Spade and Co Smartwatch Review [Dec] Is This a Scam?

Spade and Co Smartwatch Review

Spade and Co Smartwatch Review [Dec] Is This a Scam? -> The product is a cost-effective and nice sporty smartwatch with all upgraded features needed.

Are you trying to find a nice smartwatch equipped with all updated features? Still looking for Spade and Co Smartwatch Review then read our article till the end. Know it all about that brand’s smartwatch.

The product is compatible with all iPhones with iOS 8.0 and above and Android phones with Android 4.0 and above.

It is an efficient though cheap version of any big brand fitness bands and smartwatches. 

It is available via shipping in several places within Europe and even in the United States.

Although it appears to be a nice but cost-effective version of other fitness brands with all features, still knowing a little in-depth about it is needed to satisfy and curb all questions of the minds.

What is a Spade and Co Smartwatch? 

The smartwatch offered by the brand is an exclusive product priced too low as per the features it provides.

It possesses almost all the so hyped sporty modes and other smartwatch characteristics of keeping a track on sleep, activity mode, heart rate tracker, etc.

It is a chargeable smartwatch that fits effectively on any wrists between 140-200 mm width as per the band size offered.  

Its multi-sport option connects well via GPS and tracks all the activities being carried out while the watch is put on. It offers 14 sport modes like Run, Walk, Cycling, Dance, Spinning, Climbing, Hiking, Yoga, Basketball, Football, Badminton, Tennis, Treadmill, and Workout.

It even offers different language selections like English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, and Chinese.

Currently, it is very much in the hype in several countries like in the United States, etc.

Even several Spade and Co Smartwatch Reviewstates that the watch is efficient as per its price.

Specifications about Spade and Co Smartwatch:

  • Type of product: Smart Watch.
  • Product link:
  • Box includes Smartwatch, band, USB charger, and Manual for guidance.
  • Dial size: Length-42mm, Width-37mm, Thickness- 11mm, and weight-38g.
  • All-day activity tracking: Yes
  • Sleep tracking: Yes
  • Water-resistant: Yes
  • Available for: Android and iOS
  • Heart rate tracking: Yes
  • Sports mode options: Yes, 14 different modes
  • Call and message alerts: Yes

Pros of shopping Spade and Co Smartwatch:

  • The product does offer a 30-day satisfaction guarantee, and else you may return the product back.
  • The smartwatch is equipped with all features and is comparatively economical in price.
  • The brand itself has a social media presence over many portals and hence gains reliability although being new comparatively.
  • It is compatible with almost all phones available nowadays.

Cons of shopping Spade and Co Smartwatch:

  • The product is not compatible with older versions of iOS or Android phones.

Is Spade and Co Smartwatch a Legit product to shop or not? 

As a brand, it might be new in comparison to other big existing ones. But as far as its reliability and price go, it appears to be an excellent and real product.

Further, Spade and Co Smartwatch Review, reveals that many people have tried it and are more or less happy from it. 

Still, we suggest looking for more about some firm unbiased reviews before making a final call to invest in the product.

What are the customer opinions about Spade and Co Smartwatch? 

There are many Spade and Co Smartwatch Review available on its site as well as on other platforms.

People seem to be satisfied mostly with its tracking capabilities and other water-resistant features. There were very few negative reviews found about the same regarding its technical issues. Well, those negatives come hand in hand with all positives.

But overall, mostly we could only find positive reviews with a high rating and claiming it as a nice product.

Final verdict

There might be endless smartwatches loaded all over countless online shopping websites. But this one does look good and fully upgraded with latest features any person might look for.

So, as per looks, features, specifications, reliability, etc., this watch does get through almost all. Moreover, its reviews are also not very alarming or detrimental. So going to investing in it might not be any bad idea until you are not explicitly concerned to invest any big reported brand.

But as a tip for our readers, we will suggest to look and compare the prices on different available portals to get a best and reliable deal during your shopping. Thanks for reading and do share your reviews below.

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  1. I received my watch one month ago and it now does not work. I charged it and it showed 100% and when I went to put back on and turn it on. Nothing blank, won’t show anything on the face.

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