General Error Brimo (Jan) Get Your Solutions


General Error Brimo (Jan) Get Your Solutions -> Are you facing issues with your Indonesian payment mobile application? We are illustrating the causes and solutions for the prevalent errors in our post.

General Error Brimo: Are you surprised with our today’s topic? Is your BRIMO application not functioning as it used to be? We are here to address your issues and find their solutions for your convenience. However, we request you read our post until the end and share your thoughts with us!

Indonesia is a country that makes its specific regulations, laws, and applications that are not feasible to other countries. BRIMO is one such mobile application that helps the users to pay their bills online and vice versa. Currently, it is experiencing some technical issues that are not resolved yet. Therefore, we have found some solutions that may help you eradicate the problems either temporarily or permanently. 

What is General Error Brimo?

BRIMO BRI is a finance and payment application designed by an Indonesian company. It has over four million downloads and 143000 user ratings. Besides, the application is free to download, install, and use. Nonetheless, it is showcasing some errors that are long-standing without any legit solution. The users’ screen is turning black whenever they are trying to process an online payment, edit their profile, checking the bank balance, etc. 

The causes of BRI errors:

If you are frustrated with the long-standing BRI errors, you need to realize the possible causes that are inducing them in the first place. They are listed below:

  • In Aplikasi Brimo Error, balance checks and transactions cannot be initiated on the application.
  • The BRIMO application is not opening after multiple attempts or restarts. 
  • You cannot log in into your application as it is showing that another device is registered for the same.
  • BRI is not working even when the application is open. 
  • Regardless of the internet connection, you are unable to activate mobile banking. 

What are the possible solutions?

As mentioned previously, the developers have not released any legit solutions or causes for such BRIMO errors. However, the loyal users find some possible solutions that will assist you in eradicating the General Error Brimo from your application. They are listed below:

  • You can reboot the device and check if the application is working.
  • You can turn OFF your device and restart it. 
  • You can also uninstall and install the application to remove the potential causes or bugs. 
  • Call your toll-free banking number or BRIMO helpline to check if their servers are working fine. 
  • Check your internet connectivity and ensure it is high-speed. 
  • Check your SIM card and find the potential causes of BRIMO app not working.

Our Verdict:

According to our analysis, BRIMO errors are prevalent for a long time. Yet the users have not found any solution to the Aplikasi Brimo Error. We have listed some solutions that are derived by the users after multiple testing. You can apply them for your possible errors and check if they work. Nonetheless, please share your experience with us!

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