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About General Information Blockchain Write For Us

Blockchain “Write For Us post has details like guidelines, topics and type of content for writing blockchain guests on the Smooth Creations Online website.

Do you want to share your knowledge and experience in the crypto industry with global readers? Are you an expert in blockchain technology who can write informative content for an online audience? 

The smooth Creations online platform invites contributors to join the guest post and share their knowledge with regular readers. Blockchain “Write For Us” has all the guidelines and details needed for writing a guest blog on the blockchain.

About us:

Smooth Creations online website publishes regular content in three categories: reviews, cryptocurrency and news. 

  • Reviews – Legit details of an e-commerce platform can be found in our website reviews that are most sought after by regular online shoppers. 
  • Cryptocurrency – This section contains all relevant information from the crypto industry, like new currency launches, price prediction and quality articles on blockchain technology.
  • News – Our website covers international events that are searched most by the global audience.

Rules for writing the post on Write for Us Blockchain:

  • Keep the length of the article between 500-1000 words.
  • The readability score of the post should be more than 90.
  • Write an article that is SEO-friendly for better optimization.
  • Attach two authentic links to the article after 80% of the content is complete.
  • The website used for making the content and used as links should not have a spam score of more than 2-3%.
  • Try to write unique content that is free of any plagiarism.
  • A well-structured content with a title, introduction, body, conclusion and description is desired.
  • Write 90% of the content in the active voice.

Benefits of Write For Us Blockchain Guest Post for Contributors:

  • Contributors will get 10000+ regular readers visiting our platform daily.
  • SEO-friendly and informative articles will rank higher in SERP.
  • The post will remain active and get continuous traffic throughout its life cycle.
  • The writer can check their skills by analyzing various metrics of the guest post.
  • Website publishing blockchain content can increase awareness about their platform.
  • Contributors from the blockchain industry can educate a diverse group of readers by writing a guest post on our platform.

What type of content is accepted for blockchain guest posts?

  • Our website accepts content that is well researched and backed by facts.
  • Write For Us + Blockchain do not accept content that is already published in digital space.
  • Write informative content that will add value to netizens searching for it.
  • Keep the content-centered round topic of blockchain.

Indicative Topics for the blockchain guest post:

  • Blockchain technology is used in different industries.
  • Blockchain and crypto industry.
  • Foundation and evolution of blockchain.
  • Protocol and algorithm of blockchain.
  • Emerging blockchain models.
  • Blockchain government and public services.

How to apply for the blockchain guest post? 

Crypto experts, bloggers and writers interested in contributing to the blockchain guest post can contact us at

Final verdict:

Write For Us + “Blockchain” guest posts can be used by an expert from blockchain technology to share their knowledge and work with a 10000+ audience coming on Smooth creations online website. 

Contributors can share their difficulties and doubts related to the guest post by contacting our team at the above-given email.

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