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The article Y2mat Com 2021 is about a website used for video converters from YouTube and Facebook. Follow the article to learn more.

What type of application do you use? Do you use YouTube? How do you install videos from YouTube if you want to? Do you want to know? How to use this YouTube video installer? Please read this article.

Y2mate.com is a useful website; with its help, a person can install Video and audio from YouTube. They provide their services for free, and no subscription is required for any action. This website is famous in India. Read the article to know more about Y2mat Com 2021.


YouTube is a Google-owned company, and it was launched in 2005. YouTube is a video platform (online). On YouTube, one can post new videos, and people can watch those videos. This Online video platform is the worlds’ biggest industry.

Since 2005 YouTube has grown it’s worth multiple times, and thus, it makes YouTube the biggest video platform. But the Video we can watch on YouTube cannot be installed on the device, and there is no in-built command to perform this action.

YouTube is improving itself day by day. They have released many new features such as; Broadcasting, Reels, Community etc.

Y2mat Com 2021

Y2mate is an online portal from where a person can install YouTube videos on their device. This platform provides many other services, for instance; Video and Audio installation, Video Converter. 

Y2mate.com’s domain was created on 10th August 2016, and that means the website is five years old. The overall feedback of the website is good, and in other words, the website is trustable and good to use.

The website also provides services to install videos from Facebook. Users can convert videos in HD quality. It also supports all types of video formats. 

Features Of Y2mat Com 2021

  • Support all formats of Videos
  • No limit on install (Unlimited)
  • HD quality and High-Speed performance of video converter function
  • No need to make an account  
  • Videos from Facebook and YouTube can be converted 
  • Hassle-free action

How To Use?

  • Copy the link (Select the link and press Ctrl+C) of the video you want to install on your device from YouTube or Facebook.
  • Then visit the website of Y2mate.com.
  • On the main page of the website, there will be a box to enter the link.
  • Paste the link (Ctrl+P) 
  • Press the button ‘Start.’ 
  • For PC, you have first to choose the format of the video.

Y2mat Com 2021 makes it easy for users to save video on their device in their desired format. Users can only save video on the application (YouTube) itself but not on the device. This website allows you to have that video you like in your gallery.


The website is trustworthy and easy to use. Overall user experience is also good. People use this website to convert videos very often, and the website is popular in India.

If you want to know in detail about YouTube, you can click on the link given here and visit their website .

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