solid8 San Francisco Reviews [July] Read, Know, and Decide!

solid8 San Francisco Reviews 2020

solid8 San Francisco Reviews [July] Read, Know, and Decide! >> In this article, we tell you about an IT and Cloud Transformation Solutions company.

Are you searching for a company where you can get IT, and all cloud-related solutions, or maybe you’re looking for someone to guide you through the entire process and give you all details regarding its working. In that case, it’d be best to consider an IT company specializing in Cloud solutions and transformations. Of the several such companies in the United States, one of them is Solid8. 

They consist of Cloud Transformation experts who can guide and help you with the same. They’re efficient in their job and make detailed analysis before making any recommendations or providing any solutions. solid8 San Francisco Reviews tell us that they’re excellent at their job.

They’re not a very popular company, but they’ve gained popularity recently after their CEO was under controversy after he hurled some racist slurs at an Asian-American family in a restaurant. His video went viral, and he received a lot of hate. He has since apologized publically for his actions. 

How can I use the services of Solid8 San Francisco?  

They’re not an extremely popular company that puts a lot of thought before choosing a client and offering them their services. They’re successful but on a grand scale. They do quite well for themselves in the city they’re located in the United States

They’ve been working for a considerable amount of time. If you’re thinking that it’s going to be difficult hiring them, you need not worry. It’s incredibly easy to employ and avail the services of this IT and Cloud Transformation Solutions company. Take a look at the steps we have given below and follow them to know how you can hire them- 

  • We have mentioned the link to their website below, visit their site.
  • In case their website is down, we have also attached the link to their LinkedIn.
  • Gather contact information from any of these two sources.
  • If you’re living near or in San Francisco, United States, it’ll be easy for you to hire them. If you don’t, we suggest you look elsewhere.
  • From their contact information, mail them or call them and discuss your requirements.
  • Obtain all information regarding charges and other details.
  • If you’re satisfied with their pricing and believe that they can help you, hire them.

It’s as simple as that. Just a phone call and you’ve hired them. After that, it’ll help you with all your problems. Congratulations, you’ve successfully employed Solid8 for your IT and Cloud troubles.

Specifications of Solid8 San Francisco:

  • Company Name – Solid8.
  • Website-
  • LinkedIn:
  • Services: Cloud Transformation, UCaaS, CCaaS, SDWAN, Colocation Data Centre, Security. 
  • CEO: Michael Lofthouse.
  • Address- San Francisco, USA.
  • Office Hours- unclear.
  • Charges- unclear, varies with the services required.

Features of Solid8 San Francisco:

  • They provide Cloud Transformation and IT Solutions.
  • They guide clients through analysis and selection cycles. 
  • Their methods are efficient and deliver financial improvements.
  • They provide services for UCaaS, CCaaS, SDWAN, etc.
  • They’ve been in existence for a significant amount of time

Solid8 San Francisco: Reviews and Opinions

Solid8 isn’t a well-known company and doesn’t enjoy a lot of popularity. Its popularity increased several folds overnight due to the controversy of its CEO. As a result, customer solid8 San Francisco Reviews cannot be found anywhere. 

Still, it’s said that the company was reasonably successful and turned in a reasonable amount of profit every year. After the controversy, the company has found itself under scrutiny, and users have declared never to use their services again unless their CEO resigns.

Final Verdict

Solid8 offers several services and have immense knowledge of what they do. They’re not very popular, but customers seem to be pleased with their services. A lot of information is not available about them anywhere. Infact, their popularity is on the lower side. They only managed to gained popularity after their CEO came under the public spotlight after he hurled some racial comments in a public place in the United States.

Despite the increase in popularity, solid8 San Francisco Reviews tell us that the company has also been subject to a lot of hate. There have been comments where people said that they’d never use their services unless their CEO resigns. The CEO has apologized, but it’s not clear what the future holds for this company.

But if you’re looking for a company for Cloud and IT Solutions, Solid8 is good as any. If you can get past the controversy of its CEO, its services are beneficial.

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  1. is this the company that promoted racism via their racist CEO Michael Lofthouse? …. I suppose if he is your CEO that your company condones this type of behavior?

  2. If you’re Asian or minority of any sort, you should expect a rude welcome from the CEO. He’s a douchebag racist.

  3. Just another fake model website offering fake review services after a dying company paid you to. How much did Michael Lofthouse’s company pay you to create fake web review sights about his company? How do you feel taking his money and trying to make him look better then he actually deserves? Michael lofthouse is a racist who was caught on video abusing Asian Americans. No one should trust or ever do business with his company. In an effort to stem the fallout of his company Solid8 he’s hiring firms like this to create biased web reviews of his company saying it can be trusted. This is all a lie and paid for by him. Shame on the company who made this for him! Have you no decency to stand up to the racist cowards in this country?!!!!!!!!!!!


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