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Shade Color club Reviews [July] Know its Authenticity!

Shade Color club Review

Shade Color club Reviews [July] Know its Authenticity! -> In this blog, get yourself notified whether an online website dealing with trending home décor is legit or not.

Are you a shopaholic woman? This time we’re not talking about women herself; it’s about her cave and her cub, which she always wants to stand loud out. 

The online shopping store consists of various collections ranging from pillows, baby sets, home decors, and many more.

This United States-based venture also has goodies for your little ones. You can find beautiful wooden toys, teething bracelets, pillows, carts, and many more.  Just have a look at, and you will find all you need to lessen up your worries about daily care routine for your ward and give your house an elegant makeover

There are many websites out there who sell you abundant things from head to toe, kitchen to bathroom, living room to the bedroom, men’s essentials, hardware products to software products. But this website is exclusively crafted from all the overly occupied mommies. 

Shade Color club Reviews will ease you’re out to shop and explore the web for your own house. A review always builds a trust bridge between the recommender and the buyer. Hopefully, if your product turned out to be a good investment after this read, summing it up into words is going to be worth it.

What is Shade Color Club?

All the shopaholic mothers, whose lives go for a toss after being new mommies, also have to keep their houses tidy and classy. It is the place where you can land and find that sophisticated merchandise for home decor.

The Law of Attraction here is the jute artwork it has: a stroller basket, planters, laundry baskets, which will change your nest’s mess into a tidy-looking house.

Nowadays, we all are avoiding plastics to enter our house, and the sellers are also making sure not to produce plastics. The same is the case here. On, you will find the most of the product are away from the use of plastic. For your little ones, they have wooden toys that are also environment-friendly stuff and high-quality towels along with them. They also have got soft and furry toys.

Specifications of Shade Color Club

  • Products: Home Décor and Toddler’s Essential
  • Email:
  • Returns Information: Fast resolution by contacting
  • Mode of Payment: Visa Card, Master Card, American Express, Discover, or PayPal

Benefits of buying from Shade Color Club

Here I have the top 5 pointers on why you must click in this place.

  • Eye-catchy products, if you buy even a single product from, I bet there no one who can resist without asking from you have got one.
  • Environmental friendly, this is what seems to be good at as all the products shown are made up of good quality of wood.
  • Tassel and jute work on the cushions, which is mostly trending.
  • Adorable first-year albums for kids for which every parent dream to make one.
  • Bags and bags and bags! So charming and lovable.

Drawbacks of buying from Shade Color Club

  • The price of some of the products seems to be a little questionable. When you shop online, you have to be a smart buyer. What you have to do for that? Do a little homework by comparing it with other availabilities. 
  • We tried and have searched the reviews on Facebook. It was hard to explore its Twitter and Facebook handles. So I landed on someone’s post where the man has claimed that there is something fishy about this website, as the price it shows for a particular product was way less than the market.
  • On top of it, the Reviews are not displayed and have vague information about the refund policies that has.
  • While placing an order, you phase some errors.
  • Customer reviews are not available on the website. (Its makes the site suspicious)

Customers Feedback of Shade Color Club

The entire website is extraordinarily overwhelming, but if you try to look out for the customer’s feedback, it is hard to find any Shade Color club Reviews. Also, the comments of the people on its Facebook page are negative.

All this makes this website, suspicious. I would surely not recommend investing any money on such no review website.

Final Conclusion

This website has some drawbacks regarding the order policies and refund policies; it comes out to be a scam for me. It has limited materials, but the only eye-catching point was environmentally friendly products. Questions always arise when a dime a dozen situation rises.

With nil customer reviews and suspicious website address, investing money here will not be recommendable. 

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  1. A COMPLETE SCAM!!! Do not give these thieves a dime! I will be reporting their IP address as well as filing a complaint with the BBB. Again this is a total scam! I emailed them about tracking my order and they had some idiot email me back stating that they’ll give me a tracking number as soon as they get one! COMPLETELY unprofessional!

  2. For what it’s worth…

    I made a purchase here, on one of the items that are priced ridiculously low, and immediately filed a claim with PayPal because, I never received a receipt for payment or any type of order verification.

    During the first few days of PayPal’s investigation, shadecolor has responded with a tracking number. I then received an email with a tracking number and have verified that it was shipped and, surprisingly, to the correct address.

    It’s coming from China, it has to go through customs. I don’t know when I’ll receive it or, to be honest, what I’ll receive…. but something was shipped….

    1. Order from here and not only did it take a month and a half but they didn’t send me what I ordered. I was sent mask instead. I hope you get what you ordered but I would hold my breathe.

  3. You will be scammed of your money , they cover their tracks by sending you something from China , like a pair of cheap sunglasses.

  4. Same thing happened to me when I ordered a product from there, no confirmation of purchase finally I received an email receipt with a tracking number and the site to track it on Wich was 17tracknet Wich I researched and found out was a fake tracking service for scammers I was sick because now they have my card information, please don’t fall for it, I’m such an idiot

  5. I ordered an item. I was not until after I got my order confirmation that I found out it was coming from China. They provided a (sketchy) tracking number and service, which after weeks, said it was delivered to my mailbox, but it never showed up. The local PO had no record of the package or delivering it. I emailed a complaint to SHADECOLOR and heard nothing. I filied a claim with PayPal, hoping they can get my money back.

    Oh, and the customer service phone number listed on their website and on my reciept is out of order.


  6. SCAM ALERT! Everything about this company is a scam! They are not a USA based company and all of their items come from China. It took nearly 60 days and they sent 2 masks instead of the item I ordered. I had opened a case with paypal after 30 days and their response was a tracking number. On the package I received with such tracking number it states they knowingly sent masks and now they are pretending they have no clue what happened.

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