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Tool Mighty Store Reviews [August] Is This a Scam Site?

Tool Mighty Store Reviews 2020

Tool Mighty Store Reviews [August] Is This a Scam Site? -> Here we have given a detailed report on a website that sells tools used for various purposes.

Have you recently shopped for tools online? Several such websites that sell tools for household and other purposes are available. We came across a new website that sells tools used in gardens, kitchen, and for other purposes. You may be looking for such sites too and can find them on the internet, but it is essential to know about them accurately first. Hence, we have prepared Tool Mighty Store Reviews for the buyers to analyze the new site.

Get vital information about the new webstore that sells such tools from this review and know the authenticity. We will provide all the pros and con in detail for you to judge the website correctly. The site sells its products in the United States dollar but is not from the same country. You will know about the real details in the proceeding article.

What is

This website that sells useful tools for the household is very new in the internet market. They sell tools in three categories, that is, garden tools, household tools, and kitchen tools. The prices are quite reasonable, and the shipping cost is free above $40. They usually take 15 to 30 days for worldwide shipping, and returns are acceptable within 14 days of receipt of the product.

The address for contact is not available on the website, although they give a telephone number, that is not from the United States. Email ID is made available for the customers.

The methods of payment available are Credit cards and PayPal.


  • Website Type – Seller of tools Online for kitchen, household, and garden
  • Website Country – Not available
  • Shipping charges – Free above $40
  • Returns – Acceptable within 14 days
  • Contact Address – Not available
  • Telephone – +6585955811
  • Email Id –
  • Payments – Credit cards, PayPal
  • Social media – No links available

Useful Aspects of

  • The webstore provides a range of tools in various categories
  • The returns are acceptable.

Useless Aspects of

  • The website is newly launched, only 68 days old.
  • There are no reviews available anywhere on the web.
  • The contact information has no address available for the customers.
  • There are no social media links available on the website.
  • The website country is unclear.

Is Tool-mighty.Store Legit?

To analyze the newly launched webstore that sells tools, we researched for Tool Mighty Store Reviews online, and could not find any feedback. The website is new and came into existence only 68 days back. The owner has not given any information about the office address, and the country of the website is unknown. However, the presence of a high-risk country is detected in the website set-up, and that makes it a threatening site.

There are no connections available with leading social media platforms also. The website is not in demand at all and is highly unknown among internet users. The website has received a minimal trust score and can be a possible scam site. It also has a short life span of 365 days which is seen for websites that plan to stay for a short time only. All these aspects, including the Tool Mighty Store Reviews, question its legitimacy and make it untrustworthy.

What Customers say about

The customers talk healthy about a new website only after having a pleasant experience. When a website is not in demand or is unknown to people, they hardly talk about it positively. For a newly set-up webstore, it is crucial to have good reviews available for others to build trust for it. Thus, we looked for Tool Mighty Store Reviews online, and could find none.

The website has no links with leading social media sites, and no feedback is available even on popular review sites. That shows the unpopularity of the website and the low trust factor among the online shoppers. A website with no customer is bound to have no reviews available for it, and the same is the case here.

The Final Verdict

If we look at all the positive and negative points of the new webstore, we can easily conclude that it is an untrustworthy store. The website may be attractive in design and presentation, but the absence of accurate information makes it an unreliable site. Lack of transparency with the customers and the amount of hidden information make it a possible scam.

Hence, we advise our readers to be careful while transacting online and suggest them to use other legitimate sites available online for their requirements.

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  1. Yep, they are scammers. You order something and receive something else. No way to get a refund. Not even when using Pay Pal. Very disappointing.

  2. Can confirm scam. Received entirely different product than ordered, and does not respond to support email. Trying to receive escalation from PayPal now.

  3. I also was scammed by this place, but Chase got me covered and I got my money back. They just straight up lied about the product and sent me something useless, and they have yet to respond to me. I hope someone shuts them down.

  4. I concur. I just ordered something and got the wrong item. They offer you a little bit of money to keep what they sent and refuse to refund your money. I’m working with PayPal now but I’m not very hopeful. My next step is contesting the charge through the credit card company I used on paypal.

  5. Scam! Got a totally different item from what I ordered. I emailed to ask for a refund and their email address is no longer working.

  6. Site is a scam. Lured in by offer to buy 3 for 4 multifunctional tables at $19.99 per table and received 4 tables that were not what I bought and not multifunctional. Shipping took 3 wks not simple like advertised. Support is slow to respond and emails look suspicious. This is not a legit site. Do not trust.

  7. I agree with Cindy. The same happened to me. I’m still trading emails with them where they’re saying I can return the items at a cost of $20 for shipping and then they’ll give me a partial refund. This is after I got them to admit that the items I ordered were no longer available and weren’t at the time of my order. I’m asking for a full refund of $79.96 based on those facts. We’ll see what happens but I’m not optimistic.

  8. Total scam site. Orders a lap desk got a cardboard cutout. Can’t get money back until unless you pay to return to China.

  9. Ordered two nice adjustable trays from above seller for $47. Paid with Paypal. Seller sent two 1/4 inch pieces of plywood in an envelope. Have all pictures to prove what I bought and what I got. Files case with Paypal and they insist I ship back to china for almost $30 shipping. Seller says he will also charge me shipping charges from there after he receives items. So, I will end up oweing him money after all said and done. The items are not even close to what I ordered. Obvious bait and switch. He knows exactly how to manipulate the system. What I cannot figure out is why PayPal doesn’t see the outright bait switch scam. Got to ship back under all circumstances. Well this chinese seller is going to get rich doing this. There has to be a way to stop this. I’m on social security and needed a food tray. Shame on Paypal and the US government to where we can’t stop this.

  10. This is a scam. I recieved 3 cheap fake wood pieces (worthing 1$) in an envelop instead of a multifunctional table.

  11. I also received two pieces of wood that were cheap as all hell (I was supposed to get a lap desk like everyone else) I emailed them and have been back and forth with the seller. They offered me $4 in compensation. I said no, I want a full refund. They said Sorry you are unhappy, $7 refund. I said again said no, I want a full refund. and if you don’t think I deserve a full refund for not receiving the product that I ordered, I’m going to have to call my bank and forcibly get my money back or call my lawyer because they are falsely advertising their products and I’m sure that’s not legal. They said Sorry, $10. I said no. I don’t know what you don’t get about full refund but… I want my money back and I’m not going back and forth like this. Just give me my money back. They now said $15. I get more angry the more they try to negotiate. I’m sorry but they must think that I would just give up or something but they don’t know who they messed with.

  12. I ordered multi functional tables and rec’d cheap pieces of wood that won’t hold a piece of paper. They won’t refund my money unless I pay to ship back the incorrect product that they shipped. DO NOT ORDER FROM THESE PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SCAMMERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. I am STILL disputing a charge on my credit card for some computer tables they sent me. THEY WERE NOT WHAT WAS LISTED!!! I have been absolutely scammed from some multi functioning tables to them sending me some partial board two piece computer table. SCAM SCAM SCAM!!!!!

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