Is Fundly Legit (August) Scroll Down To Know More About.

Is Fundly Legit
Is Fundly Legit (August) Scroll Down To Know More About.>> In this article, you explored the fundraising website raising money to help the needy ones.

Are you looking to raise money? Many fundraising websites are promoting their sites for easy funding. In this article, we provide you with complete details of Fundly to ensure the legitimacy of the online fundraising website.

Fundly, a crowdfunding website has raised around $300 million since its launch six years ago in the United State. Individuals or organizations can connect with Fundly to raise funds. However, before raising funds, you want to check the legitimacy of the website. After reviewing all the necessary details, the query that Is Fundly Legit? We can assure you to trust the website.  

What are the services offered by Fundly?

Fundly is an online fundraising platform that provides individuals, non-profit and political organizations, schools, or corporations to raise money for a purpose or cause. It is a platform where raising funds are easy to use, and any user can create a campaign within a short time. There is no limit to raise funds. You can raise funds as high or as low according to the cause of raising funds.

Therefore, we are providing you the details that Is Fundly Legit or not?

How does Fundly work?

The online platform located in the United State is mobile-friendly. Fundly provides more impressions on Facebook as every donor or fundraiser engages with your donation page. The fond donation of around 25% comes from social sources. You can create and start a free campaign to raise money for charity, kids, medical& health, memorials, etc. 

Once you receive donations you need to provide necessary information to Stripe for withdrawal of your funds which include the following steps:

  • Make an account on Fundly and login 
  • Go to the tab of funds
  • Click button- Complete Withdrawal Setup (it will route to Stripe form)
  • Stripe will help funds transfer to your bank account automatically
  • The amount will reflect in your bank account within 2-5 business days
  • You can track the status of withdrawal by contacting    

What are the benefits of using Fundly?

  • Raising funds are easy and quick
  • Mobile-friendly donation page 
  • Free iOS app
  • Secure payment process
  • Free Campaigns
  • No start-up fees
  • No maximum or minimum amount to raise money
  • Card payment option available
  • It takes 4.9% per transaction as the platform charge 

Hence, it was useful to know that, Is Fundly Legit? Yes, it is.

Fundly Reviews:

Reviews available on the fundraising website are positive. Organizations and individuals who used this online platform to raise money for a cause found very easy to use. The free campaign made them opt for this website. Besides, the website has gained trust as it has raised millions of funds for people and organizations.

Therefore, the query that Is Fundly Legit? Yes, it is a legit online platform located in the United State to raise money.

Final Verdict:

The online platform deals with raising funds for individuals and organizations. People can start a free campaign for any cause to raise money. This money will be transferred to your account once you fill-up the online form available on the Fundly website.

Thank you for your trust in reading this article about Is Fundly Legit. Please leave your comments at the end. 

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