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Are you facing cash crisis during this COVID -19 pandemic? Are you searching for some easy option to bring money to your home? If you say yes to these inquiries, then you need to visit

Numerous Free Cash Apps are evolving in the United State, and people are using them with the idea of earning some money. But the question may arise – Are all these free cash apps safe, legit or another scam? Do we need to trust these apps for earning money?

Today, in this Reviews, we will be reviewing a free cash mobile app. And we will also be answering this essential question – Is Scam?

On having a look at other reviews on, we have found that people who have used it are not speaking positively about it. They believe that it is a scam.

But let us move ahead to know more about Thank you for visiting this page!


It is a free cash app, and it works on mobile phones only. It does not work on desktops. After visiting it on your mobile phone, you need to add funds on your Cash App Account. You can use this mobile app only once a day.

It claims to offer you with dollar 500 as a free Cash App bonus on downloading the apps. From other Reviews, we have found that people stated that it is unbelievable that anyone could give you this much money on merely downloading the apps.

Specifications of

  • Type: Free cash app
  • Website:
  • Secured: Yes, SSL encrypted.
  • Offering: Free cash app funds
  • Works on: Mobile phones only
  • Working Duration: Once in a day

How works?

If anyone has to earn money by using, then he has to follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • In the box given for Cash App E-mail or Id, you need to fill your Cash App E-mail or Id details in it.
  • In the second step, you need to choose your platform – Android or Apple.
  • Then, in the last step, you have to fill the amount that you want.
  • Lastly, click at “Continue” to get your Cash App money.

You also need to complete the human verification on downloading all the free apps, by clicking on the “Free” button. After following all the instructions, you will receive a completion message. If you would not get the completion message, then that means something went wrong, and you need to try again.

On installing all the offers perfectly, you will get your Cash App funds. They claim that countless people have earned money by using this mobile app. 

Advantages of

  • It works on both mobile platforms – Android & Apple.
  • You can earn Cash App funds while sitting at the comfort of your home.

Disadvantages of

  • It can be used once in a day.
  • Sometimes you become the victim of the installing fake or non required apps and filling counterfeit surveys.

Is Scam?

To clear all your doubts, we are answering this first & essential question so that you can be saved from any scam. 

Taking into account other Reviews and customer comments, we have discovered that this free cash app seems to be a scam.

People who have used it are not stating pleasant remarks about it. They did not believe the domain name even and said that it seems to be sketchy. They think that there can’t be something like “free money”. No one can pay you dollar 500 just on downloading the apps.

We had also explored that when some user added a fake username, it claimed that it was connecting to his account. And surprisingly, it did not ask for the password even.

Then after selecting one of the packages, he completed all the asked human Cash App verification by downloading some non desired apps that seemed to be fake or malicious. 

After finishing the downloading of the apps or filling surveys, the money was never added to the account. So it would be best if you would be careful.

Wrapping Up

At the end of this review post, we can say that we have compiled a comprehensive report for you on this free cash app mentioning positive & negative aspects and answered – Is Scam? Now the choice is ultimately yours.

We will be pleased if you will share your experience with us.

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