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Brilliant Earth Online Reviews

Brilliant Earth Reviews: Conflict-free diamonds are popular with ethically conscious consumers. However, what many people don’t realize is that by definition, conflict-free only means that the diamond hasn’t funded any rebel movements or civil wars. In other words, a conflict-free diamond may have been mined using child labor, the miners may have suffered human rights abuses or unsafe labor practices, and the mining process may have harmed the environment. 

It is for these reasons that Brilliant Earth believes the conflict-free diamond definition doesn’t go far enough. Consequently, they’ve come up with a standard for their diamonds that they call “beyond conflict-free.”

Beyond Conflict-Free Diamonds

Brilliant Earth’s Beyond Conflict-Free standards require that any diamonds used in their jewelry be from mines that follow the following criteria:

  • The mines must use fair and safe labor practices.
  • The mines must not engage in any human rights abuses.
  • The mines must not deal in conflict diamonds.
  • The mines must be environmentally responsible.
  • The mines must be involved in community development.

As a result of their adherence to these criteria, Brilliant Earth only works with select mines in Canada, Botswana, Namibia, South Africa, and Russia. 

Canadian Diamonds

Brilliant Earth sources their Canadian diamonds from the Ekati and Diavik mines. The Responsible Jewellery Council and independent environmental monitoring organizations have audited these mines. Therefore, we know that these mines uphold the highest possible human rights and environmental standards.

Furthermore, Ekati and Diavik employ local Indigenous workers. They also offer their workers a skilled apprenticeship program and scholarship funds. 

Botswana, Namibia, and South Africa

Diamonds from Botswana are sold through the De Beers partnership with the Botswana government. As part of this partnership, De Beers must invest heavily in local infrastructure and employ locals to polish their rough diamonds. Additionally, the De Beers mines adhere to internationally recognized environmental and labor standards. This means that they are committed to minimizing their ecological footprint by monitoring the impact their mines have on the environment and rehabilitating mining sites after use. 

De Beers also operates mines in Namibia and South Africa. They operate the mines in these countries in much the same way as they do in Botswana.


Mines in Russia reside in the Yakutia region of northeast Siberia and the Arkhangelsk region near the White Sea coast. These mines offer thousands of jobs to the residents of these regions. Furthermore, they offer wages that are often higher than any other jobs available in these areas. Additionally, workers at these mines receive healthcare, housing benefits, and pensions.

Recycled and Lab-Grown Diamonds

In addition to naturally sourced diamonds, Brilliant Earth also offers recycled and lab-grown diamonds. Recycled diamonds have been previously purchased and are now being reused to create a new piece of jewelry. Since they are being repurposed, they don’t require any further mining. Consequently, you avoid the ongoing abuses of the diamond mining industry. In addition, brilliant Earth has had these diamonds graded by an independent gemological lab to ensure they’re comparable to newly mined diamonds.

Lab-grown diamonds are identical to naturally sourced diamonds. Scientists create these diamonds using advanced technological processes that mimic the conditions under which diamonds develop in nature. As such, they have the same chemical, optical and physical composition as natural diamonds. Furthermore, like recycled diamonds, they don’t require any new mining.

What’s the Price Tag?

In general, a Brilliant Earth review won’t mention their prices. This is because Brilliant Earth lets you customize your jewelry with the setting and diamond of your choice, so their prices vary. However, we can give you a general overview of the cost.

Most settings begin at $500, and natural diamond prices start at $385. Gemstones start at $230, and lab-created diamonds start at $320. Lastly, recycled diamonds start at around $530. 

What’s Included in the Price

When you buy jewelry from Brilliant Earth, you’re not just buying ethical and sustainable jewelry. You’re also supporting Brilliant Earth’s philanthropic mission.

Brilliant Earth donates five percent of their net products to help create a better future for the mining communities they deal with. They also support hunger relief in the United States. Additionally, they donate to programs that are committed to improving environmental practices and human rights in the jewelry industry.

  • Encouraging Sustainable Practices

Brilliant Earth works with Pure Earth to train the employees of the Madre de Dios mining community in mercury-free mining practices. Pure Earth also works to restore areas of rainforest that gold mining practices have degraded. Additionally, they are working on sustainable methods for mine closures.

  • Educating Rural Mining Communities

In partnership with the Diamond Development Initiative (DDI), Brilliant Earth helped fund the construction of an elementary school in a rural diamond mining community. This school caters to two classes of children who previously had no education. Before DDI built the school, these children often accompanied their parents to the nearby Lungundi mine.

  •  Fighting Hunger in America

Through groups such as Feeding America’s COVID-19 Response Fund, Brilliant Earth helps combat food insecurity in the United States. 

  • Combating Deforestation

The Rainforest Alliance Pendant was created to raise awareness about climate change and the destruction of the rainforest. Brilliant Earth is donating profits from the sale of this necklace to support the Rainforest Alliance’s mission to create a more sustainable Earth.

Is it Worth the Price?

Brilliant Earth sources its diamonds from ethical and sustainable mines. In doing so, they must price their products higher than conventional jewelers because it costs them more to work with these mines. These mines are more expensive than non-ethical mines because they have to pay fair wages and ensure a safe environment. Therefore, you’re essentially paying for a product that supports the fair pay and treatment of workers. You’re also paying for an environmentally sustainable product. 

Furthermore, Brilliant Earth is committed to helping mining communities, and their own communities flourish by donating to fund sustainability practices, education, hunger relief, and anti-deforestation efforts. Consequently, when you buy from this company, you are also supporting these philanthropic projects.

Accordingly, this review must conclude that Brilliant Review products are worth the price tag.

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