tp360 Pro Tactical Flashlight Reviews [June] Is It Secure to Buy?

tp360 Pro Tactical Flashlight Reviews [June] Is It Secure to Buy? -> This article provides all the elaborated details of the product along with the convenience it offers to make it easy for you to make your decision.

Almost all of us use some flashlight or torch while navigating through dark, isn’t it? Most of the people don’t get into proper research while buying such useful stuff. A massive count of people doesn’t realize their need while going out.

But isn’t it great that you have all necessary things while navigating in the dark or when in a blackout or on an adventurous trip? And tp360 pro tactical flashlight is one such product used by almost everyone in United State to make their night walks more convenient. This flashlight has such amazing benefits that can’t be ignored or taken for granted because it is available with Exclusive Offer 50% Discount.

tp360 Pro Flashlight Review

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Moreover, all the online tp360 Pro Tactical Flashlight Reviews are impressive enough to make an online shopper’s decision totally in the product’s favor. And if you love to watch that sky full of stars and get your mind at peace, then this product is all you need.

Let’s get some more knowledge about the tp360 flashlight.

What is tp360 Pro Tactical Flashlight?

tp360 Pro Tactical Flashlight is the brightest flashlight that helps to see through the dark and can be helpful for any situation. Well, this compact flashlight is lightweight and is ultra-portable to be taken anywhere quickly. Howevertp360 Pro Tactical Flashlight Reviews can assist you in knowing the product in a better way by reading out the experiences previous customers had with the product.

The flashlight provides light with constant brightness and is trusted by most of the armed forces and is further used by many security guards. Furthermore, the product has a fantastic attribute of being protective against the high temperature of the surface.

Who’s this for?

If you are frightened of going out at night or where it’s dark, but you still want to go out to get some fresh air, or in any other situation, then this tactical flashlight will satisfy all your requirements. 

tp360 Pro Flashlight Reviews

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According to the online tp360 Pro Tactical Flashlight Reviews, customers seem to be fully satisfied with the usage and the durability of the product. This water-proof flashlight can be helpful even in rains, which solves the biggest problem of many people.

Benefits of tp360 Pro Tactical Flashlight

  • The product has a tactical tail switch with remote momentary-on and also a constant-on function, which makes it the most convenient product to be used.
  • The product has an anti-roll, slip-resistant body structure with a specially designed body for a tight grip.
  • 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee if got bad quality material. 
  • The product has five modes, including high, medium, low, SOS, and strobe.
  • The light provided by this tp360 pro tactical flashlight travels the longest distance as compared to other devices around three nautical miles.
  • The product has got an American made CREE LED, which is the most potent single LED capable of providing incredible 9000 Lumen output. 

Specifications of tp360 Pro Tactical Flashlight

  • Product type: portable flashlight with a tactical switch
  • LED light type: CREE LED, American made
  • Shipping time: not mentioned
  • Product dimensions: 5.09IN × 1.90
  • Product weight: 5.6 OZ
  • Power source: 3 (AAA)
  • Contact number: not provided
  • E-mail address: not provided

tp360 Pro Flashlight Legit

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What are the users saying about tp360 Pro Tactical Flashlight?

  • “I have bought this product a week before, and this realized it to be the best solution to all my dilemmas. Also, this is a super bright, adjustable beam and lightweight flashlight, which is very convenient and is highly recommendable.”- Kat
  • “This is absolutely a nest flashlight. I bought two of them and kept one in my home and one in my car. I loved the product so much and especially the brightest light it provides, which is helpful while taking my dog out in the yard at night.”- Gary Edison
  • “This is a great tactical flashlight at an amazing price. This is made up of finest quality raw material and is handy. Moreover, the feature of providing a pinpoint for intended spots with a lot of illumination helped me a lot while checking around my yard at night.”- Mom to 12
  • “I have been using this flashlight for a few months as it is just the product I was looking for because it fits easily in my pocket while walking with my dog at night.”- Mark C

Is the product more superior in comparison to other relevant products?

Yes, there is no doubt in marking the tp360 Pro Tactical Flashlight the best flashlight, providing you the brightest light. Besides being the most useful product, this flashlight is of heavy-duty yet is compact enough to be carried anywhere conveniently.

tp360 Pro Flashlight Scam

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Most of the customers have given satisfactory comments in the online tp360 Pro Tactical Flashlight Reviews section and mentioned that they don’t require any other kind of source of light with just a single piece of this product. Likewise, there are more products of this kind available in the market, providing few benefits. So, this tactical flashlight is reliable and worthwhile.


