Usps Text Notifications Scam (Sep 2020) Know its Facts.

Usps Text Notifications Scam

Usps Text Notifications Scam (Sep 2020) Know its Facts. >> This article gave you all the relevant information regarding a notification scam that claims to provide parcels.

Doesn’t everyone want social networks to be free of scams, abuses, and spams? Well, if that sentence rings a bell in your head, then this article is just for you. A dangerous consequence of frauds has to be related to the image of a person or the organization. 

The personage who is caught in the act of disgraceful fraud is ever after not trusted if even if they tell the truth. 

Being vigilant is the only weapon that one has to be equipped with to shield oneself from this trickery. USPS Text Notifications Scam is one such deceptive company that was in the news recently using notifications to scam their users in the United States.

What is this company about?

 Based on The United States, this notorious company sends notifications to some random people on their smartphones to get their survey done. This survey is called the USPS Survey (which stands for United States Postal Service). In addition to that, the admin department notifies the victim (receiver of the parcel) that the company has a lot to be delivered in the recipient’s name. 

When asked for the delivery to be done effectively, the receiver must go through a particular website. The link to this website is provided to them through a notification.

Steer clear of these tricksters.

Some of the similar websites wearing the same ornaments just as USPS Text Notifications Scams are Venmo Deposit Scam and Parcel Pending Trap. These websites use the same patters to find the recipient’s address regarding how the delivery person has difficulty finding the recipient’s address. More or less, all they want is to the customer to go through a link.

In this way, a type of malware gets installed in your devices. It sends out all the private information related to one’s bank account, important social networking passwords, and not that too, without any permissions. 

What can be done?

People living in the United States fell into the trap of believing this scam but were responsible enough to report the USPS Text Notifications Scam to the concerned authorities. One must ignore such random messages.

Interestingly, there are several articles providing information about these scams every week. Commenting beneath these articles might also help a lot of people. 


We believe three things in the world shouldn’t be entitled to mercy, namely tyranny, fraud, and hypocrisy. One thing to keep in mind is that only you can prevent these fraudulent practices. Never trust someone blindly; always have a word with some if you’re skeptical about a particular mail or a message. USPS Text Notifications Scam is only one such scam among thousands out there in the real world. 

Stringent laws are being made against such companies, and the government is doing their job. But the onus doesn’t only lie on the government; it is the residents who play a massive role in getting these organizations under the police/government’s radar. Be a responsible citizen, and yeah, help yourself! 

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