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Are you one of those people who can’t get out of the house in the summer without the sun? In Pretavoir, you will find stylish women’s sunglasses that will make your daily life more pleasant in summer. The danger to the eyes from sunlight should not be underestimated. Because of this, you will find in our range not only fashion but also well-made sunglasses that effectively protect your eyes. In addition to protecting your eyes, these are cool accessories that can complement your summer (or even winter) outfit. Not sure which shape of the glass is right for your face shape? Or do you just not know what color the glass should be? Then encourage and advise our Pretavoir online shop!

Sunglasses – Which UV Filter to Choose?

Sunglasses for women are not only modern devices but they also protect your eyes from the dangerous exposure to the sun. However, to fulfill this function, they must be equipped with high-quality UV filters. UV stands for Ultraviolet Radiation, which is invisible to the eye. Sunglasses should be labeled UV 400 so that you can protect them properly. You can usually find this information on glass or on labels attached to glass frames. Sunglasses for women are generally divided into five categories – depending on the category of sun filter. In general, the higher the category, the darker the color of the sunglasses.

Choosing the right filter

However, when choosing the right filter, you should also consider the purpose for which you are buying your glasses. Category 0 and 1 sunglasses provide the weakest protection. They often have clear or light-colored blue light glasses and accordingly, they have a high level of light transmission. They are suitable as protection from wind, and dust or as fashion accessories in everyday life. Category 2 includes medium-weak filter glasses suitable for comfortable wear and medium-strong sunlight. Category 3 guarantees you more stringent protection so you can use sunglasses, for example, on a beach vacation or as ski goggles.

The fourth type of sunshine provides the strongest protection. Warning: If you are looking for sunglasses for women that you can wear while driving, sunglasses are not suitable in this category, as they allow very little light to pass through. You can usually find information about the categories inside the glass frame. However, if you want to be safe with the quality of your glasses, you should also check if they have CE certification.

This label guarantees that the product meets current EU standards. When choosing the right lenses for women, you should also make sure that they protect the sensitive skin around your eyes from the glare. Choosing large glass or thick temples may be the best option for this. Alternatively, you can use a stylish hat or cap, which also gives you the best protection from glare.

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