  • Is the product water-proof?
  • Yes, the product claims to be waterproof to the IP65 standard.
  • Does the product provide a zoom in-out option?
  • Yes, the product can offer the zoom in-out option with 1×-2000× telescoping focus.
  • Does the product provide constant light or twinkling brightness?
  • Yes, the tp360 pro tactical flashlight provides constant brightness as it has digitally regulated output to maintain constant brightness.

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tp360 Pro Flashlight Where to Buy


All the tp360 Pro Tactical Flashlight Reviews seem positive, and each user appears to be happy with the product. This product has become one of the most popular products, and people are recommending it to their family and friends with Satisfaction Guarantee.

If you love to go on adventures and some night walks with your family, this tactical flashlight can be your savior by providing you the brightest light that can enlighten the longest distance.  

0 thoughts on “tp360 Pro Tactical Flashlight Reviews [June] Is It Secure to Buy?

  1. I ordered two flashlights and I was supposed to get one free so that’s three and the charge was around $50 and also I ordered it within the time limit to get 50% off and free shipping and handling, but when I got confirmation of the order it said I’m only getting one so I canceled it and put it on hold and I ordered one single one as of right now I haven’t received any and I haven’t gotten any money back on my card my name is Jason carrion and I want the two flashlights TP 300 Pro with the third free one and not the single one please send me my order and disregard the single one I ordered and please let me know ASAP when this has been sent out otherwise I will have to take further action my phone number is 401-516-2386 again my name is Jason carrion thank you

    1. I got my flashlights and not what I was expecting. There is a switch on the side not the tail and its only got 3 modes. I can’t believe its waterproof at all . It doesn’t look like any pictures I’ve seen in any of the ads got to get new batteries but have doubts of its brightness. I will post after I check it out more

  2. Do you know where I can call or contact the company i haven’t received my flashlight

  3. This is unfortunately another foreign scam:(
    It took forever for mine to arrive and when I did finally get the flashlight, it was shipped from China in a tiny padded bag with no packaging, instructions or protection whatsoever!!
    It has a 3 function button on the side and is cheaply made with no possibility of being waterproof at all.
    Save your money ! Buy from a reputable company/website.
    They got me thru a YouTube link.
    I learned my lesson the hard way.

  4. [BUYER BEWARE] This flashlight is nothing like their ads! Cheaply made, doesn’t do what they said. Doesn’t even light up a room, let alone a forest! Doesn’t start a fire, not even hot pointing the beam at my palm, nothing happened! My Maglite-mini works a heck of a lot better. I have one other made by Duracell which also is much better than this, both have aluminum case that are sturdier and more heavy-duty than this knockoff junk. I bought the “buy 2 -get 1 free”… all in all noth worth $52 I paid! Will try to return them, but I’m sure they’ll give me the run around about the refund. Came in a tacky bubbled envelope, with no box, no instruction, no pamphlet, no warranty, nothing whatsoever.

  5. This flashlight is the poorest tactical military grade i have ever seen. The advertisement is MISSLEADING to say the least. When ypu order one, then get one or two free. WELL CHECK THIS OUT. ONE WORKS, THE OTHER TWO DO NOT. IT IS CHEAPLY MADE .I DOUBT IT IS CAPABLE OF 9000 LUMENS. SADLY, if our military has to depend on this flashlight I feel sorry for them. It is not strong enough to start paper on fire. Most definitely the worst deal ever. No cord to recharge the flashlight and no rechargeable batteries. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY ON TJIS FLASHLIGHT. NOT WORTH THE MONEY.

  6. I ordered three lights and got two for free for a total of five lights three out of the five do not work I’ve been trying for over 2 months to try to get a replacement for the three lights or money back neither which have occurred I have over 30 emails back and forth between them and they just give you a runaround saying they need pictures and more video of the lights not working I’ve gave them everything they need and they still say they do not have enough information a warning for everybody stay away from these people I’m going to lick my wounds and call it a wash I’m not going to get any money back and I’m probably not going to get the three lights to do not work like everybody else says these are cheap invitations of something that will not be waterproof They feel cheap keep your money in your pocket and go somewhere else and buy a light that you can feel before you buy it worst company in the world

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