Michigan Election Scam (Nov) Find Out About Latest Scam

Michigan Election Scam 2020

Michigan Election Scam (Nov) Find Out About Latest Scam -> Learn about the latest election scam that is targeting the people in Michigan.

Did you recently hear about election fraud in Michigan? If so, then do read on. 

Voters are keen to learn about the apparent Michigan election scam. Many people are discussing this and wondering whether it is real or fake. 

With vote-counting underway in the United States, there is a lot of information being shared online. Some of this information is fake, and authorities warn people to check the legitimacy of a text or link before sharing it with others. 

The votes are being counted all over the states, and during this crucial time, it is incredibly important for people to be cautious of scam messages. Continue reading as we share more info about this scam. 

What is this all about? 

In the last few hours, a few people in Michigan have reported receiving text messages discussing ballot sensor issues. As per the Michigan election scam, there is a typographical error that has switched people’s votes. 

According to the text, there is a typographical error that has led to the votes getting switched. After the news about this spread like wildfire, authorities, and people in the office had to come forward to stop the spread of this misinformation. 

The Attorney General in the state of Michigan informed people that there was no such scam, and they should not believe this fake text that claims to be from the FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation). Besides people are talking about a false electoral map circulated on social media portals. 

Things to know about it:

  • The authorities are calling it a hoax.
  • Many people are receiving text messages about this scam. 
  • There is a lot of misinformation floating online about the Michigan election scam. 
  • Authorities are requesting people to only believe news shared by credible sources. 

What are people saying about this scam?

Many people are posting online about the Michigan election scam. On various social media websites and forums, individuals are sharing info about this scam. Many news channels and websites are publishing articles denying any such scam. 

As of now, it appears that this is just a hoax, as most of the credible sources are calling it so. As per them, the text messages are not legit, and people should not get affected or influenced by them.    


The voters in Michigan are receiving text messages discussing about an apparent fraud that could significantly effect the final results. Authorities are urging people not to believe these fake texts. 

The Michigan election scam text is something that people need to be wary of. Instead of forwarding these messages or believing them, they need to validate its claims from credible sources. 

In case you’ve received any such text or have an opinion about this apparent scam, then leave a comment below. We’d love to hear what you think about this scam. 

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