snapchat on Mac

Snapchat is available on all operating systems and devices, but macOS currently does not support the popular messaging platform. However, you can open Snapchat on your Mac via a third-party application. 

You may find a lot of emulators online that can allow you to open and use Snapchat on your MacBook if you want to do that.

Save Webpages as PDF 

If you are using Safari, Apple’s native web browser, you can export webpages as PDF without using any extensions or third-party apps. Open the webpage in Safari, click File and select Export as PDF. 

Navigate to the location where you want to save the webpage as PDF on your computer and select Save. Not just that, you can further share these web pages as PDF files across Apple devices running on the same Apple ID using AirDrop. 

Use Force Quit Command 

If you are not able to find Ctrl + Alt + Delete keys on your Mac keyboard, Command + Options + Esc keys are there for you to make your work easy. Pressing this key combination will pop up the Force Quit window, which will let you pick and terminate any program from the list of running apps. 

Alternatively, go to the Apple menu and select Force Quit from the top-left menu. Though you should not use the Force Quit option often to close the running applications, it can be recommended if your system slows down. If you find any redundant applications, delete them for your mac system improvement to make it work faster. 

Split View to Work on Multiple Apps

The Split View feature will allow you to multitask on your computer and improve your productivity. To use Split View on your Mac running on Catalina, hover your mouse over the upper left corner of the window and hold down the green-colored button on the screen.

Select Tile Window to Right of Screen to place the app on the right side. One of the apps you want to work in will open on the right side of the screen. Next, open an app, hover the mouse over the green-colored button and select Tile Window to Left of Screen to place the app window on the left side of the Mac screen. 

Rename Multiple Files Altogether

Saving files with organized naming conventions is one of the most tedious and time-consuming tasks as well. If you have to rename hundreds of work-related files on your computer, you may find it annoying.

However, there’s a simple way to do it. Select all the files that you need to rename, right-click on them and select Rename. The system will store all the files in a sequential format, making it easier to locate them when required. 

Use Thesaurus to Discover Word Meanings

macOS takes care of all your usability needs, and Thesaurus is one such way to enhance your customer experience. It allows you to explore more about any particular word by pressing Command + Control + D keys. 

Using Thesaurus on a MacBook to find the word meaning of any selected word is even more simple. Tap the trackpad using three fingers, and you can use Thesaurus the way you want. 

Adjust Volume Silently  

The volume keys in Apple come with amazing features, but the controls themselves make noise, which not every user likes. These keys make annoying sounds whenever the user attempts to adjust the volume.

If you feel this sounds frustrating, don’t worry, as you can adjust the volume silently. Mute this sound by holding down the Shift key while pressing down the volume keys. 

Use Glowing Cursor on Your Mac

If you are a creative being, this one will attract you more than anything. You can turn your mouse pointer into a glowing cursor. This feature certainly helps locate the cursor if you are using a darker background on your Mac screen. With a dark background, it’s difficult to spot the cursor easily, so the glowing cursor feature can help.

You can also adjust the cursor size for better usability, and it is rather useful if you are working on a small Mac screen or MacBook. 

Switch to a Different Browser 

Safari is the default internet browser for macOS and iOS, but it does not mean that you should stick to it. Sure, a tailor-made application like that means a better overall performance and reliability, but Safari is not necessarily the right browser for you. It might be missing some key features.

For example, if you were to try Opera or Tor, you would notice how these internet browsers offer a few key security and privacy options. Quite a few users prefer to have a built-in VPN or an ad blocker, and that is something Safari lacks.

Google Chrome, the most popular internet browser in the world, is another solid option. What stands out the most about this particular browser is its plethora of modifications, particularly available extensions. Some of the best and most popular Chrome extensions are Grammarly, LastPass, FoxClocks, and Pushbullet.


To sum it all up, the information in this article should give you a better idea of how to approach using a MacBook and how you can make more out of it. Consider what points you read could be applied to your routine and try them.

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