Wear The Shield Mask Reviews (March 2021) Safe Or Not?

Wear The Shield Mask Online Reviews

Wear The Shield Mask Reviews (March 2021) Safe Or Not? >> This article will tell you about a website that sells face masks and shield online.

Are you ready for the new normal? We want to give you Wear the Shield Mask Reviews

As the deadly disease has attacked the world, the experts emphasize using the face masks and shields and levying lifestyle changes to maintain safety. While medical experts and scientists are continuously working day and night to invent a vaccine to combat the disease in the United States and some other parts of the world, using sanitizers and wearing face masks and covers has become necessary. 

Initially, people used face masks, which now have been replaced by the face shield by many. A face mask covers just the mouth and nose while the face shield covers the whole face with a transparent plastic sheet. Therefore, it is considered safer than the face mask. 

Thus, weartheshield.com offers a variety in these covers for the new healthy lifestyle. Keep scrolling to know more.

What is weartheshield.com?

The Wear the Shield Mask Reviewsreveals that it is a website that sells face shields and face-masks. They are delivering in the United States and are providing free delivery for orders over $100. Their motive is to keep the families safe and suggest using one shield at a time. They exclaim that they have served about thousands of customers. 

They offer a 10% discount on the first purchase and have an online presence on Facebook. They also provide a facility of free United States Exchanges. The website also takes up orders for face filters that include layers in the sequence of spun-bounded filters, high-efficiency filter cloth, activated carbon, high-efficiency filter cloth, and the again the spun-bounded filters.

For more information, read further.

Specifications of weartheshield.com

  • Website URL: https://weartheshield.com/
  • Website Type: An online site that sells face masks and filters
  • Shipping Time: Within 1-2 business from the placement of order
  • Delivery Time: Within seven days 
  • Shipping Charges: Free delivery for orders above $100
  • Exchange/Return: Applicable
  • Refund: Not mentioned on the website
  • Company Address: Not specified on the website
  • Company Number: Missing from the website
  • Email Address: info@weartheshield.com
  • Mode of Payment: Visa, MasterCard, Shopify Secure, American Express, PayPal

Who is weartheshield.com for?

As per the WHO guidelines, face masks are suggested to be worn by everyone. Hence, this website is suitable for all the people who seek to purchase masks online. 

Let us give you an insight into their pros and cons here below:

Pros of wear the shield:

  • The masks are well layered to protect oneself.
  • Free shipping for orders over $100
  • The website is SSL certified.

Cons of Wear the shield:

  • The website has not displayed contact information.
  • The address is missing, as well.

Is weartheshield.com legit?

A legit website looks clean and fair when it has numerous positive reviews. Also, the social media presence makes a website all the way more trustworthy. 

As per Wear the Shield Mask Reviews, not many people have purchased masks from this site. Some of the customers have stated their reviews on the website, which are mostly negative, and not in favor of the product. 

What are the reviews about the weartheshield.com?

The people are talking about it and seem satisfied with the quality as well. There’s a hairstylist who used to face dizziness. After using this mask, she reviewed that she stopped facing any brain fog exhaustion and dizziness. She even plans on ordering the printed ones available on the site. She appreciated the quality of the mask and stated it as worthy of money.

Another person who purchased these masks rated them with only one star and said they were not comfortable and that she was not satisfied with these masks. 

She wasn’t satisfied with the cloth masks which are sold on the stores as she works out. 

Thus, we can conclude that buyers do not much love the product.


They are an honest family-run business who cut and sew the masks in Downtown Los Angeles, California. They aim to provide jobs to the workers based in the United States. Thus, they manufacture there instead of having these masks made overseas. 

After going through Wear the Shield Mask Reviews, we can conclude that this is a scam site. Therefore, we do not recommend it to our readers. 

They have recently entered the market but and failed to make their reputation well enough in customers’ eyes. 

Have you purchased any masks or filters from this website yet? Kindly share your reviews in the comments section below. 

23 thoughts on “Wear The Shield Mask Reviews (March 2021) Safe Or Not?

  1. I ordered the masks and a supply of filters July 31 2020 and received the order. Today Aug 31, 2020 I received a e mail saying they were sending me my next order of filters. I did not order these filters and was not aware of any automatic shipment of such. Now they had my credit card number from the first order and think they can charge and send me filters. NO,

    1. Same!!!!! And I am not a happy customer. It took more than 6 weeks for the first order to arrive. And they charged me for another set of filters. I did NOT order more filters! I want a refund of my $24.31 ASAP!

    2. Same here and I am pissed. I was kind in the first place by not leaving a review after receiving the masks. They claimed to be so breathable. Hahaha. Yeah right. And the ear things rubbed the back of ears. They are crap and horrible business practices by putting you into a subscription you are not made aware that you are agreeing to?+

      1. I agree. They are a horrible product! The mask caused my face to to break out in red streaks. In addition, the wire nosepiece doesn’t adhere and has the potential of poking out your eye. No return policy. So I am out $75(!!) bucks and will put the box containing them in the garbage. STAY AWAY!!!!

      2. Same! Now i canceled the automatic order that I never made and they keep sending and charging! I am going to have to cancel my card.

  2. Wearthemasks.com company is a scam. If you order masks then they automatically start charging you for subscriptions for filters that you did not request. When you call you get a message from the founder who doesn’t allow voice mails. Takes days for “his team” to respond to emails and it is a hassle to dispute credit card charges.

