How to Prepare for DP 203 Exam in One Week

Latest News How to prepare for DP 203 exam in one week

The streams of engineering have been in demand since time immemorial. However, there has been a growing need for data engineering in recent times. As more and more people are selecting this line of work, it is imperative to have the proper certification to gain validation and credibility. Opting for Microsoft Certification exams like DP 203 is an excellent way to start the journey.

Like any other examination, preparing for the DP 203 exam also requires a steady schedule. To make matters easier for candidates, today, there are several Microsoft Certification courses available on the web.

This article will look into a one-week preparation strategy that can help anyone wanting to pursue the DP 203 certification.

When it comes to appearing in Microsoft certification-based exams, one of the best things to do is enroll in Microsoft online courses. This can be a huge help for anyone with or without prior experience in the field.

Start by going through the introduction to the data engineering profile. As this section is not quite vast, you can quickly move on to the designing and implementation of the data storage segment of the syllabus. This major section carries a total weightage of 40% to 45% in the paper. Therefore, try to cover at least 25% of the segment on the first day.

  • Day 2

On day two, complete the remaining portion of the data storage segment. Doing this can be a massive help as it will ensure the completion of a huge chunk of the syllabus. It is essential to note that the best way to reach the target set for the day is to avoid small breaks. Instead, taking a big 1-hour break in between can be helpful.

  • Day 3

Like any other aspect, it is important to stick to the schedule to crack the exam and become a Microsoft-certified professional. Thus, as the third day of preparation begins, take up the next big task at hand – data processing.

The portion which includes the designing and development of data processing, carries 25% to 30% weightage in the paper. The three sub-sections here are ingest and transform data, batch processing solution, and stream processing solution. However, it is advisable to focus on the first two sub-sections on the third day and leave the rest for the next.

  • Day 4

Trying to fit in the entirety of data processing in one day can be too much. It can lead to confusion and difficulty in retaining all the contents of the topics. Therefore, start the fourth day by completing the remaining portion of data processing, i.e., the third sub-section.

Once that is over, move on to another significant segment of the syllabus. The DP 203 exam is incomplete without a thorough understanding of data security which is an aspect of cloud security. The designing and implementation of data security are known to reside over approximately 10% to 15% of the questionnaire.

  • Day 5

As the fifth day unfolds, it is time to end the overall syllabus for the DP 203 exam. Keeping this in mind, you can focus your attention on the last remaining category, which is an in-depth study of how to monitor and optimize data storage and data processing. This particular aspect of cloud computing covers 10% to 15% of the question paper.

  • Day 6

Ever since childhood, setting a day aside for revision has been an inevitable part of the exam preparation schedule. The same strategy is applicable when it comes to the DP 203 exam. Therefore, it is best to reserve the sixth day for revising all that you have studied so far.

Start by making a mental note of the segments that need to be covered. Owing to the time crunch, try the divide and conquer method. This means allocating individual time slots for each portion based on your requirement.

  • Day 7

Since this is the last day before the completion of the preparation week, focus your attention on solving sample papers. The best part of Microsoft Certification training is that there are innumerable practice test books and sample papers available on the web as well as in bookstores.

The DP 203 exam offers a total duration of 130 minutes. Thus, the trick of solving back-to-back question papers before the examination can be a huge help. This will allow examinees to get the hang of the question pattern and instructions, thereby increasing the solving speed and accuracy.

To Sum it up

The completion of the one week of preparation ends with the exam day. While the whole procedure may seem overwhelming, anybody can easily crack the DP 203 exam using the aforementioned schedule. All they have to do is stick to the format and go through the practice sets for better self-assessment.

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