Toonme .com (Jan) Get Your Customized Cartooned Image

Toonme .com (Jan) Get Your Customized Cartooned Image -> Do you desire to post cartooned version of yourself on social media platforms? You can use mobile applications to transform your standard picture into cartoon one!

Toonme .com: Are you a graphic designer? Have you used any tool or software to transform real pictures into cartoons or animations? You can now use an easy-to-use software in your mobile devices to transform all your photos into something unique. Please read our post until the end to learn more about mobile software!

Thailand is a country where cartoons and animations are created on a significant scale. You can find many well-versed designers and professionals that can transform your stock photos or videos into something unique, which you never anticipated. Kindly continue perusing our article until the end! 

What is Toonme .com?

It is a mobile software that you can download on your phone at no cost. Worldwide users adore the application to create unique cartoons from standard pictures. Once you select a picture and transform it, you can impart a hand-drawn quality into your designed projects. You can also find dozens of styles that are automatically applied to your projects. 

Moreover, the styles and designs are approved by artists and inspired by a challenge that was prevalent with a hashtag of TOONME! The application is available on android and IOS systems. 

Is It Safe?

The Toonme .com is recently designed by taking inspiration from TOONME application. You can visit the official website and transform your image into a cartoon without downloading any application. Besides, the website takes help from PHOTO LAB to create and transform cartoon images in seconds.

How to transform the images?

  • When you visit the website, you can see a “CHOOSE A PHOTO” option. 
  • Upon clicking, you can select the targeted image from the gallery. 
  • Later, it takes some time to change your selected image into an animated one. 
  • Therefore, you need to have patience until the transformation process is completed. 

It always shows an error for unknown reasons. The Toonme .com site later asks you to select another picture to re-start the transformation process. In short, the web portal is gaining traffic without delivering anything. 

Customer Feedback:

As mentioned earlier, the website is an imitation of a mobile application. In this manner, it is grabbing the software’s high-traffic to generate income. You can find hundreds of comments on the mobile application but cannot find anything for the website. The users are warning potential victims for some malicious activities that could be dangerous. 

Final Verdict:

The conclusion is here! We find Toonme .com website is nothing but a trap to gain traffic for earning money. It never transforms your picture even after taking one-two minutes. Instead, it asks you to select a different picture to try again. In this manner, the site can be saving your image on its database for unknown reasons. Kindly try transforming your image on the site and share your experience with us in the comments! 

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