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“””Write For Us + “”””Blockchain””””””” post has given details like guideline and topics for creating guest blog on Smooth Creations Online Com.

Do you want to share your knowledge of blockchain technology with a diverse section of readers? Blockchain has played a great role in the rise of industries like cryptocurrency and is a significant component of digital currency. 

As companies from other industries use this technology for different functions, content on the blockchain is in great demand. Bloggers, writers and blockchain experts can contribute to the guest post of smooth creations on an online platform and get 1000+ visitors for their posts. “””Write For Us + “”””Blockchain“”””””” post has given details to contributors for writing a quality content.

About us:

Smooth creations online is a digital media platform that has published quality content for the last eight years. It has successfully published content in three niches: website, product, and news. Skilled writers at SCO have produced informative and authentic content for their targeted audience.

Website analysis – It contains legit details of the e-commerce platform, and online shoppers visit our platform to check the legitimacy of the store.

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News – International politics, sports, economic and entertainment events are covered in the global news segment.

“””Write For Us Blockchain Guest Post:

Blockchain technology is a major enabler in the rise of cryptocurrency and is now entering other industries. The digital currency owes its presence to the blockchain as it allows for a digital ledger that keeps building new blocks while giving little space for manipulation.

As other industries use this technology for marketing and promotional purposes, people need more content to understand it. The guest post on the blockchain is an excellent opportunity for people related to technology to share their experiences and ideas with thousands of regular readers searching for content.

Guest posts on Write For Us + Blockchain will thus play a more significant role in creating awareness about this technology and its effectiveness.

How will guest posts benefit the contributors?

  • Contributor’s work will get exposure on the global platform.
  • A new writer can add this work to build their portfolio.
  • Web portal publishing content on the blockchain can create awareness about their website.
  • Blockchain technology experts can educate the general public and expect them to join the industry in future.
  • Cryptocurrency exchanges can write an informative articles and lure future investors.
  • The company launching digital currency can allay investor fears by writing a quality article on the blockchain.

Who can contribute to the Blockchain “”””Write For Us”””” guest post?

  • Bloggers and writers having sound knowledge of blockchain technology.
  • Fintech expert working in the crypto industry.
  • Website publishing content of blockchain technology.
  • People from the cryptocurrency exchange.
  • Companies using blockchain technology to maintain their digital ledger.

What kind of article will be accepted for blockchain guest posts?

  • An article that is unique and is of high quality will be accepted.
  • We do not publish content that is already available in the digital space.
  • Any article that is not written on blockchain technology will be rejected.
  • Write an informative article that gives value to the reader.
  • Do not share Blockchain “”””Write For Us””””””” post that has promotional content in it.
  • The article submitted with us should not be shared with another digital platform.

Rules for writing Blockchain Guest post:

  • The length of the article should be between 500 to 1000 words.
  • Keep content plagiarism free and avoid copy and paste practice.
  • Attach two quality links to the blog post after completing 80% of the content.
  • The readability score should be 90 for the content.
  • Avoid grammatical errors and keep the grammar score at 100 on grammar tools.
  • Website having a spam score of more than 2-3% should not be used as link for the “””Write For Us + “”””Blockchain””””””” guest blog.
  • Try to keep the language of the article simple while using a friendly tone.
  • Active voice should be used for more than 90% of the content.
  • Search engine optimization rules should be applied while making the article.
  • Write a guest post that is strictly related to blockchain technology.

Topics for blockchain guest post:

  • Blockchain solution for authorization and authentication.
  • Blockchain scalability.
  • Blockchain technology in Marketing.
  • Blockchain and DeFi.

Application procedure for blockchain guest blog:

Blockchain experts interested in sharing their work for the guest post can contact our team at  braydenwilson763@gmail.com.

Final verdict:

 “””Write For Us + “”””Blockchain””””””” post is a great initiative for experts from blockchain technology to share their work with 1000+ audiences coming on our platform daily. Contributors can contact us at the above-given mail in case of any doubt regarding the guest post.

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