Yao Stock Reviews [August] A Legit Website or a Hoax One?

Yao Stock Reviews

Are you among the ones who are in love with the sea and loves to spend time in water sitting in a boat of your own? Yao Stock Reviews will help you to know about a website that sells the products of your choice at amazing prices.

The market is filled up many companies dealing in unique range of products. A new website is coming up in the United States claiming to give its customers the best collection of unique products.

The company is known to be dealing in a wide range of products like fishing bags, bikes, and other similar products. Going through the Yaostock.Com Reviews will help you understand everything in detail. 

Thus, go through our Yao Stock Reviews to know more about this company and three other popular Kayaks that are ruling the market- Fishing Boat Triple kayak, Sea Eagle 370 Deluxe Kayak, Intex Explorer K2 Kayak. You can pick any of the products you like the most.

What is Yao Stock?

Yao Stock is an online website that provides the best collection of kayaks, bikes, fishing boxes, fishing equipment, basketball hoops, etc. The company also provides all sorts of custom products as per customer demands.

The company is known as Shaifang2. It provides free shipping all around the globe. Customers can find custom and unique collections for all types of professions and passion they desire.

They guarantee to provide the best quality products. If the customers are not satisfied, they can easily apply for a return and refund policy.

Specifications of Yao Stock:

  • Website: https://yaostock.com/Store 
  • Products: Kayak, Portable basketball hoop, folding goal net, outdoor playhouse, bikes, fishing box, fishing equipment.
  • Processing time: 5 to 9 business days.
  • Shipping time: 3 to 10 business days.
  • Cancellation: Before the product is shipped or produced.
  • Payment: PayPal.
  • Return: can apply within 14 days after the receipt.
  • Refund: Processed once the return is inspected.
  • Exchange: No information available.
  • Email: xinricaifu2@outlook.com
  • Phone: No information available.
  • Address: No information available.

Pros of Yao Stock:
  • The company provides the best collection and designs.

  • The company offers custom products as per the demands of the customers.

  • The company offers free shipping on all orders.

  • The company offers a secure and free 14 days return policy to its customers.

  • The website is secured and safe to use.

Cons of Yao Stock:
  • The domain name and company name on the website do not match.

  • The site has not disclosed any legal information about the company.

  • The company has not provided any contact details and location for customer support.

  • The company has not offered many options for payment purposes.

What are the customers saying about the Yao Stock?

When diving into the website’s depths, readers will notice that there are no reviews available for the products or the company that is selling the products. Moreover, there are no websites over the internet that can show the reviews. Thanks to our internal sources that we have something to share with you. 

There are very fewer customers of the website and the products that the website is offering. Furthermore, those who have purchased products from the site show great disappointment. People are not happy with the services of the company.

The establishment has not provided any contact information about the company via which the customers can contact in case they have any queries. This was the most significant point in the customers’ complaints. Moreover, the customers got inferior quality products on order. 

A few buyers have shown dissatisfaction with the fact that even after paying, they could not also get anything. As mentioned, the website has no contact details, so they could not contact the seller. They have just provided a mail id to mail queries on it. The company has left all the questions unanswered.

For our readers, we have researched about ample of the best sit in kayaks 2020 and find out the top three amongst them. Let’s get some more information about these Kayaks and check what has made them unique.

1 Fishing Boat Triple kayak

2 Sea Eagle 370 Deluxe Kayak

3 Intex Explorer K2 Kayak

  1. Fishing Boat Triple KayakIt is one of the inflatable Boat Kayaks available in the market


  • Easy paddling.
  • Environmentally friendly non-toxic polymer materials
  • Convenient boating
  • Grommets and drawstrings around the hull 
  • For lakes and gentle rivers.

  • Strong bearing capacity.

  • Fast and safe Inflation

  • Easy to carry and Fold

  • Efficient waterproof

  • Large capacity to load – it can hold the weight of up to three people.

  • No customer reviews are available on Amazon

  • Many cheaper products are available

2) Sea Eagle 370 Deluxe Kayak: It is one of the most popular sports Kayaks.

