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Yarmatz Online Store Reviews (August) Legit or Not?

Yarmatz Online Store Reviews

Yarmatz Online Store Reviews (August) Legit or Not? >>In the below article, you’ll read about an online store which deals with multiple products and accessories. 

Yarmatz Online Store Reviews is a new entrant in the race of e-commerce websites. This website deals with multiple products like clothing items, hats, and many other accessories. In this article, you will read about Yarmatz Online Store Reviews and get all the other details about this website you need.

The official store of this website is in the United StatesAll the other terms and conditions of this is mentioned on the site. But nowadays, on the name of e-commerce websites, there are many scam websites created by the developers to con people. 

After reading Yarmatz Online Store Reviewsyou will be able to decide whether purchasing products from this website is safe.

Is Yarmatz Online Store legit?

Since Yarmatz Online Store Reviews is less than a month old so, we can’t find much information about this website. But in further investigation, we discovered that the authorities uploaded no customer reviews on its official webpage. But on Google, we found some reviews of this website that were not in favor of the same. They mentioned that they placed pre-paid orders from this website, and the site has not even delivered the product. And many of the customers filed FIR’S against this website, but nothing happened.

Instagram and Facebook pages are one of the best methods for an e-commerce website to promote their website, but this online store has no pages on any social media platform.

On the contact us section, we found that they have posted any customer care email address or contact number to contact them.

These facts show that there is no legit purchase from this website, and this website is only made to con people.

What is Yarmatz Online Store?

This online store is located in the United StatesThis website deals with multiple clothing items, hats, and many other accessories.

This website claims that they are proud of the consistency and the product quality they provide to their customers. They work to make our experience with online shopping excellent. They also claim that in their official store, they have a vast collection of products. They have a very well-trained team for their customers to solve their problems by contacting them.

The website has provided all the shipping and returns refund policies on the site. You can return the product within 14 days of purchasing the same. 

To get more information about the website, read its specifications.

Specifications of Yarmatz Online Store 

  • Website type: e-commerce.
  • Deals with: multiple products and accessories.
  • Shipping time: 5-7 days.
  • Store hours: Monday to Saturday.
  • Delivery time: 10-15 days of purchasing it.
  • Delivery cost: FREE all over the United States.
  • Return policy: within 14 days of the delivery.
  • Refund policy: 5-7 days after the return is processed.
  • Email address: not mentioned.
  • Contact number: NA
  • Company address: not posted.

Pros of Yarmatz Online Store 

  • This website deals with multiple products and accessories.
  • Any blacklist engine does not spot this site
  • It offers various payment methods.

Cons of Yarmatz Online Store Reviews

  • This website has not provided its email address or contact number.
  • No company address found.
  • Shipping time seems to be very long.

Customer reviews of Yarmatz Online Store 

Since this website is a new entrant in the e-commerce website race, not much information was found about this online store. 

When searching for Yarmatz Online Store Reviewswe got to know that no customer reviews of this website. And without any official customer reviews of a website, it can’t be trusted by its customers.

But on a public domain, we found some of the customer reviews about this website, which were against this website. 

Some of the people have mentioned that this website does not even deliver the product to them, and after the transaction is done, we can’t contact them. 

Many of its customers filed police complaints against this website that this website is a scam and is just made to con people.

And some people have mentioned whom the product was delivered; they posted that this store provides the product which is entirely different from the one shown on the website and was of deficient quality. It’s difficult to recommend this website.

Final verdict

In the above information, you got all the information about a scam website running on the name e-commerce website. The traffic on the website also seems very low. The site has no social media presence and no Information on a public domain.

These facts signify that you should stay away from such scam websites that are just made to attract people’s attention.

Share your views about Yarmatz Online Store Reviews in the comments below.

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  1. This website is identical to one I tried ordering something from in May but it had a different name made up of random letters. No answers when contacting them, no shipping info. Had Paypal put it on hold, then cancelled and got my Paypal money back. Don’t trust them.

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