Buycleartv Scam (Dec) Read the Entire Reviews Below.

Buycleartv Scam

Buycleartv Scam (Dec) Read the Entire Reviews Below. >>The article gives a review on an indoor antenna that enables you to watch numerous HD and digital TV channels. 

Aren’t we all big fans of all things free? What if you are a TV buff whose idea of relaxation is binge-watching? Buycleartv is your ideal choice. It is a TV antenna that captures hundreds of free digital and HD signals. 

Digitization is the new verve. Digital signals are only available in the United States. Therefore, most television broadcasters are converting from analog to digital broadcast.

Buycleartv offers multiple programming channels on a single channel, thus enabling viewer choices. 

Sounds smooth sailing, isn’t it?

Before proceeding to make an order, you must know is Buycleartv Scam or legit? 

Why not read the following article to learn more? 

What is Buycleartv?

Buycleartv is a digital HD indoor antenna with a sleek design! It receives most of the popular networks. These include ABC, FOX, PBS, NBC, CBS, ION, CW, and Qubo (a kid’s channel), It also picks up 24-hour channels of sports, classic movies, and news & weatherYou may also get Spanish-language channels through Buycleartv.Buycleartv uses aerial dipole and copper web-technology leading to a crystal-clear reception and exceptional audio quality.

The best part is that with Buycleartv, you can bypass cable and satellite companies.

Buycleartv is available under two offers. 

The first “Clear TV Premium HD” comes with a “Buy One Get One” offer. It is available for $19.95 (Price) plus $15.58 (P&H), which totals $35.53.

The second offer, “Clear TV Premium HD,” is available for $19.95 (Price) plus $7.99 (P&H), which totals $27.94.

Buycleartv boasts of easy set-up and small design that can be installed in your home, dorm, boats, or even RV!

In short, Buycleartv is value-for-money. It is a trusted companion; it betrays you only when you don’t have power in your home!

Buycleartv Scam will thus give you more information about the product. Scroll down.

Does Buycleartv fit for all televisions?

Buycleartv connects with televisions with an or “Cable IN” or “Antenna IN” a port at the back of video. Almost all TVS sold after May, 2007, have a digital tuner named ATSC built-in to receive broadcasts. 

For televisions with earlier purchase date, there will most probably be a digital tuner with letters “ATSC.” 

If not combined with an ATSC tuner, a converter box can be purchased to watch free TV channels.

How to use Buycleartv?

  • Just Snap-On, connect to the TV and extend antennas
  • It is ready for use. Place it anywhere, on the back of the TV, on the table, window, wall, or shelf.

Specifications of Buycleartv:

  • Products- 4K Ultra HD TV Antenna
  • Parent company- Tristar Products
  • Website- 
  • Phone no. for placing an order- 1-800-508-710
  • Email-
  • Price- $19.95 plus Postage and Handling (P&H)
  • P&H- $7.99 or $15.98
  • Delivery time- 1-2 weeks 
  • Link for checking order-
  • Replace/Returns- within 60 days of purchase
  • Address for returns- Clear TV Premium HD, 500 Returns Road, Wallingford, Connecticut 06495
  • Refunds- applicable through RMA number
  • Customer service- 1-973-287-5164
  • Mode of payment- VISA, Mastercard, AmEx, Discover, PayPal, or amazon pay

Pros of Buycleartv:

  • Plugs into any TV, whether standard or flat-screen
  • Easy-to-use, fast set up
  • No ugly wires or antenna
  • Provides a clear resolution 
  • 60-day money-back guarantee
  • You can place an order by phone also
  • No contracts, monthly fees, or price hikes

Cons of Buycleartv:

  • Does not include shows exclusive for cable
  • Buycleartv recommends that you be within 25 miles of a broadcast antenna for excellent reception
  • Not all digital signals are in high definition
  • Delivery not free
  • Customer pays for additional state taxes if any
  • Customer pays for shipping fee on returns

Reviews on Buycleartv?

With digital antennas ruling the roost, massive outdoor antennas are a thing of the past. No wonder, a lot of companies are selling indoor antennas, and Buycleartv is one of them. 

There are no reviews available for Buycleartv per se.

But we know that Tristar Products sell Buycleartv. 

Tristar Products enjoy an excellent reputation for their products and exceptional customer service. 

In this light, what is our answer to “Is Buycleartv Scam or legit”? 

Read our conclusion.

Final verdict:

Buycleartv digital HD indoor Antenna helps you watch live high-definition broadcast television without getting anxious about an expensive cable bill.

In a nutshell, Buycleartv is an excellent option. More so, it comes with a 60-day refund policy. You have the choice of trying and returning it if you don’t like it!

We hope that all your doubts are cleared after going through Buycleartv Scam. If you have any experience with Buycleartv, please share your views here.

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