Zion Hiker Scam (Oct 2020) Reveal the Mystery Behind it.

Zion Hiker Scam 2020

Zion Hiker Scam (Oct 2020) Reveal the Mystery Behind it. >> This article gave you all the relevant information about a woman that went missing in a park. 

The only thing that matters the most in the world is the people you love the most; they can be your family or friends. Fear of losing a loved one always is a phenomenon faced by millions across the globe. As it is said, you only get to know about the true potential of something once it is gone. Yes, it is quite challenging when you miss someone, but you came across this feeling states that you had someone special in your life, someone who was worth your time.

A daughter recently went through this challenging phase of life. Want to know what happened? To find out if these events were done on purpose or not, then continue reading the article about Zion Hiker Scam from the United States.

Hiker, gone missing!

On October 6th, Holly Courtier, an experienced hiker who lost her nursing job due to this pandemic, explored Zion National Park in Utah. The National Park Service reported that she was last seen at the Grotto area stop, that paths the way for various trekking trails. 

Various people and organizations got involved to begin looking for the lady. Washington County Sheriff’s Office, k-9 Units, and other people came forward to provide some assistance in the search.

Zion National Park.

This national park is 232 square miles and has a renowned labyrinth in the United States. There are also high plateaus and canyons, which makes the park worth visiting. Moreover, the Virgin river also flows from the park. One of the tourist attractions is that it has a 5,000-foot canyon. It is because of these features that the national parks attract numerous trekkers. Almost eight people have gone missing in this park other than this Zion Hiker Scam case.

Who brought up the issue?

Holly Courtier’s daughter, Kailey, reported that her mother hasn’t returned or contacted her for the past few days. It was quite hectic for Kailey, but she never gave up. She also said that if she would’ve been in her mother’s place, her mother would’ve done the same thing.

The officers educated Kailey that if they cannot recover extra intel within the next two days, they might not continue the search, as no one would survive such circumstances without proper food.

Was it a legit lost and found case or merely a scam?

Finally, after a hunt of almost two weeks, Holly was found. No formal interview has been taken of the woman as the high family refrains from doing something. Hence it can’t be said that Zion Hiker Scam is real or not. 

What happened after she was found?

The family seemed grateful to the authorities that helped in the search. They said that the staff was very cooperative and magnanimous, and this wouldn’t have been possible without the network of people they came in contact with. Further interviews are yet to be taken. Albeit it seems a bit fishy, we can’t be sure if it was done on purpose.


Zion Hiker Scam does teach a good lesson that one must never give up on their family. Kailey never lost faith and kept pushing the officials to continue their search, and in the end, it was fruitful. We recommend all the hikers out there always to carry proper equipment types that can be used in emergencies like these.

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