Voter Fraud in Wisconsin and Michigan 2020 (Nov) Know

Voter Fraud in Wisconsin and Michigan 2020

Voter Fraud in Wisconsin and Michigan 2020 (Nov) Know -> Please know the whole reality regarding the voting fraud between Donald Trump and Joe Biden in the US.

Elections are held in various parts of the world. Does your state come under the election list? Please mention your country name in the comment section. Voter Fraud in Wisconsin and Michigan 2020 is trending in the news since Donald Trump released his statement. Biden and Trump are competing against each other. Many people are supporting them; however, others are criticizing them for fair play. 

The United States has the policy to release the election results after fifteen days. Most countries like India release the results within a day or two. Which approach do you support? We should know the history of a political party before selecting it during elections. Nevertheless, we are clearing the doubtful air regarding voter fraud in the US.

Why is Voter Fraud in Wisconsin and Michigan 2020 in the news?

Both Donald Trump and Joe Biden are claiming that they have won the elections. However, the government never releases any result statement before 15 days. In this way, the claims from both parties are bogus and tentative. Voter Fraud in Wisconsin and Michigan 2020 is in the news because Republicans threaten the Biden political party for legal actions. 

Who made the statement?

A day ago, Donald Trump claimed that he had won the US election. However, the race between Biden and Trump is close. Nobody can claim which party is going to win! Trump also stated that if Biden wins, he will appeal to the supreme court to check for the voting fraud. Since then, Republicans are threatening the Biden supporters and party with legal actions. 

Why are the claims dubious?

We find unnecessary debates related to voter fraud since the results are not out. You cannot convict which party or who is going to win. The voting is still in progress in many parts of the United States. Below are some points that will show you how the claims and Voter Fraud in Wisconsin and Michigan 2020 is baseless:

  • Hours after the voting ended in an area, Donald Trump proudly held a press conference to announce his victory. It is a false and self-proclaimed statement that cannot be trusted.
  • He also held campaigns in which republicans are making baseless voter fraud claims. 
  • He has filed a request for votes recounting in one state.
  • He also tried to halt ballots counting where he is not winning. You can even say because Trump is afraid of losing some seats in an area, he is trying to create hindrances for Biden. 

Final Verdict:

Donald Trump’s Claims of Voter Fraud in Wisconsin and Michigan 2020 has strengthened the winning opportunity for Joe Biden. Seeing the status of voting and Biden supporters, Trump is insecure about his winning. Therefore, he is filing legal complaints and appeals to the supreme court. Please tell us in the comments which political party is wrong in this election time!

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