  3. I just ordered two sets of three masks. Website was confusing at the end of ordering and the page stuck. I closed it and tried again. They offer additional items before closing the purchase. It looks like it includes the added offers even if you refuse. Left me with a bad feeling. For the two orders, I got 9 emails, receipts, thank you and Additional sales pitches. I have complained, got a generic email (it’s Sunday) with a promise to respond within 24-72 hours. I used a credit card so I can dispute .

  4. I ordered my masks over 1 month ago. I emailed to ask where they were and received a pat “thank you for contacting us” email that looks like all the ones you get from China. These companies are using China as an additional distributor. I am disputing my initial charge for the masks and will NEVER order from them again. They are possibly not a scam but cannot fulfill their orders and are using China which has delays up to 2 months. I could get the virus and die before I get these masks!!!

  5. I ordered masks and metal nose pieces on 9/3. My credit card was charged right away. I got an email showing how I could track my order, but it only shows status of Ordered. I have emailed the company twice asking for status and got a stock email in reply each time. Now I see this website and feel I have been scammed. I also have received several more emails from the company offering new designs and prints, I had read they were an American company trying to keep jobs in America so decided to try them out… NOT HAPPY.

  6. I ordered one set of masks on 10/6, received on 10/14 (today). They appear and feel like great masks, and we’ve purchased a LOT of masks. I saw that when you purchase the filters or the adhesive metal nose bands (to prevent fogging), you are signing up for a subscription (it’s in the description, part of the fine print). I didn’t order the filters or metal nose bands, so hopefully I don’t encounter the issues some of the other reviewers have.

  7. They auto renew your filters. The website is not clear and when I requested a refund the refused. The masks are ok but this experience of being deceived left a bad taste in my mouth

  8. I ordered 3 masks and 5 shields. Yesterday I received an email stating they were shipping my next order which I was unaware that I had signed up for. I immediately cancelled the order thru the website. It showed as cancelled. Then a charge came on my AMEX. I emailed the company as their phone does not answer calls and is a recording to leave a message. Today I received a return email that they didn’t get my cancellation in time. I am disputing with my credit card. Also when I tried to change my password as they issued me one, I have not received the email to do so.

  9. In September we ordered face masks and they came in a week. Subsequently in October we ordered filters and they arrived promptly within about a week. Now today, October 18th I received 3 emails all sent around 1:20am that my order was in process and would be shipped within a few days, then immediately a second email that the filters had shipped, and a 3rd email that my credit card had been charged. I just checked my Amex Credit Card account and sure enough, my Amex was charged for $79.50! The charge is still pending so too early to Dispute, but will do so as soon as bogus charges Posts.

    I called to cancel and a polite sounding automated message is all I get and was told to “do her a favor” and email them to cancel “for most efficient handling of my request”. I did email so will be interesting if or when I receive a reply.

    I’ll update this if I do hear back from Wear The Mask

  10. Hopefully I will not experience these same problems as that certainly does not bode well for this company. I will keep an eye on my bank act. and notify them should there be any unauthorized transactions!!!!!

  11. I ordered masks on Oct. 7. My credit card was charged immediately. I received several emails indicating the masks had been shipped. They NEVER arrived. I emailed them to explain. I got a PAT response that the masks could be tracked with this link. I checked the link and it even indicated that the masks had not arrived yet. I waited a few more days and they still have not arrived . I emailed again and asked for help. I received a PAT response to “click on this link to track the shipment. Same response, the link indicated that I had not received the items. I have now disputed the charges with American Express and they immediately issued a credit. This is definitely a SCAM. Do not purchase anything from Wear the Shield. They need to be investigated.

  12. I placed an order for 9 masks and 10 filters on November 20th. I have since sent about 6 emails and receive the same canned response to each email “sorry for the delay, I will contact the warehouse and expedite your order immediately….” yesterday they finally sent me a UPS tracking label, but when I try to track it, it shows the label has been created by the product has not been delivered to UPS facility for shipping yet!

    Two weeks later, after receiving my payment in full on the date of order placement, I have no masks, and not even a clue about when they MIGHT deliver!!

    Will not be ordering from this company ever again!!

  13. I ordered Nov2 still don’t have them. The tracking says the are out for delivery and will arrive Dec 6 if Dec 11 and no sign of them. It’s a scam, am going to Dispute turn my credit card

  14. Do not order Masks from these folks!! The masks are NOT breathable ! The masks are only 2 layers of questionable cotton. I have received over 10 e-mails from them encouraging me to order more filters. I refused because of the poor way these masks fit my face, with or without the do-it-yourself nose piece, and with or without the filter. A good filter will last for 18 – 24 hrs,; they claim their filters last up to 12 hours – a indication of a substandard filter. Move onto another mask maker.

  15. Total scam! I did not receive my order. Had my bank reverse the charges and credit my account. State of California needs to shut this operation down immediately.

  16. I ordered in January. They charged my credit card on January 27 and I still do not have the masks. I emailed them a number of times and they say they will ‘expedite my order’. DO NOT ORDER FROM THEM. They do not deliver and there is no phone number for customer service. That is a huge red flag. Will be contacting my credit card company.

  17. I ordered on February 21st and its been 4 weeks now still not shipped! I keep emailing them and everytime they keep making excuses, printer is down, out of stock etc… you shouldn’t have on your site that you ship in 3-4 business days. we shall see if I get them and will also look at my account as I did not order filters but by reading I dont trust them now.

  18. Stay away from Wear the Shield for any reason. They are a scam and keep your credit card on file for the “subscription “ you didn’t know you had. Do not believe anything and run!!!!

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