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This article describes the value provided to the precious yellow metal based on various economic valuations. Read about What Is Meant by Gold Standard 10th.

Are you interested to know about the grade of one of the most precious metals? If yes, let’s understand the popular yellow metal’s quality levels used to determine its value considering various factors.

People from India holds more than 136 tons of gold jewelry as per the 2019 data. People’s love for this yellow metal keeps rising with time as this metal acts as a store of value and can be converted. Read about What Is Meant by Gold Standard 10th?

About Gold

Gold comes under the category of precious metal used for jewelry, coinage, and a part of vintage arts. China is the leading producer of gold with an annual production of 440 tons.

As per the data, the global consumption of the produced gold, 50% is used to produce jewelry, 40% for investment purposes, and the remaining 10% in various manufacturing industries as a raw material.

Gold fixing, a price-setting that originated in 1919, provides the gold’s benchmark price to the public to evaluate the current price of the gold.

What Is Meant by Gold Standard 10th?

  • A country’s gold standard is related to the national currency to keep the market value and gold price aligned.
  • The gold standard is kept with one basic unit of national currency. For example, if a single unit currency is equivalent to one ounce of gold, then ten units of currency equal ten ounces of gold.
  • As per the Gold Bullion Standard, the nations need to store large gold reserves.
  • The gold standard is made to make the gold transactioneasy for the commonpeople.

History Of Gold Standard

  • To answer the popular question “What Is Meant by Gold Standard 10th?”, the initial gold standard operation was conducted in the UK in 1921.
  • During the 1870s, gold standards were implemented byothercounties.
  • The standardization of gold became more prominent after discovering gold reserves in North American regions.

Gold Standard: Advantages and Disadvantages

  • The advantages associated with the gold standard involve the certainty available on international trades with the help of fixed exchange rates. Another advantage was the limitation of the banks and governments to varying inflation rates.
  • The disadvantage of the gold standard includes the limited flexibility for the transaction. Learn on What Is Meant by Gold Standard 10th.
  • Another issue is that a country might not isolate its economy from inflation or depression.
  • In addition to the disadvantages mentioned above, this standard can’t be helpful during the various economic crises where the currency value crashes and the unemployment rate rises drastically. These situations make the gold standard meaningless and less impactful for the economy.


Gold is considered a store of value for the common people who don’t understand other financial instruments available in the markets. To know more on this topic, please visit.

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