  • Two movable and comfortable Deluxe Kayak Seats
  • Paddles have asymmetrical blade and aluminum shaft.
  • 2 Skegs on the bottom for improved speed and tracking
  • Open and closed drain valve
  • 5 deluxe one-way inflation /deflation valve
  • Integral 5-Tube I-Beam Floor

  • Can hold 3 persons /650 lbs of capacity

  • Has built its repo amongst United States audience

  • Ranked #7 in Fishing Kayaks on Amazon

  • 4.5-star Ratings by the customers

  • Shipping is restricted to selected countries outside the U.S

  • Heavy weight i.e.- 49 pounds Many Kayaks with much lighter weight are available

3) Intex Explorer K2 Kayak: This Kayak is made for 2-Persons and has Aluminum Oars and High Output Air Pump

  • Inflatable I beam floor
  • Three separate air-chambers
            Heavy duty puncture- resistant vinyl
            Boston valves
  • A removable Skeg for directional stability
  • Sleek Design for easy paddling

  • Lightweight and compact

  • Happy customers across the US

  • Ranked #1 in Touring Kayaks and #640 in Sports & Outdoors

  • Bright yellow color-visible in the water

  • Not eligible for international shipping.

  • Only for smaller water bodies- Lakes and Mild Rivers

You can choose from any of these Kayaks mentioned above if you are looking to spend your leisure time in the water with your loved ones.  

The Final Word about the Yao Stock:

The brand is new to the market. Thus, it might take time to get accepted by the people. But, the way it is working, do not reflect a good sign. The company has not made many customers. And, the people who lay trust in the name of the company, they were fooled.

The website has the most significant drawback in the “about us” section. All the content is copied there from other websites. Those websites as also reported to be a fraud. All these websites have the same content displayed in the mentioned section. Thus, the site cannot be claimed as legit.

9 thoughts on “Yao Stock Reviews [August] A Legit Website or a Hoax One?

  1. This site must be a Scammer site, I placed an order with them and have asked them to cancel by sending emails to there email address. No one will respond. I would not order from this site if I were you.

  2. This sight is a scam. I ordered 4 kayaks No kayaks have been delivered but they claim they have. The post office says no kayaks would be delivered by us anyway. We don’t have a way of transporting 10 ft kayaks. I have lost all my money. PayPal is trying to look into this but I doubt anything will happen. It’s been over a month .

    1. Exact same thing happened to me and PayPal is saying they are getting ready to close the case because it said it was delivered. I also went to the post office and they tracked the package and said it only weighed 4 ounces. I had a calendar delivered that day and I think this company somehow used that tracking number. The post office also told me they could not ship something as big as a kayak. I’m out $177. I started thinking this was a scam about an hour after I placed my order and tried to cancel it but they already cashed in the PayPal payment, even though their site said it takes 7-10 days to process payment. Also, I noticed two other sites set up the exact same way with same products and only an email address for contact information. Their name they used for my PayPal transaction was Business 600 Corperation. The yaostock website doesn’t even exist anymore. I wonder just how many people they scammed. I found them through a Facebook ad that popped up and I clicked on it. So you can’t always trust what you see on Facebook ads either.,

      1. Yep scammed me too. Such horrible suck people to do this to others. Now my terminally ill son won’t be getting the kayak he picked up for his birthday . ( I just can’t afford it realistically on real sites ) I knew these prices were way to go to be true but I went on a whim and lost. Assholes and even though pay pal offers very good security services it’s pretty crappy they can’t help us innocent people who got scammed .

      2. Omg this is a total scam! My paypal says easy coin have filled a claim. No kayaks exist… do noy fall for it. 187.00 gone but better get it back.

  3. We are so aggravated and angry about this company as well. The above comments seem true. I’ve tried to cancel the order to no avail. I’ve tried calling Paypal and what a joke! They won’t take phone calls and I’m forced into dealing with this online thru mail chats! I don’t believe we’re going to see the kayaks we purchased and I’m afraid that Paypal is not going to reimburse our funds either. I will keep you posted. Does anyone know how to turn paypal in for fraud? They must know by now this is not a legitimate company!

  4. The site no longer exist I got email notification of my order and after a week the site magically disappeared, I have pursued a refund through PayPal, as with this company and others I will not order off Facefuck again

  5. It’s a scam. My bank is now disputing the transaction. I should’ve known it was too good to be true. Lol. I’m always bit**ing at my mom about these people that try to scam her and look at me. Should’ve read the reviews but man I was hoping for some cool kayaks since my kids decided to use it while we were at the sand dunes in Oregon as a sled and now it just doesn’t move right while in the water. But oh well guess I’ll try to find a clearance one somewhere. Kayaking is my peaceful place while casting my line out. Sucks but don’t LET THEM SCAM YOU TOO.

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