Who Owns Rolling Stone Magazine (April 2021) Know Here!

Who Owns Rolling Stone Magazine 2021

Who Owns Rolling Stone Magazine (April 2021) Know Here! >> In this news article, we provide a write-up on an allegation around a world-famous magazine that publishes interesting news topics.

Are you bored of reading the routine news and seeking some entertainment? In our cover-up, Who Owns Rolling Stone Magazine, we talk about the iconic Rolling Stone Magazine and the trending news around its name.

The current owner of the magazine is Penske Media Corporation, based in the United States.

Penske bought Rolling Stone’s 51% stake in 2017 and 49% in 2019.

Let’s unravel the breaking news about the magazine.

What is Rolling Stone Magazine?

Rolling Stone is a monthly American magazine that focuses on politics, music, and popular culture. It initially focused on political reports. In the 1990s, the magazine moved its focus to younger readers who love youth-oriented shows, popular music, and film actors.

Rolling Stone features famous personalities such as The Beatles, Madonna, Britney Spears, and others on its cover. 

The buzz around Who Owns Rolling Stone Magazine?

In a recent development, a news story ‘The Demise of Rolling Stone: How A Legendary Magazine Sold Out to Trump and the Saudis’ is going rounds on social media. 

The Hill Reporter article published on April 1 reports that the popular magazine gets its funds from the Saudi government. The article also alleges that Rolling Stone writes in favor of a former US president and has donated millions to a US political party. 

This news on Rolling Stone is sparking controversy. Is this allegation assumption-based or true?

Read the final verdict of this article to know if there is any truth to the story on Who Owns Rolling Stone Magazine.

Some facts about Rolling Stone Magazine:

  • Founder- Jan Wenner and Ralph J. Gleason.
  • Founding date- San Francisco, California in 1967.
  • First issue release date- 9 November 1967
  • Company: Penske Media Corporation
  • Based in- New York City
  • Present editor- Jason Fine

Fans on Rolling Stone:

The publisher keeps changing the layout and format of Rolling Stone magazine to cater to the changing demands of its readers. Of course, readers love the magazine for it’s classic niche. 

The recent cover-up on the Rolling Stone Magazine lead to the #BoycottRollingStone, much to the disappointment of its fans.

Therefore, the fans are eager to know the truth and also want an answer to Who Owns Rolling Stone Magazine now.

Final verdict:

Rolling Stone is an epic Magazine that has grown its readers base since its inception in 1967. It mainly covers new stories on music and entertainment.

The post going viral on social media regarding the Rolling Stone magazine is just a rumor. Just ignore the news as the concoction of some quirky mind to defame the reputed magazine.

Many people are seeking an answer and apology for this defamatory story.

Hope our article on Rolling Stone Magazine is helpful. We would be delighted if you can add more to Who Owns Rolling Stone Magazine by posting your comments here.

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