Schengenspace.Com Scam (April) Check Its Reviews!

schengenspace com Scam

Schengenspace.Com Scam (April) Check Its Reviews! >> Want to buy domestic appliances? The write-up exclusively mentions all possible areas of the e-commerce site before buyers start buying.

Are you in search of a reliable e-commerce portal? Here is Schengenspace com offering a variety of electronic gadgets and domestic appliances.

The company aims to offer the best quality service to get the best product at the best price. The company ensures the online buyers avail time-saving shopping with their portal.

The citizens of the United States are curious to know more about this company. The write-up will let the online buyers know it is the Scam or authentic.

What do you know about Schengenspace com? 

Schengenspace com started its journey on 24-04-2020, intending to provide hassle-free and tailored-made service to online customers. 

The business has a huge collection of different types of domestic appliances. Customers can get different types of products at a reasonable price. The company uses the latest e-commerce technology that helps the buyers enjoying automated billing services within a short period. 

Website specification of Schengenspace com

  • Url of the website:- listed on- 20-04-2020
  • Product type;- Domestic and electronic appliance
  • Email id:
  • Phone number:- The company does not mention the phone number to verify Scam or authentic.
  • Address:- Customers will not find the company’s address on the website. 
  • Shipping Plan:- The business has mentioned that it takes three to seven business days to reach the destination’s merchandise. 
  • Shipping methods:- Standard shipping is conducted via DHL, UPS, and ePacket. The company offers free shipping via Electronic Package or EDU.
  • Return strategy:- Customers are eligible to return goods within 7 days from the date of purchase. 
  • Shipping cost on return:- Customers need to bear the shipping cost while they return their goods. 
  • Payment mode:- The concern receives payment through PayPal only. 
  • Social media link:- The company does not operate any social media handle.

Pros of Schengenspace com

  • Reviews share that the company offers a wide range of home appliances at the most affordable price. 
  • The company aims to offer the best quality service.
  • Customers can enjoy an automated billing system while buying products. 
  • The company offers time-saving shopping. 
  • Customers can get detailed information about the products on the portal.

Cons of Schengenspace com

  • We don’t find the company’s address and phone number on the website. 
  • We find the website’s trust score is only 1%
  • We don’t find any social media links of the company.
  • We don’t find any reviews of previous buyers, and hence we are unable to mention the efficacy of the products. 

What do you think is Scam or legit?

Online buyers of the United States must confirm the following criterion to understand whether Schengenspace com is legit or a scam. 

  • Company age: The Company launched on 20-04-2020. The company’s age is less than one year. 
  • About us page:- We don’t find details of owners on the About Us page. 
  • Email Address:- We found
  • Phone numbers:- Customers cannot find the company’s phone number on the portal. 
  • Address:- We don’t find the company’s address on the portal.
  • Shipping policy:- We have found a page mentioning the shipping policies of the company. 
  • Return Policy:- Customers will find a return policy on the website. 
  • Social media link:- We cannot find a social media page to check if Scam or legit. 
  • Customer reviews:- We have researched a lot online but neither find any authentic customer reviews on a social media page nor on other recognized portals. 
  • The company’s Trust score:- The company is nearly one year old, and it has got a trust score of 1%, which is not satisfactory at all. 

Hence the above criterion does not accomplish the legitimacy criteria of a website. As a result, it is tough for us to declare the site legit, and we feel that the site is suspicious.  

What do customers check-in Reviews?

Online buyers are always keen to confirm the feedback of previous buyers before buying a product. Unfortunately, does not come with any reviews of previous customers.

The company also does not maintain a social media page to check the reviews. We have searched many recognized online portals, but we don’t find a single review about the company’s products and its services.

Henceforth, we cannot mention the efficacy of the products offered by the company. 

Final Verdict

Schengenspace com has made a good plan to trade home appliances of all ranges at an affordable price. Owing to the lack of reviews, we advise consumers to research more before starting a deal with the company. 

What do you think is Scam or legit? Are you satisfied with the company’s service? Please mention your outlook in the box below.

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