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Have you seen this new feature that comes with iOS 14, the applibrary? If you are going to say no, you must check out this and manage all your new and existing apps in different categories. You can also search for Scam online and ensure the safety of your personal data.

In various countries like the United States, almost 70-80% of the iPhone users are using this new feature and making it convenient to manage all their apps, including mobile games apps on their phones.

What is is an online collection of apps that makes it easy for iPhone users to access apps. This feature has also has auto-generated folders to manage different apps and an extra option of hiding some apps. 

Privacy is everyone’s topmost concern, and users usually search for Scam and get all their doubts cleared. Users can find this option on the last app page on their iPhones. 

How can the users get access to the

Getting access to this is the most straightforward task regardless of the users’ location, whether he lives in the United States or some other country. Here is a simple procedure you need to follow:

  • First, the user needs to reach the last app page on his iPhone.
  • After this, you can swipe once more from right to left to get the desired option.
  • After lifting, you will see the option of applibrary, having auto-generated sections for managing different apps.

How to use this

After clarifying all the doubts that Scam or safe, if the user has already accessed the applibrary option, he can start using this new enhancement with just a few clicks.

Well, the user can follow the below-mentioned steps to use this convenient library:

  • Tap the app and click on the search bar and type the name of the app he is searching for.
  • User can see all the apps contained in the folder by clicking on the small bundle of four apps at the bottom corner on the right.
  • And to see the full list of apps, you just need to pull down from the top of your iPhone screen.

How can the user hide the app pages using

The iPhone users can use this interesting feature of hiding the app pages using this by a simple-to-follow procedure. Here is the method:

  • You need to long-press on the empty space on your app page and click on the app page dot icon in the edit mode.
  • Now, the user can uncheck the app pages he or she wants to hide.
  • Lastly, click on the done option.

Final verdict

This content will let you be completely sure that Scam or completely safe and finally get access to all those attractive gaming apps and convenient work apps.

The users can also grab the benefit of organizing their apps in a systematic manner using the already generated sections.

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