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Tunnye Myshopify Reviews {July} Is It Legit or Another Scam?

Tunnye Myshopify Reviews 2020

Tunnye Myshopify Reviews {July} Is It Legit or Another Scam? >> In this article, you will find about an ecommerce site offering kids’ toys & games. 

Do you came across to Tunnye Myshopify – the online toy store for kids and found the site a bit awkward? Learn about the site and get truthful Tunnye Myshopify Reviews from here!

This online site deals especially with kids’ toys. It sells the latest gadgets and games for kids. The site shows the location of the United States on it. Tunnye Myshopify has the right marketing strategies to give competitions to other online stores – the website is currently having unique offers and discount deals for its little shoppers! 

The maxim of Tunnye Myshopify is – Give your kids a happy childhood!  And the website claims to have a better understanding of kids’ choice and responsibility regarding their growth and development. The Tunnye Myshopify aims to set higher goals in the online world by delivering its products worldwide. 

However, we are not satisfied with the website and having doubts regarding – Is Tunnye Myshopify Legit? Let’s find out!

What is Tunnye Myshopify? 

It is a kids’ favorite place, an online toy store where you can find the latest games and toys at fair prices. The store is presently covering the United States audience. And the toys & games Tunnye Myshopify sells designed after taking care of everything such as product quality, the motive of the product, How it will help in child’s growth and development, each product must verify and tested before delivering it to the buyer’s door. The price of the product is reasonable so that everybody can afford it.

You will find a wide assortment of exclusive toys & games in the store like Car Rescue Baby Adventure Toy-Educational Railcar Baby Puzzle Toy, Battle Desktop Hokey Game, Classic Wooden Toy Constriction Vehicle Set, Cat Kicker Fish Toy, Apatosaurus Giant Stuffed Animal, and colorful long Cognitive Plush Worm Stuffed Doll Toys Soft Worm, etc. 

Buyers can enjoy great discount offers on various products! 

Specifications of Tunnye Myshopify

  • The website is throwing an exclusive sale for its buyers; in the sale, you can get the straight $10 discount on every product. 
  • The website claims its shoppers’ guaranteed safe payments via VISA, Discover, MasterCard, PayPal, American Express, etc.
  • The website says it delivers worldwide and charge no shipping cost- FREE SHIPING. 
  • The website is giving way $10 off on its products. 

Pros of Tunnye Myshopify

  • The Tunnye Myshopify delivers wherever you want, as it delivers nationwide. 
  • The shoppers can enjoy FREE SHIPPING privilege. 
  • The site claims that the products it sells are 100% value for money. 

Cons of Tunnye Myshopify

  • The website consists of several other hidden pages that sell unique products. 
  • The website lacks relevant information, such as contact details and address. 
  • The website has not mentioned any information regarding its social media presence. 
  • The website does not have a customer feedback on it. 

Is Tunnye Myshopify Legit?

As we discussed above, we found the site a bit inappropriate in terms of authenticity and reliability. The site has a decent interface and a wide range of products mentioned on it. It claims to deliver exclusive quality products at fair prices. Along with that, Tunnye Myshopify says it takes care of every minor detail while designing and picking products. 

However, the site has various things that make it a scam and a fraud site, such as nobody on the internet knows about Tunnye Myshopify. No reviews, comments, and feedback posts available anywhere. 

The website doesn’t have a social media page, and the site does not contain any informative information on it like contact details, address and company location, etc. The site has various hidden pages that sell entirely different products like Power block travel Bench, Escape Fitness USA 2 Momentum Trainer, Glamor Red Distress Buffalo Leather Shot Slipcase, etc. 

Is Tunnye Myshopify Legit?  We frame it with “NO” the site is not legit and we aren’t able to collect any pertinent evidence that demonstrates its trustworthiness.

Customer Reviews 

The website found suspicious and does not contains buyers’ experience and feedback on it. There is no information found outside on the internet, either regarding the Tunnye Myshopify Reviews.

Final Verdict 

In our comprehensive analysis, we found that the website does not certainly deal with kids’ toys & games, and it has several hidden pages that offer different products related to Gym, Travel, and Household, etc. The site does not have anything specific that speaks about its originality. 

The final Tunnye Myshopify Reviews is – the website is a scam and fraud site with inadequate intentions.

Do you want to learn more about the website? Catch us in the comments!

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  1. I recently allowed my son to make a purchase , through PayPal, from this website. Because the item ( Oyo personal gym) was offered at an awesomely reduced price, I Iet him use my credit card. When I asked him when it would be delivered, he didn’t know. Luckly, when he accessed the website,, he bookmarked the site. When I tried to open the site to check for a delivery date, it notified me that the “shop is unavailable!” And it no longer showed up in a Google search where he first found it! The scam alarm went off, and I have filed a fraudulent transaction claim with PayPal, and am awaiting a resolution, pending an investigation. According to transaction info in my PayPal account, the payment went to a -George Rickard- as a timeshare charge, instead of the “Tunnye” website store for the Oyo exercise device he thought he was buying.

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