Yoursrose com Reviews {Sept 2020} Is It Offering Scam Deals?

Yoursrose com Reviews.

Yoursrose com Reviews {Sept 2020} Is It Offering Scam Deals? >> This article helps in exploring an online store that claims to deal in women products and figures out the authenticity of the site.

Yoursrose com Reviews: Nowadays, being up to date with fashionable clothing in society is a symbol of the modern person. Moreover, masses easily accept new trendy products as these products are mostly advertised on social media platforms to attract customers. People have a keen interest in fashionable products like attires, watches, jewellery and many more.

Here, we will explore one online shopping website, which deals in fashionable clothing for women and girls. And that is – Yoursrose com

Furthermore, online shopping store is an excellent way to store female’s wardrobe according to fashion at a reasonable price. The advantage of online shopping is to get things at doorsteps. Also, provides home delivery in the United Kingdom.  

On the other side, the positive side of this store is that it provides discounts of more than 70 per cent. But this discount varies as per the products. However, online shoppers need to explore the full website well for products.

What is Yoursrose com? 

It is an online shopping store which only deals in women and girls clothing and accessories on affordable price. The products for ladies and girls on the website are warm coats, hooded rain jackets, T-shirts, Crocs and Sandals along with Dresses and Swimwears.

All products are available at a discounted price. Moreover, on purchasing of more than one product, an extra discount is available on the online store. 

To know more about this website, let us go through these Yoursrose com Reviews.

Specifications of Yoursrose com

  • Website link:  the URL link is
  • Products on the website: The variety of clothing and accessories for females and girls available such as Dresses, Sandals, crocs and swimsuits.
  • Size chart: Size chart is available for every product in the description with the United Kingdom measurements. 
  • Colour Options:  Colors options are available on every item with size availability.
  • Newsletter Subscription:  For updates of new products, arrivals and events sign up and subscribe.
  • Payments Mode: Online payment methods are available on the shopping website such as Visa card, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, and PayPal.
  • Social Media presence: The online store has its page on Facebook with relevant products updates. 
  • Email Id: The Email provided on the website for customer enquiries is

Benefits of purchasing online from Yoursrose com

  • The products are available on pocket-friendly prices. 
  • A wide range of patterns, as well as sizes, are available on the site.
  • Product delivery is available across the world. 
  • The website is fully secured with HTTPS and SSL Integration. 
  • There is no need to go to market shops for purchasing of items and stand in queues.
  • Free shipping is available on purchasing of mentioned amount on the website.
  • All items have their size description chart according to native country measurements.

Opposing points of Yoursrose com

  • There is no physical address mentioned on the store’s website.
  • There is no customer support number mentioned in the contact details of the website.
  • The return policy is not cleared mention on the website; there is no surety of return and refund of money on dissatisfaction from products.
  • There are no customer’s Yoursrose com Reviews of products on the website. 
  • The online store has their page only on Facebook not on other social platforms like Instagram, YouTube, and LinkedIn etc.

What customers think for Yoursrose com?

The website of Yoursrose com is new on the internet. It provides a few products on the website for females and girls. Moreover, the products available on the website at low prices than original prices. This creates dubious among customers as their products reviews regarding quality is not available.

Furthermore, this online store has more drawbacks such as no contact number for a telephonic conversation with their executives, and there are no reviews and feedbacks for products ratings as such found on social media pages and also on the website. 

What do we conclude at the end of the review?

After exploring the online site through Yoursrose com Reviews, we concluded that the site is new and missed important information such as physical address and contact number. After reconsidering all factors as mentioned above, it seems like that Yoursrose com is possibly a scam or dubious website. So, the customers have to think twice before purchasing.

Please do contact us via the comment section below and make sure to mention your thoughts. We are delighted to help you.

0 thoughts on “Yoursrose com Reviews {Sept 2020} Is It Offering Scam Deals?

    1. think they are scammers, ordered on 28 August, sent me a tracking number, received notice that goods were delivered by RoyalMail. all lies, they sent an email saying wrong tracking number, await update,more lies. have now raised a dispute with PayPal so hopefully will get money back. Am angry they are allowed on Facebook who don’t want to be involved. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY WARNING!!!!!

      1. I ordered the coat in August and it still has not arrived definately a scam. DO NOT SHOP WITH THIS COMPANY

  1. I have ordered 2 items which I have not yet received. I am now feeling rather dubious as I e-mailed yoursrose but got no reply,there is very little information and no contact info and Ihave received a message to say that my order has been dispatched but it is worded very badly.
    Although they invite you to track the order it is still not clear on the status.
    I think yoursrose is untrue about its status.

  2. I ordered a coat on August 26th which has not been delivered. yoursrose confirmed the order, worried this might be a scam. I have emailed them but have not had a reply.

  3. I ordered a shawl collar coat weeks ago. Been told HERMES has delivered it. It hasn’t arrived. I’m not getting dubious-I am dubious.

  4. I ordered 2 items, received an email to say they were being delivered on 14th Sept. Didn’t arrive so I contacted Royal Mail who said they DID deliver but not to my postcode. No response from Yoursrose although I’ve emailed them several times so have commenced a chargeback through my bank. They had the cheek to send me a questionnaire reviewing the service I received!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Still no delivery of 2 coats, despite dubious message to say it has been delivered. Checked with local sorting office who have no record of package. Ordered 29th August .

  6. Coat ordered September 1st. Two delivery notifications . One Royal M ail, one Hermes,. Nothing h as arrived. I have opened a case with PayPal

  7. i put aorder in on the 20of august still not arrived sent 5 emails but no reply would not order again think take money and dis appear


  9. I also ordered a coat on 4th September and despite innumerable emails,nothing other than a couple of spurious promises. PLEASE don’t touch this “company”
    Carol Carpenter

  10. Order number 5376 was confirmed on 3/9/20 but to this day I still haven’t received my coat.I then received an e-mail to review my purchase on 30/9/20 butY I still haven’t received my coat.You have not replied to any of my emails in connection with this order.You leave me no choice to take this matter further also I will write a very bad review on Facebook and twitter.Please action a refund to clear this matter up.

  11. I too ordered two coats at the end of August. No sign of them as of today 12th October. No reply to my emails. Think I’ve been had over r

  12. I have had the same experience as most of the reviewers. I ordered a coat and paid through Paypal. I was given a tracking number and eventually received notification that the item was at Yodel, Warrington. On the day it was supposed to be delivered I was informed it had been delivered but IT HADN’T.. I got in touch with Yodel but they told me that the tracking number was not to my address. I wrote to the previous carriers (it came from abroad, I am assuming China) but was informed their mail box was full. I have written to Yoursrose three times. I definitely think this must be a scam. I was glad I found this website. I will write to Paypal to see if I can get my money back.

  13. I paid for a coat in August,never arrived,cheeky sods even asked for a review! Defoe a scam,surprised Facebook is advertising this company,shame on them.

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