What Questions to Ask When Booking a Flyer Distribution Service?

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Have you decided to include an offline marketing campaign in the overall marketing strategy of your company? Manually handing out flyers to advertise your company can be the way to go. So, it would be a good investment to book a flyer distribution service if you wish to advertise your business locally.

It is better to have a holistic approach to your marketing campaign and using flyers can be one of them. After all, not everyone is always on their mobile phones checking on social media. Offline marketing campaigns involving pamphlets or flyers can still bring in profits, especially since they see the flyers in front of them. But before you book the service, you may want to ask a couple of questions to ensure the quality of the results you will be getting.

Before hiring a flyer distribution company to handle your offline marketing campaign, read on to know what questions to ask a distribution service provider.

Do they send direct mail?

Manual distribution is not ideal because of the current pandemic. So, a better alternative is to send your company’s flyers directly to letterboxes. But, of course, you have to inquire about the safety precautions they take to distribute the mail to ensure that the recipients will feel safe checking the flyers out.

You must ask if they distribute to individual letterboxes in specific locations. Otherwise, the flyers will only reach a certain number of people. You may not even be able to participate in these large events just yet, so asking if they can distribute your flyers via mail will be the right thing to do.

Do they print the flyers?

It is beneficial if you find a company that will handle the printing as well. Not all flyer distributors will handle the printing process because it requires special equipment. However, it is not ideal for you if you do not have access to these tools. If you have the budget, you might as well find a company that will also handle the printing of these flyers.

Moreover, flyers are printed in huge quantities. Otherwise, it would be a waste of time and resources to constantly keep reprinting the flyers when you could have printed them all out in one go. But, of course, you have to ask in advance if they can print mass amounts of flyers since it will be costly due to the paper and the ink used.

Do they handle event promotions?

Some flyer distributors can visit special events where a lot of people are gathering. These events are the perfect places to advertise since people from all walks of life will be present. You never know who will be attending them, so having a representative to promote your business will be a great way to gain potential customers.

You can ask if the distributor will hand out the flyers or if they can also provide more information about your company and the services and products you are offering. Interested recipients will naturally have questions regarding the flyer’s content, so you should also inquire if they are willing to learn more about your company to provide answers to questions asked by them.

Before you decide to book a flyer distribution service, make sure to ask questions first, so you will not go in blindly. The people distributing your flyers have a specific task to do, and they are responsible for promoting your business. So, you need to ensure that you know what you are getting yourself into, so you will not be disappointed with the results. These are not the only questions you can ask them, so prepare well before booking the service.

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