Us Stock Market Holidays 2021 (Jan) Know The Details


Us Stock Market Holidays 2021 (Jan) Know The Details -> Have you invested in the stock market and want to know about the 2021 holidays? Please read our article and save the dates for better returns and your convenience!

Us Stock Market Holidays 2021: A new year has started, and we have made some solutions onto which we need to stick and implement for a better life. Can you share the new year’s resolution in the comment section? Many people prefer to invest their money in stocks and shares to get better returns in the future. Are you one of them? Can you tell the highest return you have received so far in a stock exchange? 

When holidays come in between the cycle of stock exchanges, they bring inconvenience in our planning. Our post is useful for the users living in Singapore, Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, and India. We are illustrating the holidays with details on the market opening or closing for your convenience and profit. Kindly peruse our U.S. Stock Market Holidays 2021 post until the end. 

Know the Market Holidays’ Narrative:

The US bond and stock markets were closed on 1st January 2021. These markets are closed on Washington’s Birthday and MLK day. However, the bond market is closed on a day before GOOD Friday, yet the stock market is working for you. Good Friday is a festival that is celebrated by everybody around the world. Therefore, the Bond and Stock markets are always closed on Good Friday. 

For other holidays that will not be listed below, you must assume that the bond and stock markets are open. Besides, the bond and stock exchange markets may be closed according to the different conditions, for example, bad weather. 

Know the Us Stock Market Holidays 2021:

The NASDAQ and New York Stock market and exchange are two imperative stock exchanges globally recognized as the primary STOCK MARKET. Therefore, both exchange markets have similar holiday calendar. We are listing the decided 2021 holidays in the below points:

  • 1St January 2021- New Year’s Day- Closed
  • 18th January 2021- Martin Luther King Day- Closed
  • 15th February 2021- Washington’s Birthday – Closed
  • 2nd April 2021- Good Friday- Closed
  • 31st May 2021- Memorial Day- Closed
  • 5th July 2021- US Independence Day- Closed
  • 6th September 2021- Labor Day- Closed
  • 25th and 26th November 2021- Thanksgiving Day- Closed
  • 24th December 2021- Christmas Day- Closed

Final Verdict of Us Stock Market Holidays 2021:

We have already mentioned earlier that the stock market holidays significantly affect the overall progress and share-growth worldwide. Therefore, you need to beware of the upcoming holidays and invest your money accordingly. 

The stock and bond markets tend to experience improved trading and higher returns before a long weekend or the day before a worldwide holiday. It is generally called the weekend or holiday effect. Henceforth, you can save our post or the 2021 stock market holiday dates to make an informed investment decision. Please spare some words and review our analysis in the comments